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My DW will not accept 357 Mag ammo, only 38 Special ammo. the Serial No. is 175458. How do I confirm that this is a 357 and not a .38 Special gun?
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The receiver or barrel will be stamped with the correct caliber.

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While some manufacturers have serial numbered their firearms for hundreds of years, the Gun Control Act of 1968 made the use of serial numbers on all firearms mandatory. Under current federal law serial numbers must be located on the frame or receiver of every firearm.
Revolvers – The official serial number is located on the bottom of the butt of the frame. Some revolvers also have the serial number located on the inside of the frame, in the yoke area.
It is OK to dry fire any modern S&W revolver except for 22LR or 22 Mag chambered models. With a 22 since it is a rim fire, the firing pin can hit the back of the cylinder and damage the firing pin. Dry fire practice is a great way to improve your trigger control.
In 2005, Dan Wesson was acquired by CZ-USA, and the brand took off as the standard for quality, American made 1911s.
If the firearm has no serial number, and never had a serial number, the lack of a serial number renders the firearm illegal. [Except a non-NFA home manufacture that you have no intent to sell, which we will explain later.] Suppose there is a firearm which was manufactured POST October 22, 1968.
ATF has noted cases where some licensed importers have adopted the same serial number for more than one firearm. These instances of duplication have generally occurred when firearms are received from more than one source.
The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) requires serial numbers on guns. The serial number includes information related to the date and location of the weapon`s manufacturing.
Having the local police check the federal database continues to be the most accurate way to look up gun history by serial number to ascertain whether or not a used firearm is lost or stolen.
A revolver can fire better in water than other weapons, but the bullets will slow and sink much faster than on land, thanks to the water pressure and firing mechanisms. It may only be able to fire once before experiencing damage from the liquid.
In some cases, like with semi automatic handguns or revolvers, if there is no bullet for a firing pin to strike, it will strike the hard steel chamber and cause damage. However, in most cases, dry firing is completely safe for your gun.
Dan Wesson Firearms (DW), part of CZ-USA, is an American handgun manufacturer. The corporate headquarters, customer service and manufacturing plant is located in Norwich, New York.
The Dan Wesson Specialist has enough classic features to make it feel like an old-style 1911 with a ton of modern touches with the rail slot and high-quality checkering. Add on the fact it has night sights and a great trigger and you can argue it as a viable self-defense gun if you want carry a single stack pistol.
Yet serial numbers were largely unknown to the Framers, Goodwin wrote. And so the Second Amendment confers a right to remove them from modern weapons.
Texas has no law restricting untraceable firearms, also known as “ghost guns,” or undetectable firearms.
Sometimes, even bullet casings have serial numbers on them, and this has been a useful tool for tracking down criminals. There are many pros and cons to requiring serial numbers on ammunition, and both sides are worth exploring. Currently, there are no strict laws in America requiring ammunition to have serial numbers.
Summary of Federal Law. Federal law does not limit the number of guns a person may buy in any given time period.
Florida has no law restricting untraceable firearms, also known as “ghost guns,” or undetectable firearms.
What is a serial number in a gun? Every firearm has a serial number etched on it as a unique identifier like this. The “frame or receiver” is the part that the other parts are attached to, and contains or has attached to it critical parts of the firing mechanism.
In some cases large parts are serialized, like the barrel, receiver, bolt or bolt carrier but not always. Currently the BATFE only requires the Frame/Receiver of a firearm to be serialized. One thing you will also notice with older firearms requiring hand fitting during assembly is an assembly number on parts.
This occurred before the arrival of the 4th generation designs or the U.S. made Glock pistols that appear to all use the longer four letter plus three number serial number structure. At present, both 3rd and 4th generation pistols are being made in the U.S. and Austria.
Have it Back incorporates nearly all freely available serial numbers. Utilizing this database, you can verify before or after purchasing an item if said object has been marked as missing or stolen.
Serial numbers, first required by the federal Gun Control Act of 1968, are intended to prevent illegal gun sales and make it easier to solve crimes by allowing individual guns to be traced.
eTrace is used by local, state and federal law enforcement agencies to both enter and access firearms trace data.
The Easiest Way to Identify a Gun Model Type

One of the easiest ways to find out what gun you have is checking out the maker`s marks on the slide or barrel. Firearms manufacturers, you see, stamp a certain amount of information on the outside of the gun.

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Dan Wesson Arms Serial Numbers
ANSWER : The receiver or barrel will be stamped with the correct caliber.

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I have an Eclipse 1100 HR/A elliptical. I am having a problem with the arm that holds the right side foot pad in place. It keeps working it’s way loose. I open up the casing and tighten it COMPLETELY and then within 5 minutes of working out it is loose and making this horrible clunking noise as it turns. It seems like the thin – large washer on the outside of the arm is slightly warped. Could this be causing it to loosen and if so how do I order new parts and which parts should I order? Also, can you tell me where they put the serial number on the machine – I can’t seem to find it. Thanks in advance for your help.
ANSWER : This part is called crank arm.It connects to the foot pad.——–
There are many other users too facing this same problem with crank arm.On models 1100 and 1175 this problem is very much seen.———–
You can order this part from eclipse service center.———
But this recall was provided by the company:—
Click this link below and go through the recall.———
Yours is 1100 and in recall its showing 1175, but this problem was seen on complete 1100 series.And yours comes in 1100 series.———–
This should help.Thanks.Helpmech.

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I had a gun stolen that I’m trying to file an insurance claim on. It is a Smith and Wesson serial number ok 34994. Can you please tell me what the model number was? Thank you
ANSWER : Ask here

Serial Number data base

some info here.

Lots of info including dates as long as you know the type, hand gun, rifle or shotgun?

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I have just purchased this Smith & Wesson. The Serial number on the butte is different than what is stamped on the arm to the cylinder? Has this gun been parted out?
ANSWER : Yes, well not parted out, it has either had a replacement frame or a replacement cylinder. At manufacture they would match.

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Smith wesson serial lookup
ANSWER : These may help:
The best source is :
These may help too:
Good luck…

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Dan Wesson 357 Mag 6in Revolver s/n 285927 when was it made?
ANSWER : Http://

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What if the puck lands mostly in a higher numbered column but slightly on the line of the lower number before it? Can I score it as a higher value since it is mostly in that number zone?
ANSWER : Unfortunately
not, a puck needs to land entirely in a zone for it to be awarded that point
value. If it rests between two zones,
then you are awarded the lesser value in points.

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