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I just got this gun from airsoft mega store and it broke somehow. i think the spring inside that keeps the trigger in place moved or something. Now its useless untill i can take it apart and figure out the problem. Anyone know how to take it apart?

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Double Eagle Airsoft Co., Ltd is a professional airsoft gun manufacturer. We own labs, specialist team and mould making machinery and workshops. Our manufacturing plant covers 67,000 square meters with 23,000 square meters building area.
Double Eagle Airsoft products

Double Eagle is a Chinese airsoft equipment manufacturer that specializes in the production of airsoft guns and accessories.

Double (triple, quadruple, etc.) feeds on an AEG can be caused by many things including, but not limited to, issues with the hop-up bucking, bucking to air nozzle alignment, air nozzle length, hop-up unit, and hop-up unit to gearbox alignment. Most of the time, the problem comes down to the hop-up bucking itself.
An Airsoft Two Tone Gun is an Airsoft replica which has been sprayed over 51% a bright, non military colour, so that it complies with the Violent Crimes Reduction Act (VCRA, 2006), allowing anyone to buy a replica without having to prove that they have a legitimate use for it.
Likewise, the double eagle was created by the Coinage Act of 1849. Since the $20 gold piece had twice the value of the eagle, these coins were designated “double eagles”. Before, the most valuable American coin was the $10 gold eagle, first produced in 1795, two years after the United States Mint opened.
The double eagle-double flex defense is an eight-man front easily capable of being converted into anything from a nine-man front, which makes it extremely successful against the run, or a dime package to counter spread offenses.
Based on the Mauser Schnellfeuer 712 Broomhandle, the KWC M712 CO2 airsoft pistol has one of the highest power levels of all pistols on this list shooting at a whopping 420 FPS. In addition to its great power, it is capable of shooting in semi and full auto with a speed and kick that will shock you to your very core.
Gas airsoft guns are the most popular type of airsoft gun for several reasons. Features: Gas-powered pistols are small, making them more convenient to carry around on the go. In addition to the size advantage, they are powerful and conserve gas more than blowback guns.
The number of joules is determined by the speed (FPS) and weight of your projectile (BB). This is an incredibly important measurement as it can affect the overall performance of your rifle. That being said, there are many different factors which can influence the speed and distance that your BB travels through the air.
Just as you remove BBs from your airsoft when not using it, you should also remove the CO2 cartridge. Thanks to this, the seals in the airsoft gun will last longer. You should also remember to clean the airsoft gun regularly and properly maintain the seals.
The double-action trigger press is used at short range. The SA press offers more accurate fire after that first shot. The hammer may be cocked manually for the first shot for long-range fire if needed. The advantage of the DA first-shot pistol is in handling.
For centuries, gun manufacturers and owners have blued firearms to improve their appearance and corrosion resistance. The bluing process involves treating a gun with a solution that turns red iron oxide or rust (Fe2O3) into black iron oxide (Fe3O4).
A Double Eagle is a gold coin of the United States with a denomination of $20. (Its gold content of 0.9675 troy oz was worth $20 at the 1849 official price of $20.67/oz.)
The Russian Double Headed Eagle, also known as the Coat of Arms of Imperial Russia and the Romanov family crest, was adopted in the 15th century, when Russia became the “Third Rome.” The two heads represent the dual sovereignty of the Tsar, both secular and religious.
The term `eagle` is used to describe playing a hole in two-under-par. For example, playing a par-4 in two shots or a par-5 in three shots. Therefore, a `double-eagle` would presumably be twice the value.
Currently, with the exception of the one sold on July 30, 2002, 1933 double eagle coins cannot be the legal possession of any member of the public, as they were never issued and hence remain the property of the United States government.
Safety considerations

Keep in mind the safety aspects of each type of gun. Airsoft guns are generally considered safer due to their plastic pellets, while BB guns` metal projectiles pose a higher risk of injury.

Most airsoft guns on the market are usually below 350 ft/s (110 m/s), but projectiles expelled from any type of airsoft gun can travel as slow as 65 ft/s (20 m/s) to more than 700 ft/s (210 m/s) and are capable of breaking skin at 350–400 ft/s (110–120 m/s).
Pellet guns fire metal projectiles, or pellets, that are designed to penetrate their targets — whether those targets are small animals or inanimate objects. For this reason, pellet guns are a top choice of small game hunters, pest control enthusiasts, and sport shooters alike.
The longest airsoft target shot is 81.1 m (266 ft, 0.9 in.)
The site FPS limit for all Weapons capable of full auto firing is set at 350 FPS. DMR Rifles that have been locked to semi-automatic can fire up to 450 FPS. The limit for any bolt-action weapon and sniper rifles is set at 500 FPS.
How far can a 400 FPS airsoft gun shoot? – Airsoft guns with an FPS of 400 or more will typically have a max effective range somewhere near 200 feet. High-quality sniper rifles in this FPS range can sometimes reach an effective range of up to 300 feet (90m).
There are three different types of Airsoft Guns: Springer, electric and gas guns.
DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle): 401-450fps, or 1.78 joules max, with a 50` minimum engagement distance, and set to semi-automatic only. SNIPER: Bolt action and a few semi-automatics allowed (i. e. SVD). Velocity not to exceed 500fps, or 2.31 joules max, with a 100` minimum engagement distance.

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I got a sig 552 airsoft gun but it dosent fire it screeches
ANSWER : I have a sig 552 as well and had similar problems but if you take it apart the trigger box will come out and you just need to mess with that a little bit

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I just purchased a SIG 552 Commando Airsoft rifle and after about 35 minutes of use, it stopped firing anything. Battery is fine, just doesn’t seem to be picking up the BBs or possibly jamming, but can’t get anything out of it. What could be causing this?
ANSWER : Alright another winding mag issue. On the bottom of your mag there is a wheel, wind it until you meet resistance or you hear double clicks, this will tell you when your done. After fire a certain amount of bb’s it will need to be rewound.

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MY crosman pulse r71 airsoft gun won’t shoot it just makes a humming sound
ANSWER : Have u tried unscrewing the gun and see wht is wrong

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Ok, so last week one of my airsoft guns, the Crosman Stinger R39, and part of the cocking mechanism broke to where it can not be pulled back, and the Airsoft pellet cannot be loaded into the chamber. so I took it apart, to get the other half of the cocking mechanism. I then proceeded to fix it (with gorilla apoxy) and let it dry until today. a little while ago, I put it back together, tried to **** it back, and – SNAP – it broke….. again. is there a place to buy replacement parts replacement parts for it?
ANSWER : My cocking bolt broke too and now i cant find a replacement for it 🙁

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My airsoft gun gearbox is disassembled and I need help reassembling it. Does anyone have a manual for a urban assault JG AU-01 airsoft gun?
ANSWER : Http://

Hi please find these websites above, maybe they will help you, the last one is a forum, join that and perhaps someone there will be able to provide help or a diagram? I have searched for any info but there isn’t much out there?

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Can we get the discount over best airsoft gun?
ANSWER : There are numerous sites on the net which are offering data concerning Best airsoft gun. These are specially made for all those folks who are trying to find quality information relating to snipers that were best. To find out more please visit this amazing site:

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How do you reattach the back of a US ARMY DUTY CALLS DCM4AW AEG AIRSOFT RIFLE

See if this video shows it.

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