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Advantages: Arch bridges are strong and durable, able to withstand heavy loads and seismic activity. Disadvantages: They are more complex and difficult to build, requiring specialised skills and materials.
An arch bridge is a bridge whose main structure is composed of arches or reinforced arches. Arch bridges are very economical and advantageous if the horizontal reaction force cause by the loading of vertical loads is effectively applied and if they are properly designed to reduce sectional forces of members.
An arch can carry a much greater load than a horizontal beam of the same size and material, because downward pressure forces the voussoirs together instead of apart. The resulting outward thrust must be resisted by the arch`s supports.
An arch is a pure compression form. It can span a large area by resolving forces into compressive stresses, and thereby eliminating tensile stresses. This is sometimes denominated “arch action”. As the forces in the arch are transferred to its base, the arch pushes outward at its base, denominated “thrust”.
Arch bridges are one of the oldest types of bridges and have great natural strength. Instead of pushing straight down, the weight of an arch bridge is carried outward along the curve of the arch to the supports at each end.
For a concrete arch, metal or wooden falsework and forms hold the cast concrete and are later removed. For steel arches, a cantilevering method is standard. Each side of an arch is built out toward the other, supported by temporary cables above or by falsework below until the ends meet.
In general, these factors are related to function, cost, safety, aesthetics, traffic demand capacity, foundation conditions, erection procedure, clearance requirements, and so on. General design recommendations focus mainly on the arch-to-span ratio, the arch and deck slenderness, and the number of hangers or piers.
There are several disadvantages of beam bridges: Span limitations: Beam bridges have a limited span and do not allow large boats or vehicles to pass underneath. Heavy boat traffic: Mostly heavy boat traffic or large ships cannot pass underneath a beam bridge.
The cables and towers will be a visual obstruction that some people would rather not have. Security: The last and arguably most significant disadvantage of suspension bridges is that security. These bridges are susceptible to attack, including from terrorists.
Arches are compressive structures, that is, there are no tensile stresses. They are self-supporting, stabilised by the force of gravity acting on their weight to hold them in compression. This makes them very stable and efficient, capable of larger spans, and supporting greater loads than horizontal beams.
Arches are used in structural engineering (a branch of civil engineering that deals with large buildings and similar structures) because they can support a very large mass placed on top of them. You may see arches over doors and windows. They are frequently used to construct bridges.
The arc (think: circle) is the strongest structural shape, and in nature, the sphere is the strongest 3-d shape. The reason being is that stress is distributed equally along the arc instead of concentrating at any one point.
The Cons of Steel Construction

Unlike concrete and wood materials, steel is notorious for rusting in certain environments. Consequently, the costs of painting and maintaining a steel structure can be high. Steel can also be a conductor of heat, which means it needs to be adequately fireproofed.

An arch derives its strength directly from its shape. Downward force from the top of an arch is carried along the curving form all the way to the base. At the same time, the ground pushes up with equal force.
Advantages of Truss Bridges

The strongest type of bridge.

The more common concrete masonry arch is the minor arch where maximum span is limited to about 6 feet (1.8 m) with a rise-to-span ratio not exceeding 0.15, and carrying loads up to 1500 lb per foot of span (21,891 N/m).
Arch bridges can first be dated back to as early as 1300 BC in Greece; however, they did gain popularity until the Roman Empire built over a thousand arch bridges across Europe, Asia, and North America. Arch bridges are defined as a bridge with abutments at each end shaped as a curved arch.
Arch bridges are bridges with a curved underside. Arch bridges distribute the load (weight) instead of just pushing it straight down. They have abutments, supports on the ground at both ends, on either side of the arch for added support.
Roman engineers built many arch bridges, quite a few of which are still standing. Probably the most famous is the Pont du Gard, an aqueduct bridge in southern France.
Noun She had the disadvantage of growing up in a poor community. They argued that the new regulations would place their company at a competitive disadvantage in the marketplace. There are advantages and disadvantages to the new system.
Disadvantages can help propel you to see your situation from different perspectives and find approaches to succeed that you might not otherwise have found. Advantages can blind you from the necessity to keep searching for better ways to pursue success.
Its weakest part, i. e., the part most liable to yield from overpressure, is the joint between the talus and navicular, but this portion is braced by the plantar calcaneonavicular ligament, which is elastic and is thus able to quickly restore the arch to its pristine condition when the disturbing force is removed.
It`s all due to the way stone, or brick, is strong. Stone and brick are enormously strong in compression; when they are being squeezed. Arches take advantage of this, by directing the load or weight of whatever is above the arch sideways. This is how it works.
A more scientific explanation of the reason why arches not only stand, but hold weight, is that all of the forces in the bridge are in compression; all the forces push together instead of pulling apart. Hence, the arch stands because all the stones are busily pushing together.

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Disadvantages of foreigner in south africa – Sport & Outdoor – Others
ANSWER : It can be a dangerous place. Current warnings are

– high level of crime generally. Always lock car doors if driving. Be alert. Do not stop for strangers, objects on the road, people apparently in distress, or drive in remote areas.
– theft from hotel rooms is common
– targeting by criminals occurs at the airports. They follow you.
– plastic wrap your luggage
– certain areas no-go for visitors. Check first
– high level of HIV-AIDS, so extreme caution advised if having liasons
– large gatherings can turn violent. Avoid these
– going to bars can be risky. Never accept drinks from strangers, or even mixed drinks from a barman
– only go on trains, buses, or tourist spots in a group
– don’t use public ATMs
– don’t display valuables, phones, watches. A large gun is OK

All in all, don’t even go there.

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Can get the disadvantages of the endoskeleton…..??
ANSWER : You need to look it up!!!

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I need a nose bridge or nose pads for my nike brazen glasses
ANSWER : The support team at Nike will ask that you send the frame back with a proof of purchase and 10$ to replace the whole front of the sunglasses.18003526453 option 2

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I have a sealey supermig 150 mig welder with gas and have not used it for some time , i have tried to weld with it and the wire keeps arching on my steel pieces i am trying to test weld too and the wire keeps sticking to the copper coloured tip , i have to then pull out the wire cut it and sort of free it from the tip as it seems to short to the tip
just fitted a new nozzle, spring and tip still same problem …
many thanks jim
ANSWER : Indicates that the gas is not flowing when the trigger is activated
check bottle for gas

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Disadvantages of education – Sport & Outdoor – Others
ANSWER : Formal or informal?

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Are there disadvantages to gripping my ping pong paddle using a “Chinese” style penhold grip?
will find that the largest disadvantage is that it will weaken your backhand.

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Advantages and disadvantages of selective tender
ANSWER : Only the competent contactors were invited to tender, then the lowest can be accepted.
Reduces the availability of work for other contractors especially new contractors.
It reduced the cost of tendering (economic use of resources, reduced tender documentation, shorter tender periods, better management of the tender process, etc.)
Tender Price may invariably higher than would have been in open tendering.
Greater chance of collusion.

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