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By far the most popular and widely used bait for attracting whitetails is corn. Not only is deer corn highly consumed and well received by whitetails in almost every habitat across the continent, but it`s also one of the cheapest options for hunters.
Deer are attracted to the smell of soil as is, but if you want to up the attraction factor, pour some buck or doe urine, or scrape starter into it. This will create an exceptional trail camera site, as bucks will continue to check the scrape every time they pass by or are in the area.
Regardless of moon phase, bucks move most at dawn and dusk.

One project, contrary to popular belief, even found that deer were more active and moved earlier during the day following a full moon.

If you`re planning to hunt deer over bait, the best place to put it is near bedding areas. That`s because deer are nocturnal and feed during the day before returning to bed at dawn. Of course, the precise reason they do this is so predators like you can`t see them.
Cherry Bomb`s irresistible scent and Trophy Rock minerals make it one of the best deer attractants. Learn how to use it to attract deer and rock your hunt. As summer wanes, it`s time to sight in on deer hunting season and sort out your strategies for fall.
ANSWER: Under normal conditions, a deer can smell a human that is not making any attempt to hide its odor at least 1/4 mile away. If the scenting conditions are perfect (humid with a light breeze), it can even be farther. So they are pretty impressive.
Using Peanut Butter and Apples together is another Combination that will give you great results in the woods when trying to attract Deer!
Early Morning and Late Afternoon

No matter what the conditions, deer move best early of a morning and late of an afternoon. That`s when they`re wired to move most. It`s when their eyesight is most effective. And there are few things that impact this movement, other than hunting pressure.

Mineral salt also has a potent scent to attract deer, particularly when wet. And in taste tests, most prefer salt rocks over manufactured blocks. Deer will lick mineral rocks year-round and seek the nutrients they provide during every life phase.
Salt is a great year-round attractant. Use either blocks or loose salt to keep salt and mineral sites fresh. Deer flock to mineral salt mixes, too.
Vast swaths of standing corn and soybeans are very inviting for deer and almost everyone can agree they are some of the best late season deer food sources where available. Whitetails can bed and feed in the corn, or hop over to the next field to munch on some soybeans.
Soybeans and brassicas are top choices, but if you really want either to be a late-season draw specifically, it`s a great idea to fence off all of some of a plot or two to keep deer out—or mostly out—until after the rut. I know several hardcore manager/hunters who do this to great effect.
Occasionally venturing out in the daylight hours, white-tailed deer are primarily nocturnal or crepuscular, browsing mainly at dawn and dusk.
Lavender, rosemary, oregano, thyme, catmint, garlic, and chives are just a few of the aromatic plants that deer avoid because of their powerful smells.
Scent compounds also come from the human body itself when it breaks down molecules to make energy. The odors are emitted through the skin and breath. These substances — the VOCs — evaporate into the air and can spook deer when you`re hunting.
During early season, for any age deer (buck or doe), for most instances you`ll be better off with a curiosity lure (like Trail`s End #307, cherry extract, anise), plain urine or glandular secretions (like Golden Buck or Select Doe Urine), or a food scent (like acorn scent, essence of apple, etc.).
The Clancys ran the tests with the wind and against it. The “Katie Clancy Rattling-Volume Test” revealed that rattling devices could, on average, be heard 512 yards downwind and 223 yards upwind; or 2.3 times farther downwind than upwind.
While there is no research offering specific measurements of a deer`s olfactory abilities, Steve Ditchkoff, professor in wildlife ecology and management at Auburn University, says it`s estimated that a deer can smell at least 1,000 times better than a human.
Corn is a cheap source of food for deer. Many hunters rely on corn for supplemental feeding because deer love corn. Corn does not contain enough protein, which is crucial for nursing fawns and growing healthy antlers, so many people add deer mineral attractants to corn in order to increase the nutritional value.
Oats, dried fruits, nuts, and especially walnuts are great choices for making your own deer feed. You can buy these items in bulk and mix them with your corn to improve the protein intake of your deer. Another great source of protein is beans – beans are a great way to help deer recover from the rut and winter months.
Hearing the signs. An angry squirrel barking or a blue jay sounding the alarm can often alert the hunter to an approaching deer. An experienced woodsman is always listening for changes in the sounds of the woods as other animals will often sound off when startled or angered by the presence of deer.
Good bucks will have at least seven or eight inch second points. Outstanding animals may have G-2`s 9-11 inches long. The third point may be shorter or longer than the second, but it too should be eight inches or longer on an outstanding buck.
Deer live 3-6 years on average in the wild.

This is due to widespread hunting around the world, as well as various environmental factors.

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I have faced many similar things and I find remembering the wise old saying “in order to get the right answer it is important to first ask the right question”…

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if you are comfortable with that stick you may wish to buy as many as the budget will allow you till you settle on one that works better for your needs. check out what tomas kaberly uses…. use horrid spelling of his name


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I am a little confused on what part you need exactly since I don’t know what it looks like but maybe since you know what it loos like you can pick it put from the list since this website gives pictures and uses of each part.