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It was 490cm wide (at least 70cm wider than most other models) and 620cm deep, including the 180cm zip in extension.
Weighing in at a lightweight 620kg and complete with the its striking acrylic outer canvas the Conway Countryman is ideal for couples or smaller family groups – it can also be extended by using its zip-on 2.5m deep front awning, supplied as standard.
Lightweight & compact

The biggest advantage to trailer tents, folding campers/caravans and pop-tops is the ability to store them in a modest garage – saving on storage fees and reducing security worries.

There are many advantages and a few disadvantages to trailer tents and folding campers compared with other forms of camping. These include: They are generally easier and more economical to tow than a caravan. They are acceptable on many campsites where caravans are not permitted.
Typical Dimensions of Pop-Up Campers

Pop-up campers come in a range of sizes, from around 8 feet up to 30 and weighing from just 700 to more than 3,000 pounds.

When fully loaded with cargo, supplies and fluids, the gross vehicle weight rating of a travel trailer can vary from 6,300 to 10,500 pounds. The average cargo capacity of a bumper pull travel trailer is 1,600 pounds.
The average small Travel Trailer (<25 feet) weighs 3500 lbs (1588 kg) and can be towed by mid size SUV`s and small pickup trucks. The average large Travel Trailer (>25 feet) weighs 6300 lbs (2858 kg) and can be towed by larger SUV`s and 1/2 ton pickup trucks.
To maintain its waterproofing qualities, the fabric of your trailer tent must be breathable – i.e. the fibres need to be able to expand and contract freely, to plug holes and to prevent water ingress. If the fabric is contaminated, it can lose its integrity and this can result in leaks.
Most campsites have toilets on site. You could buy a portable camping toilet for your trailer tent. If you want something similar to a trailer tent but with a toilet, some high end folding campers have toilets.
Travel trailers are generally 8 feet (or 96 inches) wide. On the other hand, most LITE or compact travel trailers are between 6 and 7 feet wide. They can sometimes be a bit wider than that with safety equipment, slide-outs, or other extensions. However, no travel trailer is wider than 8.5 feet.
PU, PVC, and Silicone Waterproof Fabric Coatings

PU Coatings – Polyester urethane is the go-to option for tent manufacturers because it helps repel water under most conditions. However, PU-coated materials are less tear-resistant, and the waterproofness can wear off over time.

The typical tent camping site is approximately 12-ft by 30-ft in size for vehicular parking with a 20-ft by 20-ft camp pad to the side but can be smaller if needed.

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Square tent with 2 types gazebo poles, varenda, 2 side windows
ANSWER : The 2 longest of the poles go in an x over the center of the tent and the 2 shorter ones go arch to the sides. a picture very similar to your tent. If you go to image 2 it shows it with out the fly. now if you got 2 sets of 4 poles, 2 long and 2 short, and one set is all aluminum, then I would go with the aluminum set. It is less likely to collapse in high winds.

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I have stripped the thread in an extendable tent pole.
ANSWER : If you go to any good tool store or engineering store you can get what is known as helecoil insert.just tell them the inside diam of the pole.they will probably put it in for you if yuo take the pole along.hope this will help.regards barry.

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How do I get an instructional manual for the awning on my RV?
ANSWER : Kindly download the manual from the following website

thank you

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How to repair tent trailer roof
ANSWER : Go to an auto parts store and buy a fiberglass kit. Resin, hardener and cloth. Clean and rough the area. apply a coating of mixed resin, then a layer of cloth. Let it dry and repeat a couple of times. After you are satisfied with that get a gallon of Elastomeric, you will find it at Lowes/Home depot. Clean the entire top and apply 2 coats with a brush or roller about 24 hours apart. No rain or moisture for a couple of days. Project complete, water proof roof.

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Swiss Gear Tent – Broken Poles SG33071F
ANSWER : Take a look on amazon for replacement. here: Amazon com tent poles. I hope this was helpful. Cheers

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How can I find manual instructions for pitching an Ottowa 600 Outwell tent
ANSWER : You can find here on youtube link

Or go to youtube and research for Outwelltents

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Greatland dome tent instructions
ANSWER : Here are the instructions for your Greatland tent, I believe…

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