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Only the competent contactors were invited to tender, then the lowest can be accepted.
Reduces the availability of work for other contractors especially new contractors.
It reduced the cost of tendering (economic use of resources, reduced tender documentation, shorter tender periods, better management of the tender process, etc.)
Tender Price may invariably higher than would have been in open tendering.
Greater chance of collusion.

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Third, open tendering can provide greater transparency and accountability throughout the contracting process. There are also a few disadvantages to open tendering. First, it can be time-consuming and expensive to manage a large number of bids.
What are the benefits of two stage tendering? Greater cost certainty, as contractors are able to price a project with an informed understanding of it. This can also potentially lead to cost savings for the employer. Reduced risk of delay, as the contractor is given greater opportunity to feed into the programme.
There are some potential disadvantages of negotiated tendering that should be considered before deciding to use this method. These include the potential for favoritism or collusion among contractors, and the increased risk that contractors will submit inflated bids due to their lack of competition.
Selective tendering (sometimes known as restricted tendering) is a bidding process where only certain vendors can bid for the project. Specifically, these will be vendors that the buyer has personally invited to vie for the contract.
A disadvantage is the opposite of an advantage, a lucky or favorable circumstance. At the root of both words is the Old French avant, “at the front.” Definitions of disadvantage. the quality of having an inferior or less favorable position. Antonyms: advantage, vantage.
Selective tendering will tend to be faster than open tendering, and can be seen as less wasteful, as there is no pre-qualification process as part of the tender procedure itself, and only suppliers that are known to be appropriate for the proposed contract are invited to prepare tenders.
A two stage selective tender process is when a client sends out an initial request for proposals (RFP) to a shortlist of pre-qualified contractors. The RFP will outline the scope of work and the project requirements.
Two-stage tendering enables the client to transfer design risk to the contractor, however the client inevitably loses leverage as the contractor becomes embedded in the team and competition is less of a threat.
Most advantageous means the tender that the contracting authority considers satisfies the contracting authority`s requirements, and best satisfies the award criteria.
In general, open (also called competitive) tendering allows for anyone to bid on a project, selective tendering invites a few chosen bidders, and negotiated tendering involves a back-and-forth process with one pre-selected contractor.
Tenders should be evaluated on the value for money they offer the supplier throughout the whole-life cost of the contract awarded and the benefits gained. To achieve this, the Quality/Cost ratio should be applied to the evaluation methodology.
The five different procurement methods in construction are general contracting, design and build, construction management, joint venture, and private financing. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages and is best suited for a particular type of project.
Types of bids include auction bids, online bids, and sealed bids.
The pillows are soft. He has soft skin. The soft blanket protected the baby from the dry heat. Whereas tender is used most often to describe a certain texture when referring to the activities surrounding taste.
There will be less distortion in the amplitude and frequency. It provides large bandwidth. These are the advantages of single-stage RC coupled amplifiers. There will be a reduction in the voltage gain at both low and high frequencies.
Economic and Financial Standing

You should assess the financial standing of bidders to ensure that they are financially stable enough to carry out the contract. In order to assess this you may ask for information such as financial ratios or turnover information from the bidders.

Disadvantages of the two-stage tendering process: Extended procurement lead-time due to two stage submission process. Second stage negotiations with the highest ranked bidder could prove difficult and protracted. There is risk of price escalation, and negotiations becoming adversarial in the second stage.
Single-stage or speed systems have a compressor that can only operate at one setting. Meanwhile, two-stage or speed systems have compressors with two settings, and variable speed systems have compressors with multiple settings.
Contracts alleviate the necessity of buying or hiring specialized equipment.  The difficulty of finding, training, organizing, and supervising staff is passed on to the service provider.  Good contract firms provide skilled labourers, well trained in their area of expertise.
Tender usually refers to the process whereby governments and financial institutions invite bids for large projects that must be submitted within a finite deadline. A tender offer is a public solicitation to all shareholders requesting that they tender their stock for sale at a specific price during a certain time.
A tender is a document that you need to complete when bidding for a contract; the tender document is how a buyer evaluates your suitability for the contract based typically on price and quality elements – you will therefore most likely have a pricing document and question set that you must respond to.
means single cover system consisting of EMD Fee/Prequal/Technical/Finance in one cover. means double covers system consisting EMD fee details/technical bid in one cover & Financial bid in the second cover.
There are two types of bidding in procurement: open or competitive bidding, and closed (“sealed”) or noncompetitive bidding. Competitive bidding takes place usually through the RFx process, which is detailed below. In contrast, some companies will also use noncompetitive bidding.
Most contracts are competitive, but sometimes there are exceptions to this rule. Sole-source contracts are a kind of contract that can be issued without a competitive bidding process. This usually happens in situations where only a single business can fulfill the requirements of a contract.

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Is it more advantageous to buy a light-weight foosball table or a heavier one?
average weight of a foosball table is just over 200lbs. You may not want to get a table that is too
light and risk moving/shifting it during game play. On the other hand, heavier tables may be too
heavy to move around and clean under.

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Disadvantages of foreigner in south africa – Sport & Outdoor – Others
ANSWER : It can be a dangerous place. Current warnings are

– high level of crime generally. Always lock car doors if driving. Be alert. Do not stop for strangers, objects on the road, people apparently in distress, or drive in remote areas.
– theft from hotel rooms is common
– targeting by criminals occurs at the airports. They follow you.
– plastic wrap your luggage
– certain areas no-go for visitors. Check first
– high level of HIV-AIDS, so extreme caution advised if having liasons
– large gatherings can turn violent. Avoid these
– going to bars can be risky. Never accept drinks from strangers, or even mixed drinks from a barman
– only go on trains, buses, or tourist spots in a group
– don’t use public ATMs
– don’t display valuables, phones, watches. A large gun is OK

All in all, don’t even go there.

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Below the gear selector is a threaded spring loaded rod which moves when selecting gears there is oil mixed with water dripping from the top of this rod what would the problem be ?
ANSWER : It would help to know what we are talking about. What equipment do you mean?

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I have a 12 GA Siver Reserve the safety/barrel selection switch has come off. The switch itself seems to be fine, it appears that the pin that held in place dislodged or broke.
ANSWER : The gun will need to be repaired by a gunsmith. It is unsafe to even load it in it’s current condition.

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Bowflex Select Tech will not come out of base. Is there a lock or some mechanism that won’t allow leaving base?
ANSWER : One of the weights is most likely a little off in the base. To unstick, remove the four screws on the base, then the two screws on clip. Handle will then remove.

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Need a new ice hockey stick, just broke a synergy elite (se) pro stock and can’t find another. Looking for a durable and lightweight recommendation with a moderate mid curve, closed toe. I play defense and have been considering the ccm octo-gun 40 or 50 (tavares). Buying online and reading reviews makes narrowing down selections tough, I hate to spend over 120 bucks on a stick but also don’t want to go too far down from the stick I was using.
ANSWER : There appear to be lots of them on ebay… here’s one

have a look at this page as well

if you are comfortable with that stick you may wish to buy as many as the budget will allow you till you settle on one that works better for your needs. check out what tomas kaberly uses…. use horrid spelling of his name


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I have a Suzuki DT 16 outboard motor on a boat the motor is running great however there is water and oil mixed and dripping out of a part below gear selector on the shaft leading down to the prop there is a rod which moves as you select gears that is threaded and has springs on it the oil and water mixture is leaking out above this
ANSWER : Providing the housing did not crack which is faily common you going to have to disassmble and inspect. Hopefully the seal is just in need of replacement.

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