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10′ X 10′ Sundome Tent 9160K101

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You connect the charger to the lamp and plug the charger into an AC outlet. Having the lamp on will increase charge time. The charger does not appear to accept feedback from the battery so it depends on you to disconnect it when charge is complete.

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If your lantern has an attached LED candle, unscrew the candle and remove it. Thread your lights through the round hold on the bottom of the lantern. If your lantern did not have an LED candle, find a gap to thread the lights through. Use a small piece of painter`s tape to secure the cord to the bottom of the lantern.
Batteries. It`s important to note that battery type is important when using your lantern. Some lanterns are able to use alkaline and lithium batteries, but not every lantern can. Also, lithium-ion rechargeable batteries are a great way to use rechargeables with a “primary” powered device.
In case of power cuts, where regular light bulbs don`t work, rechargeable lights stay on because of the rechargeable batteries in them. These batteries get charged when there is a regular power supply. These usually last four to eight hours but the charging and lasting time may vary depending on various factors.
They work like regular bulbs when the power supply is available, during which time they also recharge while the switch is on. Once the power cuts, they stay on, using the rechargeable battery in the bulb itself. Depending on the bulb, they can last two to eight hours.
The answer is NO! The switch when turned off has physically cut the electricity supply to the light bulb so it is impossible to have electricity flow to recharge the bulb. Rechargeable light bulbs need to be charged or used as normal during times of power so that the battery is fully charged for the next power outage.
Avoid leaving your batteries in a charger for more than 24 hours. Whilst most intelligent chargers are set to a trickle charge once the rechargeable battery is fully charged, to avoid damage to the battery, it is still best to take the batteries out of the charger once they are charged.
In these appliances, electricity heats a coil or wire hot enough to make it glow. If you get the temperature up to about 4,500 degrees F (2,500 degrees C), you get a very bright yellow (nearly white) color. That`s the temperature of a normal light bulb filament.
Gas lanterns are incandescent lights. They burn a fuel like propane, white gas or kerosene to produce heat, and the heat causes the mantles to produce light. The mantles are a ceramic mesh that encase the flame produced by the lantern.
Flat wick lamps and lanterns are designed to burn brightest with kerosene fuel, but clear lamp oil works just fine too. A popular lamp oil choice is K-1 kerosene, which is affordable and readily available from filling stations or in prepackaged containers.
If the battery is empty, solar lights typically take between 4 and 10 hours of sunlight to fully charge. If they are placed in an area with full exposure, lights installed in the morning will most likely work that night.
After using the bulb during power outage it is recommended to charge it for up to 4-6 hours depending on how long the bulb was used during outage. The bulb charges on AC power during normal operation when turned ON. So using the bulb a minimum of 2 hours every week is recommended.
When using on battery power and the light starts to dim, this indicates that the internal battery needs to be recharged. The RED charging indicator in the back will turn off when the lamp is fully charged.
Simply put, rechargeable light bulbs are not entirely dependent on electricity. As a result, they`re an excellent option for power outages and other emergencies where electricity isn`t accessible. They work like traditional light bulbs when a source is available, and as long as the switch is on, they also recharge.
And, when it comes to an unexpected power cut, battery-powered or rechargeable lamps are far easier and safer to set up in the dark than candles, and they offer a more permanent solution than a torch if the power outage lasts more than a few minutes.
Smart lights are “vampire devices”, which means they use electricity even when they`re turned off or in standby mode. The reasoning is simple: In order to be turned on with your smartphone or any other smart device, the lightbulb still needs to be connected to Bluetooth or the internet.
Generally, yes, most modern light bulbs and lamps are safe to leave on for a week. High-end LED bulbs are unlikely to overheat, trip electrics, or start a fire. However, do not leave incandescent, halogen, or fluorescent lights on for a week. These bulbs can overheat and start a fire if left on for excessive periods.
One of the biggest dangers of leaving your phone charger plugged in is the risk of fire. If your charger overheats, it could potentially catch something on fire. This is especially dangerous if you leave your charger plugged in overnight, as you may not be around to notice if there is a fire.
If you take care of your rechargeable batteries, as described in What to Do, in Brief, they will, according to the manufacturers, last for between 500 and 1,000 charge/discharge cycles.
A flashing YELLOW LED indicates the battery is charging in the Absorption Mode. Maintenance: When the battery reaches full charge, the charger voltage is reduced. A flashing GREEN LED is lit to indicate the battery is in Maintenance Mode and ready to use.
How long Does It Take to Recharge LED Lights? This depends largely on your product, but in general it will take between two to six hours to get a full charge to a small rechargeable LED light fixture.
One lantern, 100,000 tons of burning plastic

A sky lantern works like a hot air balloon. The candle flame bellow the shell warms up the air inside it, causing the lantern to float up and stay airborne until the candle is extinguished.

The biggest risk posed by flying lanterns is the danger of fire. In principle, you are releasing a little bonfire into the environment, and you have no control over where the sky lantern will go or land.
A solar lamp, also known as a solar light or solar lantern, is a lighting system composed of an LED lamp, solar panels, battery, charge controller and there may also be an inverter. The lamp operates on electricity from batteries, charged through the use of solar panel (solar photovoltaic panel)
They have been made of iron, silver, gold, and tin and their sides of horn, talc, leather, oiled paper, and glass. Designs have ranged from crude boxes pierced with nail holes to Oriental openwork bronze and exquisitely delicate examples of Renaissance and Baroque craftsmanship.

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Hi With the rechargeable lanterns that charge by electric or car charger what do you put the lantern on to charge turn it off or put it on on or dc?
ANSWER : You connect the charger to the lamp and plug the charger into an AC outlet. Having the lamp on will increase charge time. The charger does not appear to accept feedback from the battery so it depends on you to disconnect it when charge is complete.

I have the Intex Sand/Pump pool filter Model SF 20110. It’s been running real great for the last 4 months. However recently it has been tripping the internal overloads and I have found the pump motor to be very hot when I put my hand against it. I have tried several different solutions, such as a level ground platform that was clear of any obstructions, made sure that the motor vents under the motor was clear of anything that would prevent air flow. I used a non electrical type of lubricate on the impeller. When I would turn on the pump the rotor would not turn but only would hum very loudly and then slowly begin to turn. I also noticed that the motor’s rotor shaft would not turn to freely due the tightness around the rotor’s shaft. After using the lubricate the shaft would turn a little easier. I used an amp meter on the incoming voltage line and the motor would run at 4.5 amp. And yet it still overheated and tripped the motor overloads. I can only think that the motor is still not getting enough ventilation. I have check and cleared all the incoming lines and found nothing block the pumps input or output lines. Any suggestion?
ANSWER : I just looking into this issue my self. The pump cools itself by a internal fan, which is run by the motor. Well I took the housing cover off to find out all the fan blades have broken off and were setting in the base of the pump. Once you remove the fan blades from covering the air intake, it might be fine. I will find out my self once summer gets here.

Club Car 1998 Electric DS Golf Cart. Battery charger was unplugged for a month or so and once realized it was plugged back in but batteries have not recharged. How can we get the batteries to recharge?
ANSWER : Take the batteries into any major name auto parts store (NAPA, Parts Plus, Auto Zone, etc) and have them do a load test on them. If you have a 12 volt system the battery must hold 11.5 volts under a load to be able to take a charge. If under that voltage it will need a replacement

I have a Vector VEC1378 rechargeable lantern – does this lantern also take a battery or must it be electrically charged only? If so, how do you open the battery case.

Thank you.

ANSWER : I have the same and bought a $20 6v lead acid replacement from the Batteries Store. There are 4 small screws hidden under the foam rubber ring pad on the bottom. Very easy to open and swap out the battery. That said if you want to sell me your old lantern as is, I would enjoy having a second one for camping. Thanks and good luck. I can be reached at rudock1 at yahoo dot com. -Billy

Cannot turn engine over to start. Ariens 924 snow blower
ANSWER : Pull spark plugs and see if it will pull over if not fuel may have filled the crank case drain & refill to proper level (starter is stuck in lube shaft & movethe gear up & down by hand to free up)

I have a Peak 2,500,000 candle power cordless rechargeable spotlight (PKCOTN) and it’s not recharging. I tried to recharge on the wall outlet and connect the recharger on the bottom of the handle to the wall outlet as well. The halogen light on the bottom is working but the big spotlight is barely lit. Can you please send me a picture of the charger how it looks like? This one belongs to my brother who passed away 3 weeks ago. I cld. not find the instructions and the box it came from. Pls. send your response to my wife’s email address.
ANSWER : There is a panel on the back which opens up to expose a 120 v house current charger. You must use an extension cord (not supplied) which will fit in the narrow channel. The supplied 12 volt car charger plugs in to the bottom of the handle. A red LED lights up when either charger is used. The manual suggests 24 hours of charging before use. My condolences.

Kawasaki bayou 1992, i changed the starter it turns but does not engage, the chain turns the gear moves but moter turns doesnt turn over.. what am i overlooking, ive tried what i know and nothing works..
ANSWER : Sheared pin on gears(if the gear turns but not the shaft)