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: a lightweight implement that consists of a netting (as of nylon) stretched in a usually oval open frame with a handle attached and that is used for striking the ball or shuttlecock in various games (such as tennis, racquets, or badminton)
A typical racket length is between 665m to 675mm, and should not exceed 680mm. A racket with length between 674mm to 680mm is sometimes labeled as `extra long` racket, because a lot of rackets are around 665-670mm in length. A longer racket will give you better power compared to a shorter racket.
The shaft is the part of the racket which links the handle to the head, or in some cases the throat of the badminton racket. There are no specifications stated for the length or width of the shaft.
Scoring system

To win the game of badminton, you must score points before your opponent. Out of 3 sets of play you must win two. Every time there is a serve, there is a point scored. According to badminton rules and regulations for doubles, the side of doubles that win a rally adds a point to its score.

Grip size of badminton racket is denoted by “G”. Most racket manufacturers provide 4 – 5 grip sizes indicated by G1, G2, G3, G4 and G5. G3 grip size is of 3.5 inches whereas G4 grip size measures 3.3 inches.
U indicates the weight of the racket. G indicates the size of the grip handle.
One racket is perfect if: Badminton is an enjoyable pastime to you, but you wouldn`t be upset if broken strings or another mishap temporarily kept you out of the game. Having two rackets is ideal if: You`re a leisurely social player, but badminton is a pretty significant hobby of yours.
The French word requette means “palm of the hand,” and racquet originally referred to a tennis-like game played by hitting a ball with the hand.
Such rackets may be called a paddle or bat. Collectively, these games are known as racket sports.
As the shuttlecock flight is stubbornly affected by wind, competitive badminton is always played indoors. Badminton is also played outdoors as a casual recreational activity, often as a garden or beach game.
Net. The net is 760mm in depth and a minimum of 6.1m wide. The top of the net from the surface of the court is 1.524m at the centre of the court and 1.55m over the side lines for doubles. There must be no gaps between the ends of the net and the posts.
An outdoor badminton court needs to have a smooth, level surface that stays dry. Trimmed grass works fine for badminton, but if you want something more official you can opt for polymer sport tiles.
You can have either two or four players on a badminton court: one player on each side, or a team of two players on each side. One-against-one is called singles; two-against-two is called doubles.
On an average, a professional best-of-three games badminton match, in modern times, lasts for around 40-50 minutes – typically much shorter than its distant cousin tennis.
A match consists of the best of 3 games of 21 points (games cap at 30 points). Each game starts at 0-0. If the match goes to the third game that third game will be played to 15.
A.Weight. “U” is the unit of weight. 2U stands for 90-94.9 grams, 3U stands for 85-89.9 grams, 4U stands for 80-84.9 grams, and 5U stands for 75-79.9 grams (all are unstrung weight).
Love: Love means Zero (0 points). The game starts with the scoring of “Love all”, which means 0-0. Deuce: The game is played for 21 points. It is termed a deuce when both players have reached 20-20. From here, the player has to score two straight points to win the match.
Difference between 3U and 4U In Badminton Racket

3U indicates weight of the racket without string or grip ranging from 85-90 grams whereas 4U indicates weight ranging from 80-85 grams. Thus the difference is just a few grams between the two categories.

In the Yonex racket range, the sign G is used to indicate the size of the racket handle. G3, G4 and G5 are the common sizes for racket handle. G3 means a larger racket handle whereas G5 is the smallest racket handle. Choose the size of the racket handle based on the size of your palm.
level ultimately it comes down to personal preference. and both 3u and 4u rackets are really good for singles men`s doubles and mixed. however i hope this video helps to inform you guys and what racket weight some of the highest ranked players in the world from various different categories.
First, we give below a list of the available weight classes of the best known badminton brands: 7U = 65 – 69.9 grams (0.5%) 6U = 70 – 74.9 grams (4.5%) 5U = 75- 79.9 grams (6%) 4U = 80 – 84.9 grams (51%)
Players usually carry more than 5 or 6 rackets of the same model, but often with different features. These tennis players may like a different string tension, a different grip, or a different weight balancing in their racket for different moments of the game, so they have one racket of each kind.
Badminton can be played either as singles or doubles. In singles, there are two players competing against each other. In doubles, two pairs of players form teams and compete against each other, resulting in a game of four players.
As graphite is stable, it allows manufacturers to adjust the flex patterns of the rackets. Carbon fiber rackets provide good strength which allows the user to sting the badminton racket at a higher tension with less risk of causing damage to the frame of the racket.

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ANSWER : I have a 2002 Infinity 6 man spa that I just got from a friend. I am also an Electrician. I had to replace the Spa pack because it wasn’t working. Once I replaced the Spa Pack and used the tub it got up to temp no problem but once I got in the temperature slowly dropped and it couldn’t keep up. After some research and discussion with a pool tech I found out that there is a jumper on some spa packs. It is a LC (low current) / HC (high current) jumper. It limits the current (amperage) that your tub draws. If you are running it on the LC setting it keeps the tub at low current by not running the heater when the jets are on. (this way it keeps the current low by running one only at a time) If you set it for HC it will allow high current to be drawn and let the heater and the jets be on at the same time. On my spa pack it is P26 Jumper. I have found it is also listed as Jumper 4 on some spa packs. the jumpers are located in the lower right of the circuit board. Make sure you shut off the power to the tub and know what you’re doing before you attempt changes. you can also google “Gecko Spa Pack Service Manual” and you will find the manual for your tubs spa pack. Good luck.

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