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How can the speed on a 179CC Kawasaki engine on a Huskey self-propelled lawn mower be slowed down?

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Kawasaki Engines Gasoline Engine Air Cooled 4 Stroke 4.5hp 179cc FJ180V-CM09S from Kawasaki Engines – Acme Tools.
The most common engines are Kawasaki and Kohler. The average life expectancy of one of these commercial grade engines is usually 3,500 hours with oil change intervals of 50 hours. Typically at 2,800 you can start to notice a lack in power, usually do to low compression.
This Kawasaki FJ180V-M12 engine is a 4 Stroke OHV single cylinder. It is a 6hp, 179cc with 8.7 Ft lbs. gross torque.
The following engine oils are recommended. API Service Classification : SF, SG, SH, or SJ. Using multi grade oils (5W-20, 10W-30, and 10W-40) will increase oil consumption. Check oil level more frequently when using them.
Most riding mowers last between 500-700 hours, although some can run for as much as 1,000 hours if cared for and maintained properly.
How long will a residential lawn mower last? The average residential mower is used for 1-2 hours per mow with 35 cuts per year. Based on that usage, a lower-quality line of residential mowers is expected to last 450-500 hours, while a John Deere residential lawn mower will last around 1,000-1,500 hours.
Kawasaki ZH2 have 2 variants ranging from 24.82 Lakh to 29.36 Lakh. ZH2 is powered by a 998 cc, Liquid-cooled& 4-stroke In-Line Four with Supercharger. It is able to produce 137 Nm @ 8500 rpm torque and 200 PS @ 11000 rpm power.
The torque of Kawasaki Z H2 is 137 Nm @ 8500 rpm.
Although 10W-40 engine oil is the recommended oil for most conditions, the oil viscosity may need to change to accommodate seasonal temperature changes. Using 20W-50 oil in higher ambient temperatures may reduce oil consumption.
KPO Full Synthetic 4-Stroke Oil, Quart, 10W-40.
The production of general purpose engines at the Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing Corp., Maryville, Missouri plant in the United States (KMM Maryville) started in June 1989.
Built tough with a powerful 25.5 hp* Kawasaki FX801V engine, heavy-duty commercial grade hydros, flat-free semi-pneumatic caster tires, 24” Turf Tires, and a 52” 7-Gauge High-Strength Steel TURBO FORCE® cutting deck to take on any job.
Kawasaki FX850V-S12-S 1-1/8″ x 108.8mm Vertical Electric 2-Cylinder OHV Engine. This product is eligible to be drop shipped factory direct.
Kawasaki 99969-6296 (2-Pack) 10W-40 Oil Change Kit for FX751V FX 801V FX850V with Fuel Treatment.
The Average Used Tractor Lifespan

A tractor will usually last for at least 4,000 hours. Some models can even last up to 10,000 hours of work! But the tractor`s operating experience does tend to change as the tractor ages.

How long it lasts after that depends on how well it`s been maintained. PenningsLandscaping: Maintain the mower and put about 2,000 hours on it, then sell it and buy a new one if you don`t want to dump money into it. Two thousand hours is generally the number you`ll hit without any major repairs.
A general rule of thumb is that 2,000 to 2,500 hours is well broken-in while anything above 35,000 hours is considered high.
Kawasaki. While a bit less reliable than the other big three Japanese brands, Kawasaki is still a dependable choice. Their popular Ninja and KLR models are a good choice if you`re looking for a reliable, fun ride and their popularity makes repairs more affordable too.
When reviewing engines, you should know that John Deere does have branded engines, but they do not manufacture their own. Depending on the model, you will find engines manufactured by quality brands like Kawasaki and Briggs & Stratton.
The John Deere X300 series lawn tractors have Kawasaki engines, the premium engine over what`s available in the E series.
Kawasaki Z H2 Dyno Curve

It has a claimed 200 horsepower at the crank and in its current guise at the rear wheel, it produces 178 horsepower at 10500 rpm and 92 ft/lb at 9000 rpm.

The claimed mileage of Z H2 is 12 kmpl. Kawasaki Z H2 gets Disc brakes in the front and rear. The kerb weight of Z H2 is 240 Kg.
In technical specifications, Kawasaki Ninja H2 is powered by 998 cc engine , while Kawasaki Z H2 is powered by 998 cc engine. Kawasaki Ninja H2 is available in 1 different colours while Kawasaki Z H2 comes with 2 colours.

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I have a 2004 60 hp yamaha 2 stroke outboard engine that doesn’t start or run well. Once warm and in the water it will idle in nuetral and also in gear. It accelerates in neutral but will die or lack power if I increase throttle while in gear. Engine will somtimes get to top speed but often while running at top speed engine will start to slow rapidly. Engine has full range of operationout when out of the water where there is no load on engine but is still difficult to cold start. Before these recent problems the engine sat up for several months and I had to change the impeller and spark plugs. Spark plugs fire, cylinders have proper pressure of 100, 100, and 110. I cleaned some fuel lines and filters and got new gas.
ANSWER : Every sympton you are describing here can be attributed to fuel starvation due to blocked jets and or water in carbs, when your engine dies does it die with dry plugs, or wet oily ones?

LX 188. Engine suddenly dies. The fluel in the bowel of the fuel filter is empty. If I crank the engine the filter becomes dry and is collapsing some but the engine does not start. When I remove the supply line from the fuel pump to the carberator and crank the enginge there is a strong stream of gas being pumped out. I tap on the carberator ??? is the float is hung not allowing fuel to enter. Cranking the engine with the line off refills the bowel of the gas filter. Reattache line to the carberator===engine starts. Ran perfect for 20minutes then suddenly died. Repeated all the above and engine again started. What to do to fix this? Thanks
ANSWER : Debrie inside the needle and seat area which has to be cleaned out with carburetor cleaner and compressed air

Belt just runs at max speed automatically 🙁
ANSWER : Yes. Replace the speed sensor. In the unlikely event that the problem still is not solved replace the circuit board. J.

Extremely high rpm’s in neutral
ANSWER : Maybe the idle speed needs to be decreased, or check for engine overheating since you said that this happens after you have had the engine on for a while, this too can hcause strange rpms.

Good Luck!

Scag SMT61A Mower with Kawasaki 27KA engine. 200
ANSWER : Look on the bottom of the fuel bowl. See if it has an electric fuel shut off solenoid. If it does unscrew the solenoid clean with Carburator cleaner and work the needle up and down until free. When you have it off of the carb plug it back in ground it to a metal surface and turn the key on and off. Watch the needle move up and down. Install back on Carburator bowl and start it up.

Rough idle 2 cycle outboard
ANSWER : Sounds like u need to do a tune up on it. clean the carb, new plug

My engine revs on high by itself and runs rough
ANSWER : We had the same problem with our snowblower. we tried everything. ponits, adjustments. even converted points to electronics. we ened up putting on a brand new carborater and it runs great now. save youself the headaches and buy a new carborator. we spent $87. so much better