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Model 37s® with a serial number above 855,000 have interchangeable barrels (except for some Deerslayers), but often still require some custom fitting by our gunsmiths. The thread pattern that we utilize on our interchangeable barrel field guns is the same pattern that was used by Ithaca in New York after 1963.
The Ithaca 37 (or Model 37) is a pump-action shotgun made in large numbers for the civilian, law enforcement and military markets.
Some shotguns come with two barrels – one for hunting and one for home defense. Shotguns with interchangeable barrels are very handy in this way. Unlike a rifle, a shotgun`s barrel can usually be quickly changed depending on the situation and this is a big reason why shotguns are so popular as “all-around” firearms.
Manufacturers use various cutting, swaging and electrolytic processes to introduce rifling into a barrel, and these processes, as well as others used in the finishing of a firearm, make each barrel unique.
A company called Ithaca designed a shotgun in 1937, and it wasn`t uncommon for guns of this era to be slam-fire capable. The Ithaca 37 saw decades of production, and it wasn`t until 1975 that Ithaca discontinued the use of slam fire in their shotguns.
No, not all attachments will fit all threaded barrels. In most cases, for example, a suppressor must be specifically designed for the thread size and pitch of the barrel. Additionally, some suppressors are only compatible with certain types of firearms.
The Bottom Line

The Ithaca 37 Deerslayer is a classic pump-action shotgun that`s been around for so long for a reason. It`s a sturdy, well-made pump action shotgun with a history of success in the deer stand, the duck blind, the battlefield, and the patrol car.

On the other hand, new Model 37 Featherlight shotguns range from approximately $900 to $1500.
The Mossberg 500`s ability to change barrels in seconds makes it one of the most versatile and valuable guns on the market.
The barrel of a shotgun without a tube magazine can be cut to any length; pump-action or semi-automatic shotguns usually have a tube magazine attached to the underside of the barrel which limits the practical minimum barrel length to about the length of the magazine tube, unless it also is modified, technically much …
Bluing is most commonly used by gun manufacturers, gunsmiths, and gun owners to improve the cosmetic appearance of and provide a measure of corrosion resistance to their firearms. It is also used by machinists, to protect and beautify tools made for their own use.
Having two barrels lets the shooter use a more open choke for near targets, and a tighter choke for distant targets, providing the optimal shot pattern for each distance.
Navy SEALs, shown here, made effective use of the Ithaca Model 37 during the Vietnam War. Unlike the previous Model 37 military shotgun contracts, factory production and shipping records for the later guns have not been found.
Model 37 is a conventional, manually operated pump action shotgun. It uses tubular underbarrel magazine that can hold 4 rounds in standard configuration.
Typically, many rifles use thread diameters in the range between 25–27 mm (0.98–1.06 in). Many older rifles from the first half of the 20th century use a thread pitch around 2 mm (12.7 TPI), while many modern rifle use thread pitches around 1.5 mm (16.93 TPI).
One of the most practical is the ported barrel. This consists of circular, oval, or trapezoidal ports near the muzzle or along the top of the barrel. When the cartridge is fired, gases push the bullet down the barrel and as it passes each port some gas is vented out to counteract muzzle flip and reduce felt recoil.
About The Deerslayer

This Modern Library Paperback Classic is set from the definitive text established by James Franklin Beard and James P. Elliott, which is the Approved Text of the Center for Scholarly Editions of the Modern Language Association.

More than one million were produced over its 60-year life-span between 1897 and 1957. It was made in several variations, including a riot-gun model with a 20-inch barrel that became popular with many law enforcement agencies. A similar model, known as the Trench Gun, was made for the military during WWI.
Best Overall – Mossberg 590A1

First, it`s a pump-action shotgun, which is recommended for first-time shotgun buyers. Pump-action shotguns are traditionally more reliable compared to semi-automatic shotguns, as they contain fewer moving parts. The 590A1 is also the only shotgun to pass the military`s reliability test.

The Model 37 Defense has a 3-inch chamber, so it also handles 23⁄4-inch shotshells. Barrel length is 20 inches and Ithaca Gun Company uses a solderless barrel system, because “soldering warps the barrel and solder joints can fail,” according to the company website.
While manufacturing continued and Ithaca Guns garnered broad respect in the industry, General Recreation fell into bankruptcy in 1978 and the plant closed, putting more than 100 workers out of a job.
Built upon the classic Model 37 action, the Deerslayer III uses a fluted heavy-walled rifled barrel to produce its impressive results. It`s fully rifled too, so many brands of slugs perform well through it.
The Perazzi SCO Extra Gold is prized by hunters and competitive shooters for its exceptional accuracy and is priced at $175,000. The Krieghoff K-80 Parcours is a German-made shotgun that is designed for competitive shooting.
While a 26” barrel is lighter and more maneuverable, a 28” barrel is going to be more accurate for long-range shots and should be regarded as perhaps the best all-around barrel length. Keep in mind that choke selection can mitigate the inherent differences between 26” and 28” barrels.

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[email protected]
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