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Campers use a tripod, typically made of steel, and hang the camp oven above an open flame. The heat from the flame would make sure the bottom is thoroughly heated, while the cast iron and the oven lid make sure that heat is distributed thoroughly throughout the whole oven.
What`s more, a spun steel camp oven heats up quickly so is perfect for cooking on a gas stove.
Cast Iron Cookware can also be used on a Gas Stove. Make sure not to have the heat too high. Cast Iron holds heat, putting the gas cooktop on high for an initial burst of heat is fine, but afterwards drop heat back to medium.
Before use, it`s important to give your camp oven a good clean in hot soapy water to remove any residue left over from the manufacturing process. After you`ve washed it, dry it off, then stoke up the fire ready for step 2. Gloves, some detergent and a scouring pad.
For example, for a 12 inch camp oven, use 24 briquettes, with 9 on the bottom and 15 on the top. This method will give the camp oven a temperature of around 180°C for 30-45 minutes. To avoid overheated “hot spots” on specific areas of the oven, rotate your camp oven every 10-15 minutes when you`re cooking.
Preheating your camp oven is key. Heat control is not an exact science with camp cooking, so trust yourself and do your best. You want to heat your oven prior to baking your yummy foods to ensure a regulated temperature within the oven. Use a trivet at the bottom of your camp oven, to allow constant air flow.
You can use a dutch oven on the stove to simmer, sear or braise recipes, whether you have a gas or electric stovetop.
If you just want to use your Dutch oven as a pot, you will most likely be able to use it on any standard two-burner camp stove. Most camp stoves have an elevated grate, which will allow the legs of the Dutch oven to hang down.
The most prominent difference between the two is the lid. While a dutch oven lid is domed and typically has drippers for self-basting, a camp oven`s lid is thick, mostly flat, smooth-bottomed, and has a ridge around the top edge. The massive lid helps maximize heat retention.
For a solo weekend backpacking trip, a small 100g canister of stove fuel is often enough. As a general guide, you should bring enough fuel to boil one liter of water per person, per meal and factor in your stove`s boil time and total burn time.
Prior to First Time Use:

Turn on ventilation. Set oven to Bake at 500°F (260°C) and allow oven to heat for 30 minutes. Set oven temperature to Broil in large oven for an additional 30 minutes (small oven does not have broil element). Turn oven off and allow it to cool gradually with door closed.

Most manufacturers will tell you to heat your new oven to a high temp (think: about 400°F) for 30 minutes to help remove any residue from the surfaces inside the oven. Be sure to open the windows and run some fans — things will get smelly.
Gas ovens can take 15 to 20 minutes to preheat though, notes GE Appliances. If you`re finding that it`s taking longer than 20 minutes to reach the target temperature, then there could be some issues with your oven.
Preheating your oven helps ensure your food goes from refrigerator cold to blazing hot more quickly — spending as little time in the danger zone as possible. And even if this is a short amount of time, just know that some bacteria can multiply in the danger zone in as little as 20 minutes.
To perfectly cook a pizza you need a hot camp oven of at least 200ºC (with most of the heat on the lid) and, for once, all over the lid… not just around the outer edge. A cast iron camp oven will need a bit more time to heat up than a Steel Hillbilly although the cast iron one will maintain its heat longer.
There is no thermometer or buzzer that alerts you when the oven is at a certain temp such as with preheating. You just have to figure it out. The pilot is way in the back so you have to bend down or practically stand on your head to reach into the oven and light it with a lighter.
Canister stoves work best at a temperature of around 75 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, but what happens when the temperature drops?
As long as your Dutch oven is made from cast iron, it can be placed over an open flame (such as a campfire) without issue. In fact, the extreme heat of a campfire flame will help the oven to heat up faster.
Achieve a cooking temperature of 350°F

Much like with a traditional oven, 350°F is the most common temperature you need to cook most foods over charcoal. As you saw in the Dutch oven charcoal chart above, the amount of briquettes needed depends on the size of your Dutch oven.

How do you use a Dutch oven? Dutch ovens can be used the same way you use stock pots or saucepans. The main thing that sets them apart is you can get them really hot to sear meat and then ultimately finish cooking by simmer or transferring to the oven.
Dutch Ovens are perfect for stovetop and oven use. In fact, our Dutch Oven can function on any stovetop: gas, induction, electric. Plus, it is oven safe up to 550°Fahrenheit. There`s a lot of uses that you can get out of this incredible cookware because of how versatile they are.
There are a few main options out there – stainless steel, bare cast iron, enameled cast iron, and ceramic. Stainless steel is easy to clean and maintain, but stainless steel Dutch ovens typically lack a heavy and tight-fitting lid.
Typically made of enameled cast iron or stainless steel, dutch ovens heat quickly and maintain temperature effectively, making it an ideal vessel for searing and browning. Meanwhile, the tight-fitting lid traps moisture within the pot, enabling Dutch ovens to cook braises and stews evenly over several hours.
If your burner lights for a short time but then goes out, you may have a blockage in the gas valve. The gas line is what provides fuel to the burner to keep it lit. A complete blockage often prevents the burner from lighting at all.

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I have lost all pressure in my coleman 502 camp stove. It worked well a few times but up camping it lost pressure after having worked well making coffee but after getting back to camp after a trip out fishing its like someone messed with my stove while I was out. Could it have overheated sitting out in the sun on our table? It no longer builds up pressure when pumped. I took the part out and the plunger looked worn, but I don’t know if it is missing a part inside the tank or what. I just bought it at a thrift store a couple months back as an extra burner.
ANSWER : If you didn’t oil it it might do that. or you should check the position at witch you are holding the plunger.
the instructions say that the plunger turns left and right but mine doesn’t do that

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Assembly of a Cimarron Pontoon Boat
ANSWER : Have a similar boat, but it’s been a year or so since I used it. Here’s what I remember.Lay
it all out first. It’s very confusing until you get a visual. The seat
rests on two bars. These bars span the two pontoons. I believe they use
pins, rather than bolts to secure it. You probably have a basket and
maybe a trolling motor mount. Get rid of the mount, unless you plan on
using it. If you do, it attaches to the rear basket. The basket mounts
to the back of the chair and rear bar with bolts.Next, the leg
holders slide in and there should be pins to hold them in place for the
right distance. If there is a stand up plate and a casting bar, you’re
on your own on how to attach them. Obviously they go in the front, but
I have no idea how they are attached.Mine had an anchor, but this was a huge hassle. Much easier to pull to shore than park in the water.There
is probably a mesh type piece that fits under or around your seat with
bungies or hooks. It may have a fish measure on it. If it does, that
goes to the front.The oars are merely pinned in at a
comfortable spots. There should be oar “stops,” that slide over your
oars. Again, you have to adjust the length to how long your arms are.
They don’t slide too easily. And, they are needed so your oars don’t
slide off into the water.The side bars should have a hump to rest the pontoons on. Buy a double pump and save some time, (or an electric pump). The following is the most important fact of all,
You have two bladders in each pontoon. Inflate them BOTH. Air up one
from the front, then the other from the rear, back and forth until the
pontoon is ready to burst. This prevents a disaster. If one deflates or
is punctured, the other one has enough air to support you to shore.
Strap them on and you’re ready to go. And I would suggest a practice
run in calm water first. They are a little awkward at first. Good luck

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I own a Winchester Model 94, American Bald Eagle, commemorative 375, Big bore XTR never been fired and in the original box, SN ABE 1866.
Question: I can not find any info on line or otherwise regarding this rifle. I believe it was manufactured in New Haven, Conn. by the Olin Corp/US repeating arms co. I’ve been all over trying to get some info….Apparently the 375 Winchester is a mystery. I even have a hard time finding ammo. And I’m curious about the value of this beautiful rifle. I’d be grateful for any info or direction that you could provide.
Many Thanks
[email protected]
ANSWER : Winchester, and most companies of its size have historians, museums, and just about everything they ever made. If they don’t know anything perhaps they will want to buy it for their collection 🙂

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Have an Intex 12ft x 3ft metal frame pool. Set it up first and filled it and it lost more than half the water overnight. Did everything I was told to find the leak and nothing. Was on hands and knees in pool with blue dye dripping slowly here and there to see if it is sucked through pin holes since I couldn’t find a tear at any seams. Sent back pieces for a replacement liner. Two weeks later we have a new liner fresh from California and are having the SAME problem. What could be going on? The hours we have wasted in this leveling the ground putting up, taking down and putting pool up again… the cost of the water to fill it up twice. This seems to be quite the bottomless money/time pit. Any suggestions?
ANSWER : What is not included in the instructions is the simple ” lay down a bed of filter sand around 3″ thick before placing liner in the pool frame and radius it up at the bottom corners
that sand is necessary because any small pebble , rock or edge will cut the thin liner under water pressure or feet walking in the bottom of the liner
further more , if you use chlorine as a cleaning , antibacterial agent that will cause pin holes in any part of the liner not completely covered by water

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The table tennise whiach i have is possible to fold. It was opened and released, so it fell down and broke the junction parts which support one of its halfs.
Pls how can i find and buy these parts.
ANSWER : Here is a website where you can order the parts for any Kettler table
I am a little confused on what part you need exactly since I don’t know what it looks like but maybe since you know what it loos like you can pick it put from the list since this website gives pictures and uses of each part.

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Where do you find the vin# on the pop-up camper?
ANSWER : Depending on manufacturer, it’s usually on front corner of side, but if worn off, you may find it under some paint on front a frame area. Look for stamped in number or small plate attached.

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I need to find a service manual for my saga scooter 2008 and have exausted every avenue. Can you direct me to where i can get one?
ANSWER : You can get the manual from here. It is not free you have to pay $5 for this. Hope this will splve your problem.

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