Sports G200-01 Champions Series Bocce Ball Set

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Bocce balls have a diameter of 74mm to 107mm, so balls between 90mm and 100mm are best for most age and skill levels. However, if you are in the company of some experts, there will be no harm in getting balls of 107mm diameter.
Ideal for professional tournament competition game, backyard, lawn, beach, sand and grass. Each international standard size of 107mm ball weight is 920g/2.03LBS.
Regulation Balls

Typical Open Rules competition balls measure 107 mm and weigh 920 grams. As such, PBLA`s competition ball standard shall be 107 mm (4.2″) diameter and a weight range of 900-960 grams (2 – 2.1 lbs).

a) Proper Measurement Procedure: When measuring the distance of the bocce ball from the pallino, the official should take the end of the measuring tape and place it on the side and in the center of the bocce ball. He/she should then take the measuring tape over the top of the pallino.
THE COURT suggested for a backyard , is an area approximately 12` wide by 60` long. Although this is the recommended backyard court size, variations are acceptable provided the foul lines and in-bound markers are clearly established.
Bocce, which is sometimes called bocci, is a ball sport that is part of the boules sport family. Variations include raffa bocce, bocce volo and boccia (for disabled athletes). Italian migrants in Australia, North America, and South America usually play bocce.
Bocce balls can be made of wood (traditional), metal, baked clay, or various kinds of plastic. Unlike lawn bowls, bocce balls are spherical and have no inbuilt bias. A game can be conducted between two players, or two teams of two, three, or four.
Bocce is played with eight large balls and one smaller ball (called the pallino). The game can be played with 2, 4, or 8 players. Divide the bocce balls evenly between the numbers of players. You will notice that your bocce ball set has balls with several different colors or designs.
Bocce is especially popular in Piedmont and Liguria and is also played in Italian communities in the United States, Australia, and South America. The governing organization is the Federazione Italiana Bocce. The first world championships were held at Genoa, Italy, in 1951.
Scoring: Once all 8 balls have been thrown at the pallino, only one team scores after points have been calculated (1 to 4 points per frame). If a bocce ball is touching the pallino, its often known as a “baci” or “kiss” and can be rewarded 2 points if they remain touching at the end of the frame.
Usually, the bocce balls come in at least two colors – this makes it great for a two-player game. On the other hand, some bocce ball sets have four colors, which makes it ideal for up to four players, or even eight depending on how you manage who owns which ball.
Official bocce ball courts are 86.92 feet long and 13.12 feet wide, according to the United States Bocce Federation. But unofficial courts can be smaller. Scale the size down based on what you think will work best with your yard space. For the location, it`s best to choose a spot that gets good drainage.
Standard bocce sets contain 8 colored balls — 4 balls each to a color, typically green and red — and one smaller ball, called the jack or pallino.
Choose the best surface materials: A variety of materials are used to create playing surfaces, including grass, artificial turf and clay. Professionals recommend using sand, crushed stone or oyster blend. These materials allow the balls to roll fast and track straight. They also absorb bounce and allow better drainage.
Bocce balls can be made of wood (traditional), metal, baked clay, or various kinds of plastic. Unlike lawn bowls, bocce balls are spherical and have no inbuilt bias. A game can be conducted between two players, or two teams of two, three, or four.
Manufacture, retail and online sale of synthetic bocce balls

SUPER MARTEL produces and sells professional synthetic gaming bowls, ideal for competition.

Each player has two large balls called bocce. A smaller ball called the pallino is the target.

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By accident i set the watch to 24 hour time, originally it was set to 12 hour time, how do i set it back? ive tried every button combo including the button combo i used when i accidently set it on 24 hour time, the instructions only say how to set the time and date, it doesnt say how to toggle between 12 hour and 24 hour time, is there a generic way to toggle it on sparts watches? btw, holding the mode button in does nothing on my watch, no matter how long i hold it in for

ANSWER : Hi. How may buttons do you have, 3 or 4 buttons?if you have the 4 buttons, try this:You need to go through the time and date settings again. The 24 and 12hr format select is at the end of time/date adjustment.To set the time and date:-press the top-left button then right-top button to set the seconds, press bottom-left button to set hour then press top-right button to adjust hour, press bottom-left button to set the minute then press top-right button to adjust minute. To set date, press the bottom-left button then press top-right button to adjust month, press bottom-left button then top-right button to adjust day and finally press bottom-left button to set the time format then press top-right button to select 12hour format. Press top-left button when done.Since you have a generic sports watch, it is hard to write specific instructions to set the time format. If your watch has different ways of setting the time, just remember that the 12/24hour format is usually at the end of time and date adjustment.Let me know if you have questions. Good luck.

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What size are bocce balls? – Sport & Outdoor – Others
ANSWER : It depends but they are
meant to fit in the palm of your hand.
There are a few different variations.

How many bocce balls come in a set? – Sport & Outdoor – Others
ANSWER : There are 4 green and 4
red balls in a bocce set.

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ANSWER : I have a 2002 Infinity 6 man spa that I just got from a friend. I am also an Electrician. I had to replace the Spa pack because it wasn’t working. Once I replaced the Spa Pack and used the tub it got up to temp no problem but once I got in the temperature slowly dropped and it couldn’t keep up. After some research and discussion with a pool tech I found out that there is a jumper on some spa packs. It is a LC (low current) / HC (high current) jumper. It limits the current (amperage) that your tub draws. If you are running it on the LC setting it keeps the tub at low current by not running the heater when the jets are on. (this way it keeps the current low by running one only at a time) If you set it for HC it will allow high current to be drawn and let the heater and the jets be on at the same time. On my spa pack it is P26 Jumper. I have found it is also listed as Jumper 4 on some spa packs. the jumpers are located in the lower right of the circuit board. Make sure you shut off the power to the tub and know what you’re doing before you attempt changes. you can also google “Gecko Spa Pack Service Manual” and you will find the manual for your tubs spa pack. Good luck.

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