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Another way that movies can negatively affect society is by glamorizing violence. This can lead to a desensitization to violence in real life and can also make people believe that violence is an acceptable solution to their problems. It`s no secret that movies can have a negative impact on society.
What are the challenges and benefits? For many people, both in performing and attending, outdoor theater is a gateway to a theater experience. The disadvantages are, of course, the weather, the rain, the lack of air conditioning in particularly hot climates.
A disadvantage is the opposite of an advantage, a lucky or favorable circumstance. At the root of both words is the Old French avant, “at the front.” Definitions of disadvantage. the quality of having an inferior or less favorable position. Antonyms: advantage, vantage.
And there are more advantages: the very limits of theater present challenges for both the artists` and audiences` imaginations. The downsides include that live performance is not permanent; it is gone as soon as it is delivered. Mistakes can`t be fixed as in film.
In a cinema, you can view things that are larger and clearer enough for you to understand what exactly they represent. This is one of the biggest advantages when it comes to a thriller or a sci-fi movie. You would not like to miss out on the tinier details that could ruin your cinema experience.
Digital Disadvantages

The initial cost for a digital camera is usually higher than for a comparable film camera. Digital images easily lose detail in whites and blacks. Some digital cameras are difficult to focus. Digital images are less subtle than film images.

The negatives

Overall, the research showed that movies and television can have negative effects on children, spanning from negative health and development effects and language development issues in children under two, to links to obesity, tobacco use, and issues with aggression and attention in older children.

IMPACT® is the ultimate way to experience blockbuster movies, SPECTACULAR screens, SENSATIONAL DOLBY ATMOS sound, SUPERB stadium seating and extra leg room!
However, the outdoor advertisement advantage of a broad audience can be countered with one disadvantage: outdoor advertisements have no guarantees. A slogan might be super catchy, but the results of the campaign depend on the amount of people passing by, and whether these people are part of the target audience.
Small theaters and large, dine-in theaters or traditional concessions—movie theaters generate a ton of waste. We`re talking popcorn buckets, soda cups, plastic straws, and candy boxes —front-of-house items, or those used by consumers—but also back-of-house detritus, like cardboard boxes and shipping material.
Example Sentences

Noun She had the disadvantage of growing up in a poor community. They argued that the new regulations would place their company at a competitive disadvantage in the marketplace. There are advantages and disadvantages to the new system.

For example, there are many advantages to travelling by private jet, but there is one huge disadvantage (the cost) that stops most people from flying that way, and therefore the disadvantages outweigh the advantages.
End-on Stage

Disadvantages: Designers cannot use backdrops as it would obscure the view of the audience. Stage furniture has to be chosen carefully so that sightlines are not blocked. Actors have to keep moving around so the audience do not miss important pieces of action.

It connects people and helps break the ice. People often discuss cinema to start a conversation or more. Explanation: please mark me as brainliest!!
Short Films Don`t Allow For Lengthy Character Development

Since short films don`t have the time to spend explaining character motivation and showing how they react in different situations, they need to tell stories in a different way.

WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES OF THE DIGITAL FILM? Digital cameras have greatly simplified and reduced the costs of making films, as the expensive film has been replaced by digital storage methods that last longer, are safer, and cost less money than film.
Cinema reflects the social, political and economic realities of our lives and society and can compel people to act. 3. Many cinemas are rich in our culture and history and has made people aware about our cultural heritage and rich past.
Films can give viewers a different view of society than they`re used to, broadening their horizons and making them think about problems in new ways. They can offer a different perspective on the lives of people in other societies, providing insight into the lives and cultures of other people.
The Cons of Using Films for Educational Purposes

The screen is needed alongside other materials for the course to go on. The teacher must also monitor the lesson to ensure all students take part. He also has to analyze the movie afterward to complete the learning process.

Thus, violence in films can lead to acceptance of negative attitudes such as revenge, punishment and cruelty. Another chilling aspect of the media`s portrayal of violence is that when people are killed, they simply disappear. No one mourns their death and their lives are unimportant.
Watching TV could divert them from activities that help brain development. Watching screens can be addictive, and parents can struggle to entice children to play in other ways. Watching screens for long periods of time can lead to difficulties falling asleep, disturbed sleep patterns and other health issues.
This includes the usage of drugs, the portrayal of sex, offensive language, violence and so much more. While movies can also act as a source of knowledge, not everything shown in movies can be absorbed. Children learn by observing, if whatever accessible to them teaches them positive things, they will absorb it.
Movies can provoke critical thinking among the youth, enabling them to reflect upon complex subjects such as politics, inequality, environmental concerns, and social justice. Thought-provoking films spark discussions, encourage empathy, and inspire the younger generation to become agents of change.
Negative advertising focuses on changing a person`s behavior by appealing to undesirable emotions or consequences. These advertisements may invoke emotions like shame, fear or sadness before providing individuals with a solution to help them overcome a challenge.

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ANSWER : Try a new plug sometimes a plug will not fire under compression. also adj the valves

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Spark plug wire boot grounding out on coil, 96 outback 2.5 automatic, just put new spark plug wires, new spark plugs, and new coil on. ran great for two weeks, now spark is jumping out of boot at coil on one wire, put old coil back on and still does it in the same spot. replaced wires again, and still does it in the same spot. seems to do it only under a load. Is my new spark plug on that cylinder bad? Does the coil need some insulation under it? It is the coil that sits right on top of the motor. Any ideas? thanks.
ANSWER : Sparks are high voltage, and will always follow the path of least resistance. If you can visibly see a spark (whether in a lighted area, or in the dark), that means either that a plug wire (or coil wire) is open (non conductive), or your have a carbon track on the surface where the spark can be seen, but most likely you have BOTH problems!

If you have an ohmmeter, check the resistance of each wire involved, particularly spark plug wires … which means you must be able to connect to both ends of each wire at the same, and hopefully, FLEX those wires, to be sure they don’t have a break inside that is intermittent (comes and goes)!

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Snow blower 1 year old, was using it ran out of gas , put in new gas, went to start, it ran for few seconds then dies,, prime it it runs few seconds dies, has NEW gas ans new plug, only runs for seconds after you prime it tons of times
ANSWER : If it has a fuel filter on it change it and that should get you going again. If not the dirt that was in the tank is prob in the carb cleaning the fuel bowl and jets should get you up to par. Hope that helps

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Bike pedal is striped , get a new one or buy new bike?
ANSWER : It depends on the bike. if it’s a “cheap-o” bike;
if it’s one for little kids that costs under $50 – $70 or so then yeah, just get a new one.
if it’s a nice bike that cost you a bit more, i’d get it repaired at a bike shop or a sporting goods store.

Hope this helps!

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Need a Popeil Pocket fisherman manual
ANSWER : For the original pocket fisherman. I believe the design has not changed. Once you do it the first time it is actually quite easy.Two things to note. Read this whole thing first.1) the location of the bail spring (Keeps the metal bail cover up so line does not get stuck when casting.Note: This is important cause the metal bail cover must rise enough so that the line casts smoothly. (A complaint about this product. But when calibrated correctly it is quite good for what it is)2) The little **** that the crank gear plastic housing will fit into (Must be on top when you put the whole bail back in. The crank shaft lip fits into that ****.You’ll get it when you see it.Remove the panel screws (2) as you did. Pop out the crank shaft (copper). **** is in top when replacing. (remember that). Remove the bail. On the top of the bail there is a screw. ( becareful and remember how the little metal bail spring in situated here. Turn upside down with metal bail cover in your palm as it conects to the bail spring). Pull off metal bail cover. The plastic line holder actually comes apart and holds a lot more line than you think. Replace line. Feed the line back up the rod. Assemble the opposite.

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Water build up in the starter & Reqoil case of my Polaris ATV
ANSWER : Your drain plugs should be visable, if they exist, on the lowest point of the body of the device. If you can’t readily see them, consider drying out the entire unit with a hair dryer and a little patience in drying the entire unit. From then on, I would consider evaluating the depth of water before entering. After all, the unit may not be amphibious, which sounds like your intended use!
Also, the battery may be affected by the extreme cold, as they often are, leaving a different approach to this problem. Good Luck!

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My dads new last year 7400 remington 30.06 simi-auto
ANSWER : I would recommend that you send it back to Remington through a local gun shop. They are excellent about fixing their new guns.

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