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What kind of voltage am I supposed to have coming off of my coil pack
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Going in to coil pack…… Around 12V. Coming out of coil pack…… Thousands.

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The FourTrax 300 series of 2WD and 4WD ATVs enjoys an incredible production run through the 2000 model year, selling a combined total of more than 530,000 units.
When the work gets tough, the FourTrax Foreman 4×4`s rugged dependability and versatile performance make it one of the most trusted tools on the jobsite, but its compact engine design and plush suspension also offer lively trail performance and easy maneuverability.
Our Company. Manufacturer of world class all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and Side-by-Side (SxS) vehicles. Celebrating twenty years of production in July 2018. Located in Timmonsville, SC, South Carolina Manufacturing is one of Honda`s 13 major manufacturing facilities in North America.
The TRX 450R ATV was Honda`s replacement for the FourTrax 250R model that was taken out of production in 1989.
FourTrax Rincon – Automatic ATV – Honda.
The Rancher`s Honda Automatic DCT transmission offers strong internals, fast shifts, excellent control, true engine compression-braking capability, and an automatic program that upshifts and downshifts while you concentrate on riding.
It might be small, but it makes 400 horses

Note that the Honda Brio weighs only 2028 lb; the 2023 Ford Mustang Mach 1 weighs almost twice as much and makes 480 hp. The work that has been done on this little Honda deserves applause.

Put that power in any road vehicle and it will drive it without a problem. It only takes 40hp for a pickup truck to move down the highway at 65mph. 300hp is almost 10 times as much. Put that power in any car lighter than 3,500 lbs and it`ll be a very, very fast car.
See more about the FourTrax Foreman Rubion by visiting the official Honda Powersports site link below. Standing at the top of our ATV lineup, the Rincon offers our biggest ATV engine, unmatched comfort and ride quality, and class-leading innovation.
Honda`s first four-wheel ATV was brought to market in 1984. The TRX200 was powered by a durable single-cylinder four-stroke engine running through a five-speed dual-range transmission with shaft drive and reverse.
Honda Atvs Prices and Values

Is a multinational Japanese corporation primarily known for manufacturing automobiles and motorcycles. Honda is the first Japanese automobile company to release a luxury brand (Acura) and has built a reputation of high quality and customer satisfaction.


More than 23,000 Honda associates build products in the U.S., including cars, trucks, ATVs, side-by-sides, power equipment products, the HondaJet Elite II and more.

Four-wheel drive is standard, and the engine is paired with a paddle-shiftable eight-speed automatic. Testing the TRX, we recorded 0-60 mph in just 4.1 seconds, which positions Ram`s big-shouldered muscle truck as one of the quickest pickups we`ve ever tested.
1.) EXPLAINED — The TRX = ATV. The 250 in the model “TRX250” = engine size is 250 cc. Then the “T” after the engine size = Two Wheel Drive. The “M” stands for Manual shift.
The Honda Rubicon 500 all-terrain vehicle(ATV) is manufactured by Honda Motors and marketed as a recreational utility ATV.
Honda also made the first four-wheel-drive model – the FourTrax 350 4×4. 1988: Honda debuted the FourTrax 300 and FourTrax 300 4×4, which became the most popular ATVs in history. Over 12 years, there were 530,000 units sold.
Honda FourTrax Foreman Rubicon 4×4

The Dual-Clutch Transmission (DCT) is phenomenal and the addition of Electric Power Steering (EPS) and four-wheel independent suspension make this ATV a very smart choice.

Many Honda ATV models have included fuel injection over the years. In fact, the 1982 CX500TC Turbo was the first model to incorporate this technology. At the time, a computer-based fuel mixing system was an innovative feature. Other models were still using an airflow meter.
Among these enthusiastic machines, the Honda Civic Type R takes first place in the race. Type R does 0-60 MPH in just 4.9 seconds which is 4.6 seconds faster than the HR-V which is gasping for air in the last.
Youngblood`s Land Speed 1.97-Liter Honda Civic Tops 200mph with Garrett Turbo Power.
To date, the Crossroad is the only production vehicle sold by Honda to ever have a V8 engine.
Honda has made a number of naturally-aspirated V12 engines designed for Formula One motor racing; starting with the 1.5-litre RA271E engine in 1964, and ending with the 3.0-litre RA273E in 1968.
Is 147 horsepower good? 147 horsepower is a great, highly versatile output for compact or subcompact cars and a good level for crossover SUVs. Is 250 horsepower good? For cars or crossover SUVs, 250 horsepower is more than good; it`s a great output that can walk the fine line between high performance and high MPG.
How much horsepower does a `normal` car have? Depends on the car. A `normal` supercar might have 500hp, a normal city car might have 90hp or so, while a normal family hatchback could have 140hp. A car with less than 100hp can be hard work outside of town, though.

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My 1988 honda fourtrax 300 keeps shutting off after about 30 minutes of riding. It bogs down then it shuts off it doesn’t just shut right off. I will then have to wait about 5 minutes to start it up again. It seems like when it gets hot it does that. What could it be?
ANSWER : It’s possible that you are getting a vacuum in your gas tank because the cap isn’t vented. This can cause this exact condition.

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96 honda 300 fourtrax 4×4 shuts down after riding about 30mins
ANSWER : I have the same problem with a 92 honda 300 four wheeler but not hit a”s the kids four wheeler, it will run for 30 min and kill. i took it to a small engine shop he replaced the stator said it was fine took it home after about 30 min it quit again

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I have a 88′ Kawasaki Bayou 300. It will start
ANSWER : Buy a bottle of gasline anti-freeze. it will absorb any water in your fuel. add a half a bottle now and a half next time you fill the tank. should improve the operation of the engine

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2005 honda foreman 400 Shifting problem
ANSWER : Hello
it seems that the control motor may be sticking to lock, and/or the angle sensor is bad or causeing this. something to check is the control motor shaft lock. on the left side of the atv there is an electric motor that is bolted to the front crankcase. take the two bolts that hold it on, off. and remove the motor. take a short screwdriver, and you should be able to turn this shaft freely either way. if you cannot nudge it a little the one way it may be stuck and see if this frees it up. if this was stuck and gets freed up. this may just be a temporary lock, but if it continues the angle sensor may need to be replaced.
if the motor shaft was not locked up then the angle sensor may still be to blame. thank you.

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My 2006 keeps blowing her main fuse!
ANSWER : Most likely it is getting grounded out somewhere, or just bad wiring. Hope i was of help to you!

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1994 honda goldwing 1500 se starting problems
ANSWER : That clicking usually occurs when battery is low or too weak.

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Need wiring diagram for 1996 honda fourtrax 300
ANSWER : A good place to pick up a new service manual would be They have great prices and prompt shipping

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