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You must strike the ball with either end face of the mallet but with no other part. The ball must be struck cleanly. You cannot move hoops or the peg to enable a shot to be played. Putting your foot on your ball (or indeed touching any ball with your foot) is not allowed.
The official full-size court is a rectangle 100 feet long by 50 feet wide, but court size and shape can be adjusted to fit available space with distances between wickets and stakes scaled down in proportion.
Croquet Equipment

A croquet set should contain, as a minimum, two croquet mallets (most have four or more), six hoops, one centre peg and four balls (blue, red, black and yellow). There is a wide variety of croquet sets available on the market, which can be confusing, so refer to the notes on choosing a croquet set.

The players play each turn in the order of blue, red, black, and yellow. A player is initially entitled to one shot in a turn, after which the turn ends unless the striker ball has scored a wicket point or hit another ball. When a wicket is scored, the striker is entitled to play one additional or continuation shot.
The inner surfaces of the uprights must be approximately parallel and of separation between 3-11/16 and 3-13/16 inches (93.7 and 96.8 mm) for Standard Approval or between 3-11/16and 3-3/4 inches (93.7 and 95.25 mm) for Championship Approval.
Croquet is a lawn game using mallets, wooden balls, and wickets. Croquette is a fried mass of mince (chopped) meat, fish, and/or vegetables: “The menu at the restaurant featured a croquette specialty.” After we played a game of croquet on the lawn, we went into the restaurant and ordered a croquette for dinner.
There are two forms of croquet, both played socially and competitively up to international level. The older and more complex is Association Croquet (“AC”), while Golf Croquet (“GC”) can be picked up and played by beginners very rapidly.
You can play the game with two to six players. You can play in teams or as individuals (otherwise known as “Cutthroat Croquet.”) Play usually takes about two hours.
sport. croquet, also called Lawn Croquet, popular outdoor game, played on a lawn or court, with long-handled mallets with which the players hit balls through a series of wickets, or hoops.
Short Croquet is a shortened version of Association Croquet, intended for play on smaller lawns and only contesting 14 points per side. The lawns that are most commonly used are half-size croquet courts (28yds x 17.5yds) or a tennis court (24yds x 16yds).
The game can be played with six players in two teams of three, or three teams of two. In team games, all players on a team must complete the croquet course to win the game.
A basic croquet set consists of 6 hoops, 1 peg, 4 mallets and 4 balls coloured red, black, yellow and blue.
“Croquet is a very old game, widely known and practised in France since the XI century under the name of `jeu de mail`. Borrowed by the British around 1300, it was modified over the centuries: the Scots made golf out of it, the Irish turned it into croquet.” Certainly not a flight of French fancy.
Chambers dictionary ascribes `croquet` to the Northern French dialect form of `crochet`, which is itself a diminutive of `croc, croch`, a crook – which could easily have been the shape of the stick later evolving into a mallet.
association croquet, also called British Croquet, or English Croquet, lawn game in which players use wooden mallets to hit balls through a series of wire hoops, or wickets, with a central peg as the ultimate goal. It is played on an organized basis in the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa.
Our standard mallet head measures 65 mm (2 9/16″) wide x 60 mm (2 3/8″) high and they`re available in different lengths. Mallet heads may be custom made to other specifications if you prefer.
Translation of croquette – French–English dictionary


Borrowed from Norman croquet (“hook”), from Old Northern French croquet. Doublet of crochet, crocket, and crotchet.
Croquet is played on a lawn or `court` of dimensions 35 x 28 yards. Almost all croquet is played on completely flat, closely-mown fine grass (similar to bowls). Artificial surfaces, such as AstroTurf or cinder, and indoor carpets do exist but they are fairly rare.
The ideal grass surface for croquet is a perfectly level area of even, fine and closely mown grass, as one would expect to find on a first class flat bowling green or tennis court. A good firm, hard, fast court is preferable to a soft, spongy slow one.
Association Croquet is generally played in the major croquet-playing countries of England, Scotland, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Egypt, and the European nations.
Croquet provides non-strenuous exercise and an effective low-intensity workout. While the game can be played by both adults and children, it`s a sociable activity that is suitable for all ages, combing both mental and physical skills.
As well as club-level games, there are regular world championships and international matches between croquet-playing countries. The sport has particularly strong followings in the UK, US, New Zealand, Australia and Egypt; many other countries also play.

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ANSWER : When hanging a dartboard, you may try to follow theaccepted rules. The Throwing distance should be 7’91/4″ (2.37m) and youshould measure a distance of “68 (1.73 m) from the center of the bulls eye tothe floor.

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It seems logical that I can play ping pong both indoors and outdoors; however I would like to know whether or not there is a difference in tables. Do I need a specific table for playing outdoors?
ANSWER : There is a slight difference in the tables used for indoors and outdoors. As the table which are used for indoors should have fold-able legs and the table used for outdoor should have weatherproof surface. There are a lot of differences between them, which also suggests that following factor should be taken into consideration while purchasing it:
Glare Reduction
Place for paddles
Wheelchair friendly and much more. To get detail you can click on Best Ping Pong Table.

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ANSWER : As a defensive
player, a slower rubber would suit you best.
I would recommend getting the Butterfly Tackiness Chop-II. I will provide you with a link where you can
purchase this product.

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