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If a product fails due to a manufacturing defect we will either repair the product without charge, replace the product or credit the product at our discretion.

Down Jacket Repair: Quick Fixes. For field repairs, where you just need to patch a hole quickly, the classic solution is simply to stick some tape over the rip or tear. Duct tape or gaffer tape generally works well, as it sticks to most fabrics, and is an item that most climbers and hikers carry in case of emergency.
The best way to repair a tear in fabric without sewing is to use a fabric adhesive. It aids in keeping the material together without the use of stitching or ironing. Most fabric adhesives are also washable, so you can use them to repair a tear and then safely wash your clothing.
Regular cleaning of your The North Face jacket will ensure it stays in the best condition for the life of the garment and as long as you follow the specific care instructions on the label, you`ll enjoy your jacket for years to come.
The best thing you can do if you think you have ruined a waterproof North Face jacket in the wash is to rewash it on a cold setting using some Nikwax Tech Wash and then give it a spray with some Nikwax TX Direct Spray-On before it dries to finish it off.
Be it a rip, tear or newly formed hole, a rip in a leather jacket can be repaired with a quality mend or darning technique. Often tailors can use adhesive glue to bind a torn piece back to its place (if you`ve kept the fabric tear) or they may patch it up with a leather piece and dye it to suit the surrounding leather.
Yes, you can sew up a rip or tear in the down jacket to prevent down leakage. Make sure to use an appropriate seam sealing product to ensure a tight seal and prevent further down leakage. Use a needle and thread that is suited for sewing fabrics together, and be patient while completing the repair.
Peel off the backing on a Tenacious Tape Mini Patch or Gear Patch and apply it over the rip, tear, or hole. Patch should overlap tear by 0.5″ (12 mm) in all directions. Apply pressure from the center out. Smooth out any bubbles and ensure the edges lay flat.
“Simple hand sewing should work on most fleece items, but we rely on machine stitching. For straight cuts or tears: Sew from the inside, right sides together, machine stitch (lock stitch) with a sufficient seam allowance to close the tear. Taper the seam allowance to zero at the beginning and end.
Epoxy adhesives: Consider choosing a softer, more flexible epoxy for bonding Nylon, as Nylon is a fairly soft material. Two-part polyurethane adhesives: These work very well when bonding Nylon, especially as they are fairly flexible and have high peel strength.
Use the Best Thread for Sewing Ripstop Nylon

As a general rule, synthetic fabrics work best with synthetic threads. Thus, for synthetic ripstop, the best thread is 100% polyester or 100% nylon thread. Use the same thread in the bobbin as in the top thread, and match the color to the color of the ripstop.

Nylon. When ironing nylon, use the lowest temperature setting on the iron and place a press cloth, such as a clean cotton handkerchief or fabric scrap, between the iron and the fabric. If necessary, convert to the “Steamer” function to gently remove wrinkles from nylon.
The Secret: Throw the puffer into the dryer on a low setting on its own, adding a few tennis balls to the machine. While the jacket dries, the tennis balls will bounce around the machine, constantly hitting the jacket like you would fluff a pillow back into shape.
Most outerwear can have alterations performed. However, there are some exceptions. Any jacket or coat with a down-filled interior (puffers, ski jackets, or parkas) is very difficult to alter. However, this type of outerwear can have repairs completed on its exterior (buttons, zippers, and lining).
“Simple hand sewing should work on most fleece items, but we rely on machine stitching. For straight cuts or tears: Sew from the inside, right sides together, machine stitch (lock stitch) with a sufficient seam allowance to close the tear. Taper the seam allowance to zero at the beginning and end.

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Ziper teeth broken
ANSWER : You will have to replace the zip unfortunately

How do i convert feet to the nearest 1/16 – The North Face Sport & Outdoor – Others

Search online for a conversion tool. There are many that can convert one unit of measure to another. You’re looking for “length” conversions.

HTH – Fred

How do I fix a tear on my tent’s floor?
ANSWER : The repair kit is for the tent not the floor to repair the floor just ues gaffa tape inside and out sidewaterproofing soak the tent with fabisol waterproofer and let dry

Need to fix regulator for coleman stove 5410708
ANSWER : Just where the regulator attaches to the burner there is a small nut that may be loose. If you look closely at this and turn the regulator (stove off and hose detached!) you may see the nut hat turns easily. Tighten it and make sure the regulator does not rotate too freely, but still turns to adjust when attached to the hose or the smaller gas cartridge, if using that. Test carefully after this.

I have a York Stellar model mid efficiency furnace Model # P?UCD12N07601A, Serial # EXAM3600524 installed in 1992. The HSI was replaced approximately 3 months ago. Over the last two weeks the ventor motor comes on, the HSI lights but does not ignite the gas. The ventor motor runns continously and the HSI continues to turn off and on without gas ignition. Some times by turning the ventor motor off and on (by opening and closing the bottom furnace faces panel door) will give be ignition after the HSI goes through 1-4 cycles. If I can’t get it to work I call my furnace repair guy. The serviceman thought it was the pressure switch and ordered one. Just this last weekend I had no heat and another service guy came in replaced the HSI again and adjusted the pressure switch and said this fix should work. Less than a day later furnace still experiencing the same problem-Ventor motor comes on, HSI comes on but no gas ignition. ventor motor runs continuously and the temperature in the house drops! I’m frustrated and the servicemen don’t seem to know how to fix the problem for good.
ANSWER : Make sure the vent pipes that exhaust the fumes are not blocked in any way and also check the drain line to be sure it is not kinked from the vent motor to the trap. Take the hoses off the vent motor and the pressure switch and make sure all the hoses are clean and free from debris also check the trap on the drain hose and make sure it has water in it if it doesn’t this will creat a negative pressure in the vent motor housing not allowing the vent pressure switch to make.

Fix the left turn signal on a 94 isuzu rodeo
ANSWER : I”m going to take a stab at this one. If you have a solid light when you turn this signal on, (on your dash board) change the bulb. If you do not hear a click, click sound when you turn on this signal change the flasher usually located in the fuse panel area. Give it a go and good luck!

Paintballs will fall out of the barrel of my tippmann 98 custom, randomly when the gun is not being fired. I am not sure how to fix this, or if it can be fixed. Mechanically the gun fires and aims great. This is the only problem i have encountered. Pleast help.
ANSWER : Get another ball detente from ebay, this one is the cheapest one I could find.http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-TIPPMANN-C-98-BALL-DETENT-A5-BALL-DETENT-/370469346400?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item5641b19c60