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First, log into your Instagram account on your device. Then, navigate to the Reel video you want to edit. Click it to open the video and tap the three-dot icon. Now, you can change the caption and cover photo and tag or untag people.
Reel lubricants

Because WD-40 is a degreaser, it breaks down grease and oil. Never use it to lubricate a reel. The basic rule of thumb is to grease gears and oil everything else — sparingly. Too much grease and oil impede the spool and reduce casting distance.

Shimano reels generally edge out Daiwa reels in terms of both functionality, quality, and overall brand presence. The key for many, including myself, is durability and smoothness. Shimano`s reels are well-known to last a very long time.
Never immerse the reel in water or wash it under high pressure as this can force water into the gearing and drag systems and cause damage. Rinse the reel off gently with fresh water and wipe dry with a clean cloth. It is a good idea to wipe the line clean as well.
Conclusion. You should use 8-10 lb. monofilament as backing for your spinning reel. Any heavier than that and you start running into problems like your braid not laying flat along the backing or your braid getting caught in the mono to braid knot.
There should be a line capacity table on the reel manufacturer`s website or in/on the reel box. The table will tell you how much backing a reel can hold with different weight lines and what kind to use (typically Dacron in the fresh and sometimes Gel-Spun for added capacity in the salt).
Once you have the Reel open, tap the three-dots icon in the menu at the bottom of the screen, and then tap Save. To access the saved reel, go back to the Instagram home screen and tap your profile icon > the hamburger menu icon > Settings > Account > Saved.
To remove the spool, turn the reel with the back of the frame facing you (as pictured). Using both hands place your forefinger and index finger on the sides of the reel frame and using both thumbs push the spool out and away from the frame, this will release the spool from the frame post and hub.
Fishing reel greases usually have very good resistance to water and protection against corrosion. Typical automotive or industrial greases are not recommended for the lubrication of fishing reels.
TIPS: Synthetic oils, ballistol or simular, are the best. Never use WD40 or RP7, A BIG NO NO. Water proof grease can be used on bearings in spin reels only, never baitcasters as their bearings are high speed.
Fishing reels are meant to get wet: Don`t be afraid to get them wet when you rinse them! The pressure coming out of a hose end sprayer or wash station box is not going to harm anything about a fishing reel.
Most manufacturers recommend that you re-lubricate your reel on at least a monthly basis – more often with heavy use. At the very least, lubricate everything once during each season you`ll be fishing.
DAIWA SLP WORKS 104 GREASE is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock. Daiwa`s service technicians across the globe use the SLPW 104 general-purpose grease.
PTFE based carbon drag grease.
Use a toothbrush or small paintbrush to gently scrub and rinse each component of your reel. Don`t submerge the reel itself, but rather rinse with a cloth or by cupping water onto it, so water doesn`t get into the gearing systems and cause damage.
Reels videos have a maximum resolution of 1080p, which means that even if you upload a 4K video, it will be automatically downsized to 1080p by Instagram.
Taking cues from this, his 2021 reel `Learn from Khaby` holds the record for being the most-viewed Instagram reel to date. It features Lame checking an iron multiple times to ensure he has plugged it off and it is cold. The reel has over 12 million likes.
Remove the spool from the reel and soak it in a bowl of warm water for a while. An hour should do it, but for best results you`ll need to soak it in advance of fishing. If you discover a fishing line memory problem at the lake, try soaking the spool for a short while before using it.
Cleaning the Reel

After every fishing trip, basic maintenance requirements include cleaning the outside of the real with a damp microfiber cloth and perhaps adding a light layer of protectant and lubrication. WD-40 Multi-Use Product works well to provide routine care with a trusted and easily available product.

It`s the fact that salt water can completely destroy fishing equipment (especially expensive fishing reels).
Cleaning your fishing reels after using in saltwater is paramount and must be done as soon as possible after your trip. Waiting until tomorrow or when you “have time” is not good enough. If you clean your reels, they will last you a long, long, time, even if you use in saltwater daily.
To see how a specific Reel is performing, open your Instagram profile, head to the Reels tab and click on the individual Reel you want to see the analytics for. From this screen you can view metrics such as Plays, Accounts Reached, Likes, Comments, Saves, and Shares.
The 3-second rule. Make sure the first 3 seconds catch the viewer`s attention to avoid them scrolling up and not watching the whole Reel. A human face, product or an offer can help catch the attention.
The general rule for most reel manufactures is 1/16 to 1/8 of an inch from the edge of the spool. You want to put enough line on the reel so that it casts well, but you still want to be able to see about 1/16 or a little more of an inch of the spool when it`s fool.

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Muzzleloader catastrophy!! I need HELP!!
ANSWER : Try pliers

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I have a treadmill Nautilus 516, I mark an error e7 flashing. I already unplugged, lubricated, and clean the speed sensor with alcohol and a clean head cotton. When I jump in at the front it locked out like when you put it in position for move it. When I put start in 4 seconds get the error e7; and when the error still the jump in the front and locked if I put in the back of the walking part do not locked out but still get the e7.
ANSWER : Hi,It stands for a lost signal in the console wire harness. It could be one of the wires has been broken or there is a connection loose. unplug and replug all connections. Then check for continuity in all the wires in the harness. Try to enter the service mode, press Stop Belt, Faster, and Slower
simultaneously. P000 appears in the Select display, indicating that no
key is pressed. To exit the service mode, press and release the same three keys simultaneously or press Power twice to power up into normal mode. Check
the speed sensor to make sure it is within 3-4 inch from the front
roller (magnet). Then check the sensor wire harness to make sure it is
fully seated on the lower control board. If the problem persists, then you need to inspect the machine properly as it could be a faulty console/control board /speed sensor.Let me know,if needed further assistance.Hope i helped you.Thanks for using ‘ Fixya ‘ and have a nice day!!

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I have a Daiwa 160X reel and I was taking it apart to clean it for the first time since I bought it at garage sale a couple years back and haven’t cleaned it before. Upon taking off the “flippy part” a spring came out. I can’t figure how to get it back together. Do you know anything?
ANSWER : Hello Mike. I suspect that the spring that flew out is the bail kick lever spring, part 14 on this schematic. Just click on this link

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Ok, so last week one of my airsoft guns, the Crosman Stinger R39, and part of the cocking mechanism broke to where it can not be pulled back, and the Airsoft pellet cannot be loaded into the chamber. so I took it apart, to get the other half of the cocking mechanism. I then proceeded to fix it (with gorilla apoxy) and let it dry until today. a little while ago, I put it back together, tried to **** it back, and – SNAP – it broke….. again. is there a place to buy replacement parts replacement parts for it?
ANSWER : My cocking bolt broke too and now i cant find a replacement for it 🙁

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My 1977 Evinrude 140 HP outboard engine looses power when it hits @4,200 rpm’s and goes down to 3,500 then back up to 4,200 and then back down to 3,000 or about there. This would continue if I didn’t slow down to 3,000 on my own. It runs fine at @ 3,000 when I slow it down. I have changed all the fuel lines from the fuel tank to the carbs, removed, cleaned out the fuel tank, put new gas and added a can of SeaFoam. I replaced the water seperator filter and cleaned the fuel filter. I feel the fuel pump is operating OK. Any ideas about what could be causing my problem? Could it be a bad power pack or stator? Help!!
ANSWER : Hi, this is obviously a stator problem since you have cleaned the fuel filter..

Take care

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Putting my airgun back together
ANSWER : Http://

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Put a new throttle cable on me kx 250 and put the carby back together and now it wont start
ANSWER : OK .single cable.One hitch on.One hitch off .Back to basics.Throttle is working.Carb is nice and smooth?Check electrics.Nothing has been bumped off.Check flow fuel from tank.Check spark at plug.Spark plus fuel.You should be running.If not.Come back.Hope this helps

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