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From 1908 until 1962, Sears, Roebuck & Company sold a wide variety of sporting goods and recreational equipment, including bicycles, golf clubs, rifles, shotguns, and revolvers under the brand name “J. C. Higgins.” These products were well made and were popular with the company`s historical core of rural and working- …
Introduced in 1946 and offered in 12, 16 and 20 gauges, production continued until the early 60`s, when Sears discontinued the J.C. Higgins sporting goods line, replacing it in 1962 with the Ted Williams line of products.
2 3/4″ chamber, pump action, 5/6 round capacity, 26″/27″ vented rib barrel with front bead sight, plain pistol grip solid walnut stock with rubber shoulder pad, blued finish and a “Long Range” ported muzzle/compensator.
In 1887, John Moses Browning invented a shotgun design that changed the shotgun`s history forever.
An internal hammer shotgun with an external tubular magazine, Winchester produced the Model 12 from 1912 to 1964, a 51-year production life. Nearly two million shotguns were manufactured during that period in various grades, barrel lengths, and chamberings.
From August 1912 until first discontinued by Winchester in May 1964, nearly two million Model 12 shotguns were produced in various grades and barrel lengths.
The Browning Auto-5 was the first mass-produced semi-automatic shotgun. Designed by John Browning in 1898 and patented in 1900, it was produced continually for almost 100 years by several makers with production ending in 1998.
Barrel lengths for the 12-gauge test were 22, 26, and 28 inches, and for the 20-gauge portion I tested 24-, 26- and 28-inch barrels.
“12-gauge” means you can make 12 lead balls, each of equal diameter to the gun barrel, out of 1 pound of lead. This originated in the days when you would buy lead by the pound to make your own ammo. The gauge told you how many rounds you could make for the gun from 1 pound of lead.
A 1 oz. (437.5 grain) 2 3/4-inch Foster 12 gauge shotgun slug achieves a velocity of approximately 1,560 fps (475 m/s) with a muzzle energy of 2,363 ft. lbs (3204 J). 3-inch slugs travel at around 1,760 fps with a muzzle energy of 3,105 ft-lbs.
The 12`s larger diameter means you can shoot whitetail with larger slugs and buckshot for more reliable kills. It offers a wider shot spread for upland birds, better patterns for waterfowl, and heavier pellets for turkeys. The 20 gauge can target all these species, but the 12 gauge can do it better.
The earliest shotguns, or “Haile Shotte peics,” as they were called, date back to the 16th century in England, where they were used for hunting by the aristocracy, chief among them Henry VIII. These were multiple shot firearms and were used primarily for hunting birds.
Finding the Gun Model

Model numbers or names are often stamped or engraved on the barrel or slide, often along with the Make.

The universal recommendation is ten years, although there`s no doubt that ammunition can last longer if stored properly.
Record-breaking gun sales and global supply chain breakdowns have contributed to escalating ammo prices. During and post-COVID-19 pandemic, ammo quadrupled over their pre-pandemic prices. Ammo scarcity and shortages has resulted in some retailers limiting how many boxes you can purchase at a time.
The three main types of shotgun ammo are buckshot, birdshot, and slugs.
Birdshot. Possibly the most common type of 12-gauge shotgun load, birdshot comes in a variety of sizes. A variety of 12-gauge ammo shot patterns allow hunters to target game from small to medium sizes.
Automatic shotguns are intended for use as military combat shotguns. They typically have a high rate of fire and relatively low recoil, making them ideal for engaging targets in a fast-paced, close range combat situation.
$3,225.99 – $3,325.99.
Since the barrel is less than 18″ it is classified as a title 2 weapon that requires an NFA Tax Stamp. After your tax stamp is approved you will be able to pick up your Origin SBS Shotgun from your Class 3 Dealer.
Its versatility and manageability makes the 12 gauge the most popular shotgun sold today. If you`re interested in hunting various types of game and are looking for a catchall shotgun, the 12 gauge is undoubtedly the best choice.
Alloy Steels

A popular example and perennial favorite in the U.S. is called SAE 4140 chrome-molybdenum or “chrome-moly” steel. In Europe, vanadium and nickel-steel alloys are preferred. Most standard barrels are made with alloy steels, as they offer an excellent balance of strength and cost.

When used to denote a volume, one barrel is exactly 42 US gallons and is easily converted to any other unit of volume. As the US gallon since 1893 is defined as 3.785411784 litre, a volume of one barrel is exactly 158.987294928 litres.

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I own a Maverick model 88, 12 gauge shotgun. Need plug
ANSWER : The plug is ussaly no more than a wooden dowel that fits inside the spring and is the approx length of the shells put end to end like they would be in the tube

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I have a vintage model winchester 24 12 gauge SxS
ANSWER : I spent that past 20min or so runnin through the normal places I normally find Owners manuals for older guns with no luck.The only place i was able to find one is on ebay. Gun is also another place they are sellin them.Here is a LINK to the ebay Auction.

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I need a diagram for a simple break action
ANSWER : HELLO; Heres a thought, take off the fore stock and see if there isn’t any info stamped on the barral or the reciver. GOOD LUCK…..GREASY.

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I have a 1914 winchester model 12 12 gauge shotgun and would like to dismantle for a thorough cleaning but cant figure how
ANSWER : Hi. Disassembling a 12 is quite simple, click on the links below and follow instructions.NRA – Disassembly instructions for the Model 12 shotgun

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Can i shoot steel shots in 1914 winchester model 12 12 gauge shotgun
ANSWER : Hi there,
Yes you can deliver a steel shot charge at up to 175 feet per second faster than standard waterfowl can get them from below link -–i-WEX12SGood Luck!!Thanks

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Need the wire diagram to rewire my Ariens lawnmover to bypass the safety switch. It is Ariens GT-19 model # 931026 Serial # 001463.
Can you help? It is an old Ariens mower but still runs good but now I need to bypass the safety switch in order to run it any longer. The local Ariens dealer said I need to go through the internet and get the wire diagram as they cannot give it to me directly. They told me I needed the wire diagram and the part involved in bypassing the safety switch. Hope this is all the information you need to help me.

Thank you. Roger Fielitz

ANSWER : Here is owner manual: the switch is behind the ignition, sometimes at the N position of gearshift, just look for a switch with one wire coming in & one going out (usually the same color); disconnect the two wires & jumper them together to bypass the switch. Looks like yours has one under the seat.

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My model 12 pump 12 gauge is stuck in the bolt open postion.
ANSWER : Should take it to a gunsmith, but if you want to loosen it yourself, get some spray gun cleaner, or even gun oil (light) and put it inside as much as possible, keeping in mind that it may be loaded with a stuck cartridge(point in safe direction at ALL times). Loosen with the lubricant, open action up and inspect throughly. If there is a cartidge in it, discard safely, as the lube may have ruined it and an old cartridge may be unsafe. If you can get the action open, try to clean out possible corrosion with swabs and q-tips soaked in the lube. Depending on how it was stored all this time, you may have to disassemble and lube more completely. Google the name and model number to try to find diagrams or assembly help.
The best thing is to take it to an “old-timer” who is familiar with older shotguns and have them inspect it, or take it to a gun show or shop.
Treat it as Loaded until you can prove otherwise by opening the action! DO NOT ATTEMPT TO FIRE!

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