Eclipse 1100 Hr/A Elliptical

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E1 Error: Monitor cannot read the signal change from the gear motor. Applies to the Following Bike Models: SB500, SB4500, SB2.5r, SB250, SB150. Resolution: Check to ensure that all computer plugs, wires, and connections are firmly connected and do not appear damaged.
E1: when the E1 message appears on the console, it means that the computer has not received the correct information from the speed sensor in the motor compartment of the treadmill. ¬ if the problem seems to be in the sensor, or the sensor cable replace it (buy it here: speed sensor for treadmill).
It`s very easy to work , you just press down once you want to reset – if it says stop on the left handside you press reset and sets to zero , you need to do that for miles, distance and calories . It`s simple and only takes about 5 seconds ..
Error Code: E1

An E1 code just means that the console is not getting a reading from the reed switch (Speed Sensor). If the running belt moves for several minutes and then produces the E1 error, this is most commonly a result of the running belt needing lubrication.

E1 represents the first circuit, and E2 represents a second circuit, if available at your premises. On, Armed and Off switch icons show the various states of connection of the meter as follows: On: The meter is connected.
If your air conditioner displays E1 in the display panel and won`t turn on, it means that the Room Thermistor (a device connected to the thermostat that detects room temperature) is shorted or defective, and you need to have your air conditioner serviced.
Dirty Filter

The most common meaning of the E1 error code is that the air filter is dirty. So, if you see the code appear, check the air filter first.

E1 Error: Treadmill calibration did not receive a signal for greater than 10 seconds. Resolution: Check to ensure that the cables connecting the console and controller are secure. If any of the cables/connectors appear loose, completely power off and unplug the treadmill before unplugging and reattaching the cables.
If a smart meter is running low on battery, it will produce a beeping sound to alert people nearby that the device needs charging. Recharging the battery, or plugging the smart meter in 24/7, will resolve the issue.
Reset your meter by pressing i or the BLUE or # button, this is needed to ensure the 2 parts of your meter initiate connection again. This action should reset your meter. Please note, this error is not a technical error and you should never insist a technician comes out for this.
The E1 error code is an error that can be displayed on a variety of electronic devices, including computers, printers, and scanners. This code indicates that there is a problem with the device`s internal self-test.
Clean the Air Filter

If the E1 error code appeared as a reminder to clean the air filter, turn off the unit, and then open the front panel and remove the filter. Clean it with soap and water and let it dry before replacing it. If you can`t remove all the dirt and grease it has collected, it`s time to replace it.

If you receive an E1 error message: Ensure you are using the correct power supply for the application. High-current power supplies, such as the PowerPac HC or PowerPac 200, cannot be used for low-current applications (<10 mA).
The F1 E1 alert indicates there is an issue with the appliance control unit or associated wiring. Unplug the washer, wait two minutes, then plug back in.
Loose cables within your exercise bike may be the cause of your display not working, or you may not have enough power going to the machine itself. Make sure to check that your power adapter is plugged in properly or replace the batteries.
A stationary bicycle (also known as exercise bicycle, exercise bike, spinning bike, spin bike, or exercycle) is a device used as exercise equipment for indoor cycling. It includes a saddle, pedals, and some form of handlebars arranged as on a (stationary) bicycle.
A: After 4 minutes they reset automatically except for the total miles on the odometer.
In a calibration session, supervisors and managers responsible for conducting employee appraisals meet to talk about employee performance and ratings. In addition, the executive in charge of that business unit and an HR representative attend the meeting.
The F5E1 Error Code indicates that there may be an issue with the door switch/door lock. The door is unlocked during a cycle when it should be locked. Try resetting the washer/dryer by unplugging it from the outlet for at least 1 minute, and then plugging it back in. If unsuccessful, call for service.
Control displaying F6 E1:

There may be a problem with the Main Control Board, the User Interface (Touchpad), or the associated wiring. Power unit down by turning off the circuit breaker(s) for one (1) minute. Power unit up by turning on the circuit breaker(s). Start a time dry cycle.

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Everyone” is the most common definition for E1 on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. E1. Definition: Everyone.

Unsuccessful Measurements

E1: aborted measurement – the measurement timeout is over, the measurement had to be aborted (the patient was moving).

I told him that it really makes no difference. Nearly all games remain random when you stop the reels yourself. The random numbers that determine your outcome for that spin have already been set before you stop the reels. Game designers call it “illusion of skill.” You feel like you have control of the game.

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Torpedo FN-10195 Magnetic exercise bike ERROR E1
ANSWER : Contacy the makers to see what the error code means.

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Edge 491 exercise bike monitor panel dead
ANSWER : Http:// went dead last Spring. I ordered a replacement part from Fitness Quest. I think the link is above. Actually, while I was waiting for the part, I reconnected all the wires on the whole bike and the panel worked. So I actually have an extra new working panel if Fitness Quest doesn’t have the part for some reason and u want mine. Double check ALL the connections of the wires first. They come loose easily.Nancy

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I have a Health Stream recumbent exercise bike – it is now making a very loud noise and appears to be scraping a bit. I think it is ~8-10 years old and has never been serviced. Do these bikes need to be oiled and if so where on the bike? I am a 60 yo partially disabled man who needs to exercise on such a bike – it is in good condition and has been used reguarly for years. Are you able to provide me with advice? I live in Australia.
ANSWER : Problem about to be overcome – made contact with local person. Thank you – no further action required.

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Error message on recumbent bike
ANSWER : The problem might be the gearbox. I know because I have the same problem. 
Keys fitness is out of business, but “The Treadmill Doctor” has purchased the inventory of parts for the bikes. They will help you troubleshoot, and have parts available if you need them. The number is 1-888-340-0482. Or, you can go to

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Need Manual for Vital Fitness Exercise Bike RB26S
ANSWER : I have a manual for this model. I can not tell you how to find one, I have looked all over the net for additional info. on this model and can’t find anything. Would be glad to scan and send you a copy if you still need it.

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Bike attachment part
ANSWER : Went to instep website and found part

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I bought the Instep Pronto bike trailer last month, loved it! Unfortunately my bike was stolen but they left the trailer. My question is where care i but another part that hitches to the bike????
ANSWER : On Ebay. Part SA047 for Instep bicycle trailer.

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