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Ft. axle leak

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The most common cause of a leaking axle seal is improper axle installation or removal but the axle seal can also wear out over time. If you`re concerned that your axle seal might be leaking, here are a few things to look out for: Oil drops below your vehicle after it has been parked.
You might not see spots on your driveway, as the axle seal tends to leak more at high speeds. If the seal does not get fixed soon, you may cause permanent damage to the transmission.
An axle seal leaks more during highway driving, so the oil drops on the driveway may not always be present. As more fluid is leaked out, the transmission fluid level drops and the transmission will start slipping. If not caught in time, the transmission may even get permanently damaged.
I wouldn`t hesitate to keep driving it. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Just keep an eye on it until you can get them replaced. Bear in mind, the leaky seal(s) could get worse the more you drive on them.
Leaks around the end of a rear axle are caused by one of two things. Either the outer axle seal (sometimes called a wheel seal) is leaking gear oil, or the brake wheel cylinder is leaking brake fluid.
Is it OK to drive with a Rear Axle Seal leak? If there is a small leak, you may be able to drive for a short period of time. If the Axle Seal is leaking and you don`t get your Ford Edge fixed, you could cause permanent damage to the Transmission.
A bad fork seal could leak oil onto your brake calipers, resulting in trouble decelerating and stopping the bike. That, plus poor shock absorption and an unbalanced ride makes a leaky fork seal dangerous to ride on.
And sometimes axle seals leak, causing the axle to wear out prematurely. Lubricant leaks out, and water and dirt can get in and contaminate the gears. When this happens you might hear strange noises coming from the axle. If you have a rear-wheel drive vehicle, the sound would be at the rear end.
It`s extremely important to replace a compromised axle shaft seal as soon as possible. Leaking transmission fluid can lead to the transmission completely seizing up, possibly needing a total costly replacement. Contact your local mechanic as soon as you notice a leak.
Let`s get down to the answer. The answer will be relative from one CV axle to another. It could take weeks, months, or years. But the average lifespan of a bad CV axle is around five to six months.
The average cost for an Axle Shaft Seal Replacement is between $250 and $305. Labor costs are estimated between $210 and $265 while parts are priced between $40 and $40.
A rear axle

Oil leaks from the hub oil seals of a live rear axle (See Replacing transmission oil seals ), may also leave traces on the inner surfaces of the wheels, or even get into the brakes . Leaks on to the wheels or brakes may also be caused by defective wheel bearings (See Removing wheel bearings ).

The differential fluid lubricates the ring and pinion gears which transfer power from the driveshaft to the wheel axle. If your vehicle experiences differential fluid leaks, the fluid lubricating these gears will run low and as a result, the gears can be seriously damaged.
If there is significant fluid loss, so much that it affects the transmission, the vehicle should not be driven. If the leak is small and you can`t make it to an appointment for a few days, it is okay to drive your vehicle as long as you keep the transmission fluid full.
You may be able to drive on a bad CV axle for several months, but it depends on the extent of the damage. We`re obliged to let you know that the safest thing to do is get the axle replaced immediately. The longer you wait, the worse the damage will be.
Use the Seal Doctor on the Fork

Just lower your dust seal and snap the Seal Doctor on your fork tube, insert the tooth into the leaky seal and twist. The design of the Seal Doctor maintains the proper position and angle as you rotate around your fork tube.

The first thing you need to know about leaking fork seals is how to recognize you have them. This is easily done by checking the fork tube (inner tube) just below the dust seal. If it`s leaking you will see fork oil on the outside of the tube.
A damaged axle can cause suspension vibration, oftentimes fairly severe shaking. This shaking will usually get worse as your reach higher speeds, and it`s important to address axle issues as soon as possible. A related issue that can cause vibration is worn CV (constant velocity) joints.
Over time, the rubber CV boot can become dry or brittle, creating cracks or tears. When this happens the boot will leak grease onto the inside of the wheel. Often times the grease can also be flung onto the chassis or other parts on the underside of the vehicle as the axle turns.
The damaged wheels may experience a partial or whole loss of power as a result of a failing CV axle. Reduced acceleration, trouble maintaining speed, or even full-wheel lock-up are all symptoms of power reduction.
In most cases a bent axle cannot be repaired and must be replaced. A bad axle will lead to other damage to your vehicle down the line. So it`s critical that the axle be in great condition to avoid other costly repairs.
When the axle shaft seal fails, oil or transmission fluid can leak from the transmission or differential. If you notice these fluids are pooling under your car, especially after being parked, you should have your car serviced as soon as possible.
It is possible to drive a car with a torn CV boot, but doing so will likely lead to further damage that will eventually require more extensive repair.

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I have a 1987 yamaha warrior
ANSWER : The only thing i can think of is that you might want to take the carb off and really clean it good where it bolts down and around the entire area if thats where its leaking from. Hope i was of some help to you.

Air bed leak
ANSWER : Http://www.colemancanada.ca/Warranty/Default.en.aspx

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We have a bad smell in our Rockwood 8284ss 5th wheel. It is hard to describe because it is not coming from the stool. There is not much odor when flushed and is not very strong in bathroom. It seems to be strongest in the storage compartment under the front of the camper and also then in the bedroom area there and at the front end of the slide out inside. The closest I can come to describing the smell is to say it smells like a bunch of dirty diapers in a pile or wet clothes that have been standing. Maybe a little on the urine smell also. This has been noticeable for about the last week. As far as I can tell there is nothing wet sitting in any of those areas and we have had no leaks in the camper that we know of.
ANSWER : Sounds like your holding tank is leaking.

Mar 12, 2010 – Could it be the check valve? I took it off and the flap appears to be working correctly. This well has been here a long time. Never given me any problems. I do have galvenized couplers on the discharge and intake sides. Old. Could these be leaking even though they show no sign of water? The discharge is able to hold 30 pounds easily overnight. I do not hear any vacuum in the intake when I take it off. Could the pipe to the well have a leak? I know I would have to insert a sleeve bnut I do not want to go through the hassle if I do not have to. I had put on a brand new pump from the hardware store that did the same thing so I think that would elliminate the pump as being the problem.
Mar 12, 2010 – I have a 3/4hp flotec convertible jet pump. It is able to hold 30lbs pressure on the discharge side as the primie easily for 24 hours. It is not able to pull water from the well whcih has been here for years. i disconnected it for the winter and rehooked it up. The galvanized couplers on the discharge and pump side are old but do not appear to be leakeing as I taped them well. The check valve seems to be functioning well as I took it off and the flap works correctly. The well is not pulling watrer. there does not appear to be a vacuum on the check vale when I losen it. could the check valve be bad? I am aware I might have to resleeve the well, but do not want to hassle with this if I do not have to. I want to eliminate everything else first. i put another brand new pump on it to see if it was that. That partiuclar pump which was the same thng did not work either.

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ANSWER : Your well has gone dry it seems. It has happened to my before. At first the new pump I purchased that did not pump I took back for exchange and still no water. I finally gave in and called the well experts and I was told the well was dried up

I need new poles for Swiss Gear tent # SG33071F
ANSWER : Go to Home depot and buy a tube that fit the pole. Cut it into 5 or 6 inches for the broken areas. It costs me less than 2 dollars. Let me know how it turn out on yours.

Co2 leak you can hear co2 leaking out of the barrel and it is shooting 2 balls at once
ANSWER : Did you check the O-rings?

Poor suction at skimmer box. Cleaned all filters. No change. Pump was damaged. Replaced pump. Still had poor suction. Checked for airleaks by using foam to see if air was being sucked in. Found no leaks.
Please advise if you have any other possible reasons for this occurring. This is an inground pool. Piping runs under ground surface for about 14 metres. Could an air leak occur underground?
ANSWER : Hi, W/D here.It is not too likely that there is an air leak under ground. The piping is normally routed in a manner to keep the lines full. I would only suspect such a leak if I were losing water level at a faster than normal rate. It sounds like you’ve checked what I’d have checked, but here’s a few more.General start up: Make sure that you bleed air from the system when you start the equipment. Bleed air off of the discharge of the pump, and off of the filter.1. At the circulation pump, there is a strainer that operates like your skimmer basket. Make sure that it is clean., and that the cap is on tight and sealing.2. Make sure that your valving is in the right position on the suction and discharge lines. If your suction line is selectable (i.e., skimmer or bottom drain), make sure that it is in the desired position. If the suction at the skimmer is low, but the output at the recirculation nozzles is normal, this might be the problem.3. Check for adequate flow at the discharge of the pump.4. Check for proper pressure at the filter. Most filters are equipped with a gauge with indicators chowing normal pressure, and another indicator usually set 10 psi higher to indicate when the filter is becoming plugged.5. If equipped with a heater, check your valving there as well.Well, that’s all that I can think of for now. Hope that this helped a bit!–W/D–