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8-10 foot: For small gardens, a round trampoline measuring less than ten feet in diameter is a good option. Just remember you should only ever have one child on an 8ft or 10ft trampoline at a time, and be mindful of the weight limit. 12 foot: This is considered a medium size for round trampolines.
An adult can use a 10ft trampoline, but note that our 10ft trampolines are compact, and are perfect for small yards. 10ft trampolines measure 3.1m with a 2.5m jumping mat diameter which is perfect for beginner bouncers. We recommend our larger sizes -12ft and 14ft trampolines for adults.
Remember though you should only ever have one child on an 8 ft or 10 ft trampoline at a time. In such a small space it is probable that they will jump into each another and could hurt each other.
What age is a 10ft trampoline suitable for? 10ft trampolines are a great starter trampoline for trampoline new-comers as well as teenagers. If you are looking for a trampoline to accommodate both young and old bouncers, the 10ft trampoline is ideal as it is suitable for 5-16year-olds.
The size of the trampoline.

A full-size trampoline is unlikely to fit in any standard moving vehicle. Unless it`s small enough to fit in the back of a truck or be safely secured in the bed of a trailer, plan on disassembling it before moving day.

Installing a trampoline should be quick and easy – as long as you follow the instructions! The process essentially involves preparing a flat surface, assembling the frame and jump mat, and setting up a safety net. Nonetheless, check out our step-by-step guide to installing a trampoline before you jump into action!
Trampolines pose several safety risks to children and are frequently the cause of accidents and injuries. These injuries from trampolines can be as mild as a sprain or bruise, or as severe as broken bones, dislocated joints, head injuries and even paralysis.
For a large, outdoor trampoline, the general average lifespan is generally between 3 – 8 years. Depending on the manufacturer, the average lifespan for the mat is 1-5 years, for frame 3-8 years and for springs 3-4 years. In comparison, Acon`s trampolines are built to last a lifetime.
A NASA study found that 10 minutes of jumping on a trampoline is the equivalent of a 30 minute run. The fact is exercising on a trampoline take less time than running. If you`re a busy parent who struggles to find time to exercise you can go for a quick jump right in your backyard!
Trampoline Weight Limits by Size

Mini trampolines (for toddlers)– Around 100 pounds. Rebounders (for exercise) – Around 600 pounds. 8 ft Trampolines – 175-200+ pounds. 10 ft Trampolines – 200-250+ pounds.

Rectangle trampolines provide the best bounce of any trampoline shape and are preferred by those in gymnastics. Due to the shape of the rectangle, the springs work independently creating an evenly controlled takeoff and landing regardless of a jumper`s position on the trampoline mat.
don`t allow them on a trampoline if they`re a baby, toddler or child under six because they`re not physically developed to control their bouncing. always use a safety net to prevent falls off the trampoline. supervise your child and make sure they take a rest from trampolining.
Trampolines are not recommended for children under 6 years old. This is because their bones are softer and still developing and the repetitive jumping can damage their bones, joints or growth plates. Remember the following safety tips if you choose to use a trampoline.
For this reason, A 12-foot trampoline is often a great choice for children aged 12 – 16 because the fewer number of springs allows them to get a better bounce. For an additional level of safety we always recommend purchasing a 12-foot trampoline with an enclosure.
A 14 FT Trampoline can accommodate 5~6 kids or 2 adults at the same time. If you want more possibilities, you can also select a 15 FT trampoline. After all, your children may have a lot of friends, or you may want to join them while jumping.
A smaller trampoline is going to offer a much smaller bounce. If you have young children, you might want to consider a smaller model that won`t send them soaring too high. When it comes to shape, rectangular trampolines are going to offer a higher bounce than a round trampoline.
Just like all outdoor play equipment, trampolines also need a little bit of cleaning. Make sure to remove any fallen leaves, twigs, pebbles or debris before jumping. Use a soft brush to remove any dust, as hard bristles can damage the mat.
The sharp nails, which many animals have, can damage your trampoline jumping mat and trampoline safety pad. Think of a tear in your safety pads or a hole in your bouncing surface. Repairing or replacing these trampoline parts can be an expensive joke, so pay attention!
The cold alone does not typically damage a trampoline. Its biggest challenges are exposure to moisture — including rain and snow — and exposure to high winds that can blow it around.
Not only could falling debris damage your trampoline`s net, poles, and mat, branches could also cause injury if they drop on top of a bouncer. Try to place your trampoline in a spot that is usually shaded by a building during the hottest parts of the day.
Trampoline exercises are a convenient and enjoyable way to boost your cardiovascular health, improve endurance, and relieve stress and tension. They can help you develop better balance, coordination, and motor skills. These exercises target your back, core, and leg muscles.
If you`re still wondering if you can sink a regular trampoline underground, the answer is a resounding NO–it`s incredibly dangerous and much too expensive. Technically, you could put a regular poly bed trampoline in, but it`s extremely unsafe and would ultimately cost a lot of money for very little satisfaction.
A Trampoline Tie-Down Kit is used to help prevent your trampoline from blowing over in high winds. it basically `straps` your trampoline to the ground using straps and large metal `corkscrew` stakes. You don`t need to keep it there all the time, but we strongly recommend using one when the winds pick up.
As a rule, in-ground trampolines are considered to be the safer option when deciding between trampoline types.

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I have a TX500, never been used (just out of the box) and had to get an electrician to my home for this problem. It will start rolling but quits in a few seconds. The electrician believes that it is a problem in the sensor that rides at the belt. There is only one sensor in the pulley; he thinks that perhaps there should be two as there is a hole placement opposite the one that is in there. When the belt quits, it goes to a number 3 on the board which he thinks is the sensor as well. If he is correct, where do we get another magnet to place there? If he is not correct, please offer help. We did not get a owners manual in the box and surely could use one; where can we get one? Please help…thankyou
ANSWER : Hello,I believe the best thing to do at this point is to look for a way to get the manual of the device, this will give a full guide and better understanding on how to fix this problem.Check to search for the manual of the device, the link provides almost all manuals to all device.Take care.

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Im looking manual instructions for coleman Sahara tent
ANSWER : Go on youtube, you will find some excellent videos on how to….on a range of tents. I saw the coleman sahara tent on a video last year as I was considering buying one! Good luck!

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i have lost my instruction manual to


ANSWER : I have a copy I can send

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I bought a new mossberg 590 a1 shot gun a month ago, I love the gun but its having a couple of problems, the first problem is that when shooting every once in a while i get sprayed in the face with exuast from shooting through the safety very scary! any ideas whats causing this? how to fix it? second is that some times the fireing pin sticks and the gun will not discharge a round? the third problem is that i have had feeding issues with gun where it will not realice a gound from the tube, ive taken a tip of a knife to the stuck round in the tube and it prys out with little effort, these problems dont happen every time i go shooting, just every once in a while, but they a happening more and more, im conserned cause the gun is brand new, and i wanna be safe while shooting, can you guys help me? any ideas/solutions? please help!!!!!!!
ANSWER : Personally, with that many problems, I’d call Mossberg and get a return authorization. None of these things should be happening, especially with a new gun.

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I just bought a trampoline for our backyard. One problem, I have no idea how to put it together. Can someone please help me?
ANSWER : Don’t worry – it seems more difficult than it is. I just recently put together a trampoline for
our family and found an amazingly useful how-to guide (with pictures) that
really helped me when it came time for me to assemble our *****. I would be more than happy to pass it along
to you.

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Lost instruction for Thetford Aqua Kem and Aqua rinse.
ANSWER : Aqua Kem recommended dose: 75ml of fluid per 10 litres of waste tank capacity.

Aqua Rinse can be used daily as a toilet bowl cleaner. It will lubricate the bowl to prevent staining and once in the tank will help lubricate moving parts down there.

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How to use and display salt lick blocks for deers
ANSWER : Just sit it on the ground where the deer trail is and your good to go.

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