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It might be a battery or alternator problem.

If the source of the clicking is electrical, the starter (a small motor energized by the battery that gets the engine running) doesn`t have enough juice to stay powered. So instead, it rapidly turns on and off and produces a clicking noise!

Sometimes an engine will tick when it`s first starting due to a lack of lubrication on top of the motor. The ticking sound is commonly caused by opening and closing valves or rocking arms. This could mean the car is low on oil or there is a problem with the oil delivery system that needs to be repaired.
A failing coil will generally not make a ticking sound, however a failing or intermittent coil may cause the motor to run sluggish a bit if the misfire continues to happen.
Thus, you need to know that there are many different reasons for tick sound coming from engine. We can sort them as low-oil pressure, worn engine bearings, faulty valves, bad spark plugs, and exhaust leaks.
A ticking, tapping or clacking from the top of the engine is usually indicative of a potential issue with your engine`s tappets. At first it can seem insignificant in volume, but gradually over time the `rattling` will get louder and indicate an imminent major mechanical issue.
spark plugs seal off each cylinder, so if one cracks or gets loose, you`ll hear a ticking noise.
A distinct clicking or ticking noise emanates from the high pressure fuel pump that can be very noisy during cold starts and quietens following engine warm-up. The sound is more noticeable when standing outside the vehicle, with the hood up, or when the vehicle is next to a building such as a drive-through.
The excess oil can create air pockets in the oil, causing it to foam and reducing its effectiveness in lubricating engine components. This results in unusual engine noises, including knocking, tapping, or ticking sounds.
Low Oil Level, Oil Pressure, or Worn Engine Components

Over time, low oil pressure, or lack of oil changes can cause problems with lifters, followers, or the camshaft itself, causing ticks. Make sure you are full of oil, it`s being properly changed, and have any suspicious ticks checked out quickly.

A ticking sound in your engine while idling could come from something as simple as natural wear and tear. Many components, like the injectors, are designed to make ticking noises. The valvetrain will also click when it gets older. It`s an excellent indicator that your components may be reaching the end of their life.
Ticking, Tapping, Or Rattling From the Engine

Often times, the noise is most noticeable on engines that use direct injection and is not a cause for concern. The most common cause of engine ticking noise is low oil pressure. This is an indication that vital engine components are not getting adequate lubrication.

Loud Noises from the engine: when the camshafts` lobes are worn out you will hear a loud tapping and ticking noise coming from the upper part of your engine. As camshaft lobes wear the valves` clearance will increase making them noisier.
`Knock` is caused by the self-ignition of the unburned fuel/air mixture after the spark has fired. The associated rapid combustion leads to pressure oscillations and an increase in heat flux that can cause overheating and the failure of components.
Cars with fuel-injected engines may start to tickle due to the injectors firing. Small electrical valves called fuel injectors to create clicking and ticking noises when they open and close fast at idle.
Hard Starts and Stalling

If an ignition coil is malfunctioning and not delivering the required voltage to the spark plugs, you will find it hard to start the engine. If your vehicle stalls when you stop and even shut off completely, it could be a bad ignition coil sending irregular sparks to the spark plugs.

Adding more oil will make the noise go away, but it won`t solve the underlying cause of the noisy engine – the oil leak.
As you`re out on the road driving, there are a few extra things to keep an eye out for: Increased volume and frequency in engine noise during driving. If your car hasn`t always made these noises, then dirty oil could be the cause.
The most common reasons a Toyota Tacoma engine makes a ticking noise are low oil level or pressure, an issue with the ignition system, or an exhaust leak. Search our network of RepairPal Certified shops near you to speak with a technician about your issue.
How Can You Quiet Your Car Engine? Once you verify the lifter ticking is not caused by a worn-out lifter or some other damaged part, the best thing to do is change the oil. Get rid of all the oil currently in the engine and flush it out before adding new oil.
Loose Lifter: A pure mechanical issue in your BMW engine that causes a ticking sound is a loose lifter. The lifter drives the intake and exhaust valves open as your engine runs. If the lifter becomes loose, it will tap the camshaft making the ticking noise.
Sounds like: Continuous muffled, hollow sound. Common causes: Excessive piston-to-wall clearance, worn cylinders or inadequate oil. A continued piston slap noise indicates that the engine needs service. Still, if the sound is only heard when the engine is cold, it is probably not a serious issue.
A Rattling Noise from the Engine When Accelerating

Noises coming from the engine when you are pushing on the gas could be caused by a loose or weak timing belt, chain tensioner, cracked flywheel, or a broken flexplate. These issues will only get worse over time, not better.

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Cannot turn engine over to start. Ariens 924 snow blower
ANSWER : Pull spark plugs and see if it will pull over if not fuel may have filled the crank case drain & refill to proper level (starter is stuck in lube shaft & movethe gear up & down by hand to free up)

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My 50cc mini bike starts then dies 5 secs after starting. why?
ANSWER : It sounds like you may have 2 problems

Bad gas
dpossible loose spark plug( bad compression) Solutiondump out the gas put new inRemove the spar plug and examine the plug if it is wet and black it is fouledif it is white ad dry it is not getting gasIf you can replace the spark plug if not just clean it with a wire brush put back in and tighten Finally make sure the spark plug wire is not loseBest of luck to you

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I have a 125cc Viva ATV and it won’t start
ANSWER : My boyfriend and I had a similar problem with our viva four wheeler;we replaced one of the fuse holders and haven’t had problem since! =]do you know of any place we can buy parts for Vivas?!

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Why would a suzuki 4-wheeler not start. I have
ANSWER : It not getting fire in the spark plug cable core

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Yamaha vino 50 cc scooter
ANSWER : Hello, check to see if it is a switch (pull hand brake back when starting

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1994 honda goldwing 1500 se starting problems
ANSWER : That clicking usually occurs when battery is low or too weak.

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3 year old Toro Z4200 time cutter Z, 19 HP Kohler, engine runs great, new battery, new solenoid, with the seat sensor connected or by-passed, STILL WONT start off the key switch. Clicks at the kill relay. Would the kill relay be the problem?
Whats confusing is, both the green and blue posts on the solenoid have 14.01 volts when you turn the key to ‘start’ position. Did the same thing with the old solenoid, which is probably still good. I replaced it to eliminate that variable. It also ‘clicks’ at the fuel switch at the carburetor bowl, but that is only 1 lead (I assume a hot lead) so Im thinking that CANT be it.
Using the old hillybilly method, jumping across the 2 top posts on the solenoid, with the key in on position, it will start right up, run, drive and mow just fine.
So my best guess is this ‘KILL RELAY’ must be bad?
Any help would be appreciated, thank you !
ANSWER : These things are pre requisites for engine cranking: PTO/Blades are off/button pushed down, the steering arms are out/parked position, and you are in the seat. I think. Definitely the blades have to off.

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