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Q:Will this replace my Jugs pitching machine 6A fuse? A: Yes, this is a 6 amp fuse.
The machine draws 1.5 amps when running; however a 20-amp service is recommended for continuous operation.
The JUGS Softball Pitching Machine is recommended for players ages 6 and up and is used by pitching machine leagues, youth leagues, and high school teams. This softball pitching machine runs on a 1/4 horsepower, 3 amp motor, powered by a 110-volt AC or 1000-watt generator.
Moving your JUGS BP1 Softball Pitching Machine or JUGS Changeup Super Softball Pitching Machine is easy with the JUGS Softball Transport Cart—Once your machine is attached to the Transport Cart`s base, simply insert the handle, tilt and roll. Machine with Transport Cart will not throw Drop Ball.
For an appliance rated at 700W or less, a 3A fuse should be fitted. 2. For appliances above 700W, a 13A fuse should be fitted. All modern appliances should have the power rating marked on them.
The simple calculation is watts divided by volts equals amps. After you have calculated this, it is a simple case of adding around 10% to the value and choosing the nearest fuse to match. This is a more precise method then just guessing should you require a 3, 5, or even 13 amp fuse.
Most homes require an electrical service of at least 100 amps. This is also the minimum panel amperage required by the National Electrical Code (NEC). A 100-amp service panel will typically provide enough power for a medium-sized home that includes several 240-volt appliances and central air-conditioning.
Most pitching machines operate on 110vAC/1000 watts. This means that you can plug them into a power source if available, or power them using a generator. If you plan to use a generator, find out what kind the manufacturer recommends before buying.
Yamaha Generator for Jugs Pitching Machine

Take your pitching machine anywhere with this inverter generator. Pitching machines work seamlessly with this lightweight and fuel efficient generator. This Yamaha generator was designed to power pitching machines as well as any other type of field equipment like lights, etc.

IMPORTANT: If machine becomes wet during practice, turn off machine immediately, and transport it to a clean, dry location. Dry surface water with a soft, clean cloth and permit machine to completely air dry before next use. An additional feature of your JUGS 101 pitching machine is its use for fielding practice.
The Jug machine can throw or kick a football accurately from five to 80 yards with the ability to swivel 360 degrees for passing drills.
In case of a failure of the device the fuse is suppose to protect, the result of using a larger fuse could be to damage the device to the extent that it could not be repaired. It could also start a fire. Thus it is unwise to replace a fuse with one which can carry more current.
The 5A fuse protects the cable and/or the device which is connected via the plug to the mains. If you replace it with a 13A fuse, it may work if cable and device are in OK condition. But the protection effect is gone. If the device or the cable are defect or short circuited or similar, there may be a fire hazard.
Fuse Rating Calculation for Motor

A fuse for a machine is rated on the load that the machine carries when running. For example, a 1-HP (746W) motor operating at 115V would draw 746/115 = 6.5A at full load, so theoretically a 10A fuse would be sufficient.

In an effort to reduce the number of pitching changes and, in turn, cut down the average time per game, MLB instituted a rule change that requires pitchers to either face a minimum of three batters in an appearance or pitch to the end of a half-inning, with exceptions for injuries and illnesses.
Pitch Speed:

Set the pitch speed at about 32-34 miles per hours. Speed is controlled by the spring setting on the power pedal and the use of the height adjustments on the micro adjustment and release block. Set the power pedal at about 4-6 and the height micro adjustments at about 3-4. Adjust as appropriate.

Jugs Football Passing Machine throws precise passes, punts, and kickoffs to any spot on your field. Throws any kind of pass including spirals or end-over-end “kicks” from 5 to 80 yards with adjustable speeds.
Pitching relies heavily on the ATP-PCr system during the delivery of the pitch, followed by brief bouts (approximately 20–30 s) of aerobic recovery between pitches [3]. Subsequently, pitching appears to place a relatively low demand on the aerobic energy system [4].
Kinetic energy is the energy of motion. Both the swinging bat and the pitched ball possess kinetic energy, which is generated by the players who swing the bat and throw the ball.
Power is generated from hip rotation, hard turns, and hip and shoulder separation. As mentioned above, Mookie Betts is a great example of lower half rotation, separation, and hard turns. He loads into his back leg, gives his hips a head start on a violent rotation to the ball, and elevates to celebrate.
Regulation “Real Leather” Balls: Regulation real leather balls can be used in pitching machines however they will not pitch as consistent as a pitching machine ball. This is a fact that many coaches like as it simulates a real pitch with location changes each time.
The pitching machine can even be place outside of the cage. However, in general terms, Sports Attack recommends any distance between 48 feet and 60 feet.
It may surprise design engineers that both Brushed DC and Brushless DC (BLDC) motors can operate as generators. A brushed DC motor is appropriate for generator applications requiring a DC voltage output, while a brushless DC motor is suitable for AC voltage applications.

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Jugs 101 pitching machine , bottom motor will not run ,no current at connector on circuit board
ANSWER : Just had this happen on my machine. Opened up the control box and found center disc capcitor was loose from cold solder joint. However we also found the hot lead for the motor at the wiring block on the circuit board had a cracked solder joint. Simply reheated with solder iron and applied little extra solder and it working again.

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What does the ball joint look like – BeckArnley Suspension Ball Joint 101-5971 101-5971 Suspension Ball Joint
ANSWER : Http:// This is a pic of the ball jooint.

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Have a 2004 kawasaki 3010 desiel mule that has worked fine for years with regular maint. then yesterday we started it as usual with the glow plug lights indicator and it ran for a few minutes until we went to take of and it just died. period. we tried to check thing out and finally found a bad fuse in the glow plug fuse holder, changed it with the same size and it ran the rest of the time we needed it and then again today we started and ran it same as yesterday and it worked fine for about 30 to 45 minutes and will out in the field it just quite. i immediately started searching for signs of heat or melting of wire or other signs and found none. the fuse that goes into this circuit is a 5 amp and all i had was a 20 so i said lets see what happens. it immediately blow the fuse without any out ward sign of problems.??????
ANSWER : Replace the glow plugs one or more are shorted

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John deere 310e backhoe. The machine has intermitten power. It runs fine at times, then loses all power and rpms drop to almost stahling the machine. We have changed the fuel filter and drained and cleaned the fuel tank. Problems seems tro occur after machine has run for approx. 20 mins.
ANSWER : Remove the injectors and check. it’s a motor issue running out of power.
If the timing advance was not working properly, the tractor would break up a bit and skip at high RPM.Check the injectors and timing.also check the pressure of fuel.
The problem lies there.Keep updated.Thanks.

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Fuse keeps blowing
ANSWER : The pump is seized.

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Slide out quit working and fuse on battery blows everytime I chan
ANSWER : Look under the coach near the slide and look for a pinched or bare wire. Sounds like you have a dead short to ground and could be difficult to find. Check the wiring to the slide motor, could be between the slide switch and the motor. Take a Volt meter and set it to Ohms. With the fuse out check to see if you get an Ohms reading between fuse wire and frame of coach. If you get a reading you have a short. Also check the power wire on the slide motor to motor case. If you get a reading the motor is shoted and needs to be replaced.Thanks for using FixyaJerry

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Vibelife 7117 Error message E1, blowing fuses.
Will not start at first, just gives E1 error message. Leave it paused for a while, then it will start but blows 15A fuse straight away. Have disconnected the drive belt from the motor to the drive roller and fuse still blows with no load on motor.
ANSWER : There is no solution to this problem. Its a Vibelife brand – that’s the Problem! Vibelife is like any number of Chinese, Taiwanese build clones, they are ordered in a batch of several thousand by some dodgy importer and once that batch is sold on ebay or ozauction, its close up shop, order another batch with a different faceplate on the control console and away they go again. In short you’ve got buckleys chance of fixing it so my advice is:
a. Chuck it and get another one of those el’ cheapo treadmills. After all they generally last about a 18 months under normal use and you can afford to buy four of those before you match the price of a professional home use machine.
b. Kind of like above only buy the professional home use machine for about $2600 and make sure is has a 3yr warranty on the motor and control boards. They should last you at least 5 years under normal home use.
c. As for a. but forget buying a treadmill, Invest in gym membership. For about the same price as an el’ cheapo treadmill you could have a year’s membership, all the treadmills you can use and a whole heap of other machinery as well, not to mention the excercise classes you could go to for fun, socialising and general fitness.

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