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Bowling is an anaerobic type of physical exercise, much liketaking a walk. It helps’ you burn calories and work muscle groups that are notusually exercised. The flexing motion in a bowling game works on your works tendons,joints, ligaments, and muscles in the arms and promotes weight loss.

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Bowling is a fantastic way to get some exercise because it may burn up to 200 calories every hour, depending on the weight of your ball, and how many times you bowl. Bowling also works out and strengthens 134 muscles while improving your balance and hand-eye coordination.
For example, it includes moderate sports such as bowling and golf, and moderate recreational activities such as fishing.
Bowling is an anaerobic type of physical exercise, similar to walking with free weights. Bowling helps in burning calories and works muscle groups not usually exercised.
Improved endurance: While bowling isn`t a true aerobic endurance sport in the same sense as sports like running, cross-country skiing, and soccer, it does require significant amounts of anaerobic endurance.
Cardiovascular Endurance

Bowling just three games burns the same amount of calories as walking a mile! Although aerobic endurance plays only a minor role in bowling performance, it plays a major role in your health.

Bowling is a fun, challenging sport that everyone can participate in! Bowling does not require advanced athleticism, such as football or basketball, so children who may not succeed at those sports often excel at bowling. And bowling is a sport they can enjoy for a lifetime.
Moderate-intensity activities are those that get you moving fast enough or strenuously enough to burn off three to six times as much energy per minute as you do when you are sitting quietly, or exercises that clock in at 3 to 6 METs.
It is weight bearing and involves stretching and walking. Standing for the entire game with keep your heart rate up. During bowling, you flex and stretch various ligaments, joints, tendons and muscles in both the arms and legs. Additionally, supporting and swinging the ball in the way necessary requires balance.
One of the benefits of bowling involves relieving stress. It is a low-impact activity that gets you moving and provides a good mental and physical workout. Bowling can also be a meditative activity. It requires focus and concentration, and it can be very therapeutic.
Also, the adrenaline that is felt during a match also increases heart rate. Bowling thus promotes a healthy heart.
Exercise, including bowling, lowers your risk of stroke, heart attacks, diabetes, increases bone density, improves circulation, lowers cholesterol levels and blood pressure, and helps your body utilize oxygen better. Try to bowl once or more each week for optimum benefits.
There are certain sports, such as golf, bowling, and tennis that, for the most part, are considered individual sports, which are sports played alone without teammates.
Bowling is inexpensive, widely available, and fun to play no matter the group size. Bowling is also all-inclusive, so no one feels left out. Whereas most sports require participants to be in good physical shape and play with people around the same age, bowling allows a mixed group of all sizes, ages, and skill levels.
Bowling is unique in that the physical component of the game is only one small piece of a much larger puzzle. To improve performance, a bowler needs to work on mindset training, learn about equipment, understand lane play and ball motion, as well as work on their physical fitness.
With its lack of physical exertion and discipline, bowling is more of a recreational activity than a sport. When we hear the word “sport,” we often associate it with the traditionally popular physical activities such as basketball or soccer.
Bowling, unlike many sports, pits men and women against each other in direct competition. Yet, there are still distinct differences in the way that men and women are perceived to perform. In a sport that seems as though it is an equal playing field, why is there a masculine style and a feminine style of bowling?
Bowling allows the players to build muscles. The game utilizes muscles in both the upper and the lower parts. The bowling ball has a considerable weight, and lifting it builds the arm muscles.
Repetitive movements

Sports that use one hand, such as tennis or bowling, can add to muscle imbalances.

Exercising at 70 to 85 percent of your maximum heart rate qualifies as vigorous exercise intensity.
Bowling involves forceful extension of the thigh, which is the gluteus maximus muscle, as well as other muscles in the hip to maintain stability. Two games were enough to exhaust that muscle, and the untrained muscle will often suffer small tears, which take days to heal properly.
Cross Stretches – Pull your arm horizontally across your chest until you feel a stretch in your shoulder. Hold for 10 seconds. Repeat 2-3 times for each arm. Workout recommendation: directly before bowling to help prevent injury and an additional 3 days a week to increase flexibility over time.
Three to five games a day is good once your body gets up to speed. Try not to go too much over this and always concentrate on one or two things such as tartgeting and posture til you get comfortable then maybe a coupla different wrist poistions.
As with any athletic undertaking, natural skill might make bowling fun, but it won`t take anyone to a professional level. Professional-level bowling is a hard-earned skill. It requires practice, some understanding of the physics behind lane conditions and round objects hitting round objects, and hand-eye-coordination.
Examples of anaerobic activities include sprinting, long jump, making a tackle in football, shooting at goal in netball and serving in tennis. This system breaks down glucose into lactic acid.

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