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As a general rule, it`s a good idea to clean your gun after every trip to the shooting range. Defensive firearms that don`t get used very frequently should also be cleaned on occasion. Try to give them a deep clean and inspection about once a month.
It helps to have a gun cleaning kit sized for your firearm type; rifle, handgun, or shotgun. Always make sure your gun is completely unloaded. Remember to never point the gun at yourself or another person, even when cleaning. Grab a container that you can store small, loose parts in to prevent misplacement.
Any firearm that has been subjected to immersion in water, mud or dust should be completely disassembled and cleaned.
It does have some very limited uses as a cleaner, but in most cases, cleaning your gun with WD-40 isn`t recommended because of the way the WD-40 solvent works. When applied to a gun, it will briefly dissolve gunk, but the aerosol applicator will blow all the grime inside the gun`s crevices.
After every cleaning, your gun with solvents, you should oil your gun. Again, you only need a very thin layer of oil. Always follow up any lubrication by running a dry patch through the barrel twice. If your firearm has been in long-term storage, be sure to wipe it out again before you fire that first shot.
– Even with proper storage, moisture and dust can find their way to your firearms and lead to rust formation. – Clean and lubricate your stored firearms twice a year.
Buildup of powder residue and moisture can eventually cause the gun to jam, or lose accuracy, reliability and cyclic rate (rounds per minute it can fire). That`s why soldiers have to clean their rifles every so often, generally with a wet lubricant known as CLP (cleaner, lubricant and preservative).
Our RADCOLUBE CLP (GUN OIL) is currently being used in combat operations by the U.S. Military.
If left to collect too long, it can cause the handgun to gum up, potentially ending in a firing failure or requiring repairs. Beyond the working order of the weapon, the collected gunk in the barrel can also decrease precision. For sport shooters, the difference may affect accuracy.
A gunsmith will check all springs, lubrication, and parts to ensure that all have plenty of life left in them. As well as provide a deep cleaning to the gun itself, since residue not only builds up on the exterior of your weapon but extended use causes grit to build up inside as well.
Some gun owners choose to clean their weapons at the beginning of a hunting season and then again at the end of the season. Other times people opt to clean their gun after every use, maybe after activities like range shooting.

Ballistol makes the list as another time-honored favorite. Its name is German for ballistic oil, and it`s been a trusted gun oil of the German military for generations. It`s great for cleaning and lubing your gun, and it also provides superior rust protection.

Make sure every part gets water on it. The residue should fall right off. You may do this as many times as it takes to get the parts clean. The water should evaporate off the parts.
Many pistol gunsmiths put the firearms in parts washers or ultrasonic gun cleaning machines for a more thorough job. However, they use gun cleaner and gun oil baths that are inferior to the quality of materials that are recommended.
A paint gun cleaning solution or an automotive grade lacquer thinner will work best for a thorough cleaning. Disposable paint cup liners for your paint gun are also available to use if you`d prefer to keep your exposure to harsh substances in cleaners to a minimum.
Do not lubricate the bore using gun oil! For long term storage only, the bore can be treated with a heavier lubricant such as Barricade (or equivalent). This must be removed by cleaning the barrel prior to shooting the firearm! Clean the exterior of the barrel, barrel hood, barrel lug, and the feed ramp.
During that annual cleaning, she uses either Rogers cleaning products or Dawn dishwashing liquid. The dish soap tip is gleaned from Massad Ayoob Group Senior Staff Instructor David Maglio. “I put everything in a pan of water and Dawn to soak. Then lather, rinse, repeat,” Pepin said.
Barnes CR-10 is one of the best gun cleaning solvents for removing copper fouling. This aggressive ammonia based solvent quickly breaks down and loosens fouling left by copper or copper coated ammunition, but it also comes with an aggressive smell.
Our RADCOLUBE CLP (GUN OIL) is currently being used in combat operations by the U.S. Military.
Lubricating without cleaning will form built-up greasy residues and actually attract dirt and debris. This will eventually affect the gun`s performance. Additionally, never store your gun without at least a light wipe down of metal surfaces with a lubricant oil.

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and paper towels. Make sure not to use too much at once, and then dry it off
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Note that you should not clean the rails as the dirt inside the rail actually
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