estion is how can I remove the bend screw?
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Choose a pair of vise-grip or locking pliers, grip the screw head, and turn until the screw comes loose and comes out easily. Pliers are usually the most reliable method of removing a stripped screw.
Drill at least as deep as the screw length. Use an awl or nail punch to wiggle the screw loose enough to grip with needle-nose pliers and pull free. Now you can clean up the ragged holes with a 1/2-inch drill bit and fill the new hole with a dowel or plug (or both if the screw is long).
There are two possible causes: A) The threads on the screw are damaged, or the mating threads in the body are damaged. (Mating threads in the body could be plastic, or metal.) Use the prying method to apply force outward on the screw and simultaneously rotating it anti-clockwise.
If the screw is being especially stubborn, try using a hammer. With one hand, hold your screwdriver in place and slowly try to turn it while hitting the back of the screwdriver with a hammer. This is the same premise that an impact driver works on.
The higher the number, the more force the drill tries to apply to the screw. So, if your screw won`t go all the way into the wood, turn the clutch setting to a higher number. This will force (pun!) the drill to apply more force, and hopefully drive your screw into the wood!
One of the most damaging ways to do that is by over-tightening, or over torquing the fastener. This can result in stripping screws, snapping screw heads and damaging pre-tapped threading.
Choose a drill bit that is slightly smaller than the head on the screw, then put the bit in the drill and tighten. Make sure the drill is in reverse and apply firm pressure to the screw head and start the drill. Once it bites there`s a good chance that it will remove the screw.
criminal; corrupt; thus on the bend under bend n. 1 ; thus bent copper, bent screw, corrupt police officer, prison-warder. 1914. 19502000. 2021.
As a result of dynamic stresses, it is possible for screws to unscrew themselves despite a sufficient pretensioning force.
Right-handed threads have a clockwise direction of torque, while left-handed threads have an anti-clockwise direction of torque. This means that they are designed to resist loosening in different directions.
While the fastener is being tightened, pressure builds between the thread surfaces and breaks down the protective oxide coatings. Without the oxide coating, the thread`s metal high points are exposed to each other. This, in turn, creates friction, which causes heat that seizes the metal.
A stripped screw is a screw whose head is damaged so much that it is impossible to remove with a screwdriver. Stripped screws are caused by using the incorrect tools in the first place, and also by user error.
Rubber Band/Steel Wool

Place a rubber band over the stripped screw and firmly insert the screwdriver into the screw head. With slow, firm pressure, extract the screw. The key to this method is to go as slow as possible. If you go too fast, you`ll just chew up the rubber band.

Right-handed threads have a clockwise direction of torque, while left-handed threads have an anti-clockwise direction of torque. This means that they are designed to resist loosening in different directions.
Right-handed threads have a clockwise direction of torque, while left-handed threads have an anti-clockwise direction of torque. This means that they are designed to resist loosening in different directions.
Phrase. lefty loosey, righty tighty. (mnemonic) Used to recall the direction a standard screw, bolt, or nut must turn to either tighten or loosen, right meaning clockwise and left counterclockwise.

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I have a multifunction sports watch that i bought from Big W, (no brand name)

By accident i set the watch to 24 hour time, originally it was set to 12 hour time, how do i set it back? ive tried every button combo including the button combo i used when i accidently set it on 24 hour time, the instructions only say how to set the time and date, it doesnt say how to toggle between 12 hour and 24 hour time, is there a generic way to toggle it on sparts watches? btw, holding the mode button in does nothing on my watch, no matter how long i hold it in for

ANSWER : Hi. How may buttons do you have, 3 or 4 buttons?if you have the 4 buttons, try this:You need to go through the time and date settings again. The 24 and 12hr format select is at the end of time/date adjustment.To set the time and date:-press the top-left button then right-top button to set the seconds, press bottom-left button to set hour then press top-right button to adjust hour, press bottom-left button to set the minute then press top-right button to adjust minute. To set date, press the bottom-left button then press top-right button to adjust month, press bottom-left button then top-right button to adjust day and finally press bottom-left button to set the time format then press top-right button to select 12hour format. Press top-left button when done.Since you have a generic sports watch, it is hard to write specific instructions to set the time format. If your watch has different ways of setting the time, just remember that the 12/24hour format is usually at the end of time and date adjustment.Let me know if you have questions. Good luck.

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Timing had to change out water pump in order to do so had to remove timing belt tryed and tryed again to lineup correct timing wanted to start but didnt im fed up can you help me
ANSWER : Set timing on what??? I’ll give you a generic answer pertaining to engines: Cam & crankshafts carry a index marks on them. Cam gear is indexed to a mark on the cylinder head, crankshaft indexed to “0” degrees on main damper pulley/timing mark on cover scale.Or, they are indexed to each other, example: Chevy smallblocks : cam gear indexes straight down to crank gear@straight up position (which is also, “0” when checked on timing index pad on cover) This info can be found in any general repair manual. A more complex way to establish positions is with dial indicators and a degree wheel, but in most cases this is unnecessary!

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Machine will stop adjusting resistance. On start up the machine will usually work. I can go through the calibration procedure and it will calibrate and work normally for 4 or 5 resistance adjustments. It will then stop adjusting. It acts like there is a cable pulled and refuses to adjust, even though I am not getting the warning telling me to “Release cable”
I have modified the wiring harness so that the wires do not fall off from the stepper motor, so this is not the problem. If I shut the machine down and leave it for several minutes, it will come back and work normal again… for a while. I am wondering if there is a problem with the sensors that are detecting a cable pull? Is there a way to disable those sensors to see if that is the problem
ANSWER : I would think that your problem has possibly to do with a faulty power supply, component, see to my mind it is a thermal problem as it heats up,it goes faulty? The Voltage changes and it goes out of spec.. When left to cool, it then is OK… Usually, & from my experience this is a thermal problem. To see obtain some Freeze Spray, from radio Shack or similar,and spray components on the main power board, and others too, use it on any large heat sinked components and see if when you do this the fault clears. Then replace that component(s).

Or as you suggest the sensors that feed the inputs maybe with sensors though one has little option but to replace them and see if this clears the problem.

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I have a kiekhafer 800 mercury outboard engine serial # 1758330 it started 4 times then the last time it just turned over like it’s not getting fire or it jumped time, I took it apart and checked wires and had several loose wire and the distributor cap around one of the screws is broke would this cause it not to fire?
ANSWER : The starter solenoid is not engaging to flywheel.Its faulty starter and it has to be replaced.The starter solenoid is worn out, so its not engaging to flywheel.The solenoid is part of the starter assembly.So instead of only solenoid replaced getting starter replaced is advisable.———-
This will help.Thanks.Helpmech.

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What is the average speed of a rocket from the time of launch at 0.0 seconds to the time the boosters fire at 12.95 seconds? The rocket travels 25,000 feet in this time. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s/s.
ANSWER : 2016-6-4 leilei
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Pullcord violently retracting on Craftsman lawnmower
ANSWER : Flywheel key is sheared-causing out of time ign.

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Cannot adjust velocity
ANSWER : Please see below page 8 for picture of what I am talking about.

On page 8 in the middle left side is a picture of the internal vale parts.

When you pull the valve out on the back side is a little o ring that can be taken out using an o ring pick. Make sure to watch the way the parts come out and look for any rust, also broken o rings if the valve is stuck open this will allow the maximum of air to pass. Most of time is this part that is messed up. You can by the valve in one unit this is the best option.

But the first thing is to check the valve and all the parts. Lube it up and re install it.

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