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I have this Dan wesson 357 Revolver with a s/n 285927 , Can you tell me the value and when it was made??
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One-hundred years later, carrying on the family heritage of firearms innovation, Dan Wesson founded Wesson Firearms Co., Inc in 1968. With a goal of making the world`s best revolver, straight out of the box, and a reputation for perfectionism, Wesson developed the Model 12, . 357 Magnum.
Dan Wesson Arms was incorporated in 1968, with its headquarters and production located in a former school building in Monson, Massachusetts.
The Smith & Wesson Model 19 is a revolver produced by Smith & Wesson that was introduced in 1957 on its K-frame. The Model 19 is chambered for . 357 Magnum.
Now here we are 10 years later and CZ-USA, the parent company of Dan Wesson Arms, has decided to bring back the original Dan Wesson, a real sixgun. Just as the first original Dan Wesson was a . 357 Magnum, the new iteration is also a . 357 Magnum, the Model 715.
The Smith & Wesson Model 13 (Military & Police Magnum) is a . 357 Magnum revolver designed for military and police use. It is based on Smith & Wesson`s K-frame—specifically, it is a . 357 Magnum version of the heavy-barrel variant of the .
Even the celebrated General Patton carried a . 357 magnum revolver in World War II and in this country, at one time, 90 percent of the law enforcement officers carried a double-action . 357 revolver of some stripe (usually Smith and Wesson) as a duty gun.
Founded in the 16th century, Beretta is the oldest active manufacturer of firearm components in the world. In 1526 its inaugural product was arquebus barrels; by all accounts Beretta-made barrels equipped the Venetian fleet at the Battle of Lepanto in 1571.
In 1968, he established Dan Wesson Firearms in Monson, Mass. The first revolver to come out of the factory was the Model 12, a double-action/single-action chambered in . 357 Mag.
357 SuperMag is essentially the same cartridge as the later-named . 357 Remington Maximum that was jointly developed circa 1982–1983 by Sturm, Ruger & Company and Remington, the . 357 Remington Maximum brass is only 0.005″ shorter than that of the . 357 SuperMag brass, but identical in all other dimensions.
N-Frames traditionally use six-shot cylinders, but eight-shot . 357 Magnum and 9mm models were recently introduced, as well as a six-shot 10mm Auto. The X-Frame was designed to be the most powerful production revolver in the world. They are chambered in . 500 or .
Introduced in 1935, the Smith & Wesson Model 27 was the first revolver chambered for the . 357 Magnum cartridge.
357 Magnum is likely one of the most versatile handgun offerings in existence. Its power and terminal performance speaks for itself and is often considered the handgun cartridge in which all others are measured by. The ability to use mild-mannered . 38 Special makes it essentially two firearms in one.
The Federal 125-grain JHP is often fastest in testing at 1,440 fps. The Remington 110-grain JHP offers less recoil at about 1,400 fps and penetrates less than heavier bullets. For general defensive use and home defense, these loads have a high likelihood of effect with a single shot.
But here`s the deal: Because the two rounds are loaded with bullets that are the same diameters, but the 357 Magnum merely has a longer case and more powder, the 38 Special cartridge can be safely fired in guns marked 357 Magnum, but not vice-versa.
The most powerful . 357 round is the 180 grain FN . 357 loading for use in Marlin, and Winchester rifles chambered in . 357.
Looking at the ballistics tables below, we see that the 357 Magnum has higher muzzle energy for most of the handgun rounds listed. On average, the 357 has about 600 ft-lbs of energy at the muzzle compared to an average of 340 ft-lbs for 9mm.
357 Mag case is a little over half an inch longer than the 9mm and the overall length slightly less than half an inch. This increase in length allows the . 357 Mag to hold a greater amount of powder to launch a similar caliber bullet.
500 S&W remains the most powerful production handgun cartridge. A . 500 S&W Magnum Cartridge.
The Heilongjiang hand cannon or hand-gun is a bronze hand cannon manufactured no later than 1288 and is the world`s oldest confirmed surviving firearm. It weighs 3.55 kg (7.83 pounds) and is 34 centimeters (13.4 inches) long.
Samuel Colt (July 1814 – January 1862) is synonymous with firearm invention, making him an easy pick for the most influential gunmakers in history.
The Colt Paterson revolver was the first practical revolving-cylinder handgun ever made. Invented by Samuel Colt in 1831 and patented in 1836, the Colt Paterson revolver became synonymous with Texas.
1835 – The first Colt revolver.

Samuel Colt developed the first mass-produced, multi-shot, revolving firearms. Various revolving designs had been around for centuries, but precision parts couldn`t be made with available technologies. Colt was the first to apply Industrial Age machining tools to the idea.

The 357 simply has more muzzle velocity, energy, and better terminal ballistics compared to the 38 Special.
A . 357 Mag is more powerful than a . 45 ACP, . 45 Schofield, or standard.

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Dan Wesson Arms Serial Numbers
ANSWER : The receiver or barrel will be stamped with the correct caliber.

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I have a Smith & Wesson 28-2 .357 Revolver, Serial #N588982. Can you tell me when it was manufactured? Thank you. Barbara
ANSWER : There is no online S&W S/N database. The info comes from the S&W ‘Standard Catalog’ by Supica and Nahas. Its in its 3rd edition so some later issued guns are not listed

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I have a Smith and Wesson model 36 five shot
ANSWER : Hope you did not loose any parts. Take it apart again or take it to a gun smith. I would take it apart again first. you might also want to sweep the area with a magnet like the ones from the builder supply store, before you vacuum. you might just find a missing clip, spring or pin.

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I have a stainless steel Smith & Wesson revolver with serial number d275203 can you tell me what year it was made?
ANSWER : Sorry no we can not try searching for smith and wesson thru Google

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Smith wesson serial lookup
ANSWER : These may help:
The best source is :
These may help too:
Good luck…

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Have a 357 smith & wesson ctg highway patrolman model28-2 ser n 289674 any info please? thank you
ANSWER : Here is some information

357 CTG. Highway Patrolman – Smith & Wesson Forum > … > S&W Revolvers: 1961 to 1980

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FIRST POST: 2009-10-05

357 CTG. Highway Patrolman: User Name: Remember Me? Password: … model 28-2. Can anyone tell me … I own a Smith & Wesson 28-0 .357 Magnum Double Action …

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Smith & Wesson Model 28-2. … also known as the Highway Patrolman, … part of the 1950s Smith & Wesson was the only American gun company manufacturing a .357 …

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Smith & Wesson Model 28-2 Highway Patrolman .357 Mag 6″ *Pre-Owned* … The Model 28 from Smith & Wesson is an N-frame revolver chambered in .357 Mag. …

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ADDED 2013-03-19

Video embedded · A classic, and yet somehow still NY legal firearm

Not sure about this lin

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I have a rare(they only made 957) Smith&Wesson .32 acp semi-automatic pistol,which I don’t know how to disassemble for cleaning. If I had a owners manual or a copy of one…..problem solved!!!!!
ANSWER : Do you have a model number?

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