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The top of rear sight on rossi circuit judge came off and need to know where it should be located on rear base

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Handguns with drift-adjustable sights can only be adjusted for windage, or left/right shifting of the point-of-impact, because these sights tend not to have any means for adjusting elevation. Knowing which direction to move the rear sight is something that often confuses beginners.
The rule for sight adjustment is to move your sights in the same direction you want to move your group. If you group is high and to the left, move your rear sight down and to the right.
The barrel is rifled, so slugs and bullets are reasonably accurate. From 25 yards, the Circuit Judge is reliable.
Before you take your new AR-15 out for target practice or into the field to do some hunting, the first thing you will need to do is zero in the iron-sights. All rifles and upper halves with sights installed from the factory are bore sighted to 25 yards.
the sight nearest the breech of a firearm.
With open sights, having a square rear notch and a Patridge front blade, such as are found on most pistols, the properly aligned front sight should be centered in the rear sight notch, side to side. The top of the blade should appear even with a line extending across the top of the rear sight notch.
The general rule for adjusting a rear iron sight is to move it in the direction you want your group to move. For example, if you`re hitting the target high and to the right, move your sight down and to the left. The FORS (Front Sight Opposite, Rear Sight Same) acronym should help remember.
Chambered for both 45 Colt and 410 bore shotshells up to 3-inch Magnum, the Circuit Judge® is a diverse hybrid rifle. Features a five-shot cylinder and a single-action/double-action trigger system for precision or rapid-fire shooting, the Circuit Judge® provides modern rifle performance with a classic revolver feel.
Conclusion. Rossi`s firearms set themselves apart by being highly affordable and still durable over time. They are considered a relatively low-end brand, but their guns are not made in a cheap way, nor are they cheap-looking.
Generally, we want to place any back up iron front sight at the first picatinny rail slot or most front spot. The same goes for any back up iron rear sight; we want to place that as far back as possible so that there will still be room for any optics or magnifiers to mount onto the top rail.
It really doesn`t matter whether you shoot with one eye open or both. Most shooting instructors will tell you that you should do what feels natural and gives you the best results. If you`ve started with one eye closed, it may be worth trying to learn how to shoot with both eyes open.
They`re not really necessary on a rifle used only for target shooting or hunting. If your optic breaks you`re mostly annoyed by it. But on a rifle used for survival or defensive purposes, you want the backup sights available just in case your primary optic fails.
The most common spot that you see the rear sight is behind the optic. Most OEM optic ready guns have the rear right here, and it makes sense.
Unlike iron sights, a red dot sight keeps your focus where it should be: on the target. Iron sights require a minimum of three points of alignment (rear sight to front sight to target), but red dots require just one. With a red dot sight, you simply place the reticle on your target and you`re good to go.
Fixed sights are just that – fixed. They are stationary and can`t be changed or repositioned. Adjustable sights can be changed to allow for elevation, windage, or both. Windage refers to how certain variables like wind speed and direction affect a bullet`s trajectory to the right or left.
There are different styles of fixed and adjustable rear sights available. The styles are plain black, white dot, white bar, tritium dot, tritium bar, and fiber optic. There are also different rear sight notch styles available as well.
This process is particularly beneficial on vehicles with adjustable rear suspension as it brings all four wheels back in spec and centered for best performance. Similar to a front-end alignment, a rear-end alignment involves adjusting the angle of your vehicle`s tires in relation to your vehicle`s frame.
Alignment refers to an adjustment of a vehicle`s suspension – the system that connects a vehicle to its wheels. It is not an adjustment of the tires or wheels themselves. The key to proper alignment is adjusting the angles of the tires which affects how they make contact with the road.
The first axis adjusts where the sight`s pin housing attaches to its extension bar. That axis maintains left/right consistency as you adjust the sight up and down. The second axis levels the sight`s level. The third axis levels the sight for shooting upward and downward angles.
Unlike rifle firing, quick reflexes and flexibility are essential for effective shotgun shooting. Proper shotgun techniques will help you develop the rapid, fluid response you need to hit your target. A shotgun is almost always shot at a moving target from a standing position.
If you`re shooting a shotgun with a single bead on top of the barrel, you can go right to patterning. If you`re shooting a shotgun mounted with a scope or reflex sight, or a fiber optic front and rear site, you`ll need to sight in the gun before you pattern it.
Amadeo Rossi SA (or simply Rossi), founded in 1889 in São Leopoldo, Brazil, is a Brazilian arms manufacturer. Rossi produces pistols and revolvers used by both civilians and security forces, and exports worldwide. It is considered one of the largest weapons manufacturers in Brazil.
That same year, it also entered into an agreement with Taurus to produce several revolvers under the Rossi label. The partnership between the Brazilian firms was a productive one, and in 2008, Taurus purchased Rossi, but retained its entire staff and factory.
In 1995, Forjas Taurus purchased the rights & equipment to manufacture Rossi brand revolvers. They currently manufacture three . 38 Special models and four . 357 Magnum models under the Rossi name, manufactured in São Leopoldo, Brazil.

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The Bike Technicians Tactic Phase1 An electrical inspection on the bike should produce results. First, the bike battery powers the entire lightening systems mentionable as ignition, meter readings, head lamps, signal indicators. However, the battery provides the power supply to several entities though also significant is the fuse box containing circuit protection coils. Inserting the bike key into the ignition to perform start mode displays the capacity power circuits. A charged battery should display an indication in the meter reading area also known as bike dashboard grading. A malfunctioning start mode on inserting key in ignition may be traceable several locations on the electrical circuits. Attempting to repair the electrical power of the bike usually requires batter power power test kit. The test kit ascertains the battery power making possible progress to the remaining electrical circuits. Test kit also ascertains the fuse box circuit functionality either with fuses still intact or extracted allowing for the next progress level. An observation tour of the bikes electrical wiring kits from battery hold through fuse box compartments to each lightening display area either headlamps, indicators, and meter reading should produce results of any visible damages that may require repairs after the electrical inspection has been performed. Once any faults were observed on the electrical channels, repair mode is the next level. A dull battery either may have been depleted completely of durational capacity requiring another for replacement. Alternately, a depleted power supply due to prolonged storage may require charge functionalities. Usually, a device capacapble of restoring a battery of electrolytes is resorted for charger ability. The type of battery may require constuents either liquid cathode replenishment in the battery entrapment area prior to charging feature is assumed with electrolyte machine. Once the battery has regained full functionality makes way the next repair task. The fuse box may have simply required replacement fuses either as missing or burnt out. A fuse box usually contains additional spare for replacement functionalities. An alternate arrangement at acquiring fuses on the auto mart may replace the burnt devices. The next electrical task is wiring fixtures achievable by mending broken cords with appropriate electrician’s tapes else malfunctions may remain. Alternately, a worn-out electrical wire is replaceable by acquiring the entire extension lengthwise between significant areas. The last remaining electrical units are lightening indicators consisting of bulbs or luminescent displays reflectors. Observe the blub areas either by loosening covers to inspect for observable burnouts else the entire electrical circuitry is ready for functionality observations with separate entities. Engine Technicians Tactic PHASE 2 A bike engine inspection includes observation for indications of malfunction. Any fluid residue is indication of problem areas. Where oil leaks usually requires engine block inspections. A bike engine consists of an entrapment compartment where mechanical combustion takes place. First, the entire observable block consists of an external coating known as engine bloc housing internal component of pistons, rings, and fastens known as cylinder heads. A bike engine has every component embedded within requiring technical expertise to achieve an inspection. Once deciding on the engine task requirements, acquire a tool box with the appropriate componements as first requirement before engine works is commence able. Second, the bike may require an area environment as workshop requirement to attain engine inspections. Third, bike engine are least bulky compared with vehicle engines however assistance would complement the inspection phase. Prior to inspecting the bike engine, a strap mechanism has to be assumed to achieve expert maneuverability also as safe precaution. Unless parts hinder maneuverability at engine locations, the only removable components should be the engine. First, start with disjointing the spark plug cables to acquire accessibility to plugs imbedded on the cylinder heads. The plugs require tools to loosen thereby exposing the combustible area. Once the spark plugs are exposed, two alternatives are likely. First, a spark plug may have gathered rust residue only requiring cleaning to attain regular capacity. The pin area of the spark plug may have been twisted due to overheating and slight melting dislocation. Usually cleaning the residue from old plugs may simply expose the ignitable capacities. However, an observation of twisted plug pin may require twisting back in place to achieve full ignitability once bike engine starts. A bike engine bloc has the pistons as combustibles or blasters of fuel gasoline. The rings perform as strap fasteners whenever the pistons move about combustibility. Usually, the engine entrapment components would have collected residue requiring clearing. Also, pistons together with rings may require replacements either as worn-out due to prolongs tasks or overexerted biker features.
ANSWER : Get to the manufacturer

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The rear plastic piece on the rear of my 1999
ANSWER : Try clear silicon sealant and tape in place till it sets, overnight, will bond to both surfaces, clear and flexible

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Machine will stop adjusting resistance. On start up the machine will usually work. I can go through the calibration procedure and it will calibrate and work normally for 4 or 5 resistance adjustments. It will then stop adjusting. It acts like there is a cable pulled and refuses to adjust, even though I am not getting the warning telling me to “Release cable”
I have modified the wiring harness so that the wires do not fall off from the stepper motor, so this is not the problem. If I shut the machine down and leave it for several minutes, it will come back and work normal again… for a while. I am wondering if there is a problem with the sensors that are detecting a cable pull? Is there a way to disable those sensors to see if that is the problem
ANSWER : I would think that your problem has possibly to do with a faulty power supply, component, see to my mind it is a thermal problem as it heats up,it goes faulty? The Voltage changes and it goes out of spec.. When left to cool, it then is OK… Usually, & from my experience this is a thermal problem. To see obtain some Freeze Spray, from radio Shack or similar,and spray components on the main power board, and others too, use it on any large heat sinked components and see if when you do this the fault clears. Then replace that component(s).

Or as you suggest the sensors that feed the inputs maybe with sensors though one has little option but to replace them and see if this clears the problem.

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I need instructions on the proper way to adjust the rear sight. The gun is shooting approximatly 5″ left at 100 yards
ANSWER : Adjust your rear sight in the direction you want your bullet to go.If your bullet is hitting left of the target, then move the rear sight windage adjustment RIGHT.

If your bullet is hitting low on the target, then move the rear sight elevation adjustment UP.
Here is a link to a general description of the various types of iron sights and their adjustment:

And here is a link to a short Youtube video which shows the open sight adjustment procedure for an air rifle:

The general principles described in the procedure on this video will be similar for any type of rifle with this type of open sight.
Please comment back here to this page if you have any questions, or just require further general assistance and I will respond as soon as I see it.Thank you very much, good luck and safe hunting.Joe.

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Put new rear treads on and now rear break will not work?
ANSWER : Your spring has no play or try to tighten your brakes wire. thanks

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Adjust stride length
ANSWER : I went online and used the Omron manual again. I had tried it before and it didn’t seem to work but just persevered and had success.

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ANSWER : Hydraulics are based on Volume and pressure. You have to have both. Check all the seals and the outputs at the pump to see if you are losing pressure in the pump.

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