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I want to open the l 1752s ( lg lcdmonitor) totaly. How do i disassembel it.

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When you have one monitor to recycle, a retailer may be most ideal. But if you have numerous screens, you should ask your office if it can plan a recycling drive. You can call an e-waste recycler to send a truck, promote the event to your neighboring businesses, and recycle all sorts of electronics at once.
A discrete monitor comprises a visual display, support electronics, power supply, housing, electrical connectors, and external user controls.
The best way to clean your computer screen is to use a small quantity of distilled water applied with a clean, lint-free cloth. But never put water or any liquid directly on the screen, or else excess liquid may drip inside the device and cause irreparable damage.
 Disassembling means parting the different components of a computer from the system unit.  To perform disassembling, the tasks goes like unplugging, unscrewing and then lifting the adapters, drives & other components.
Repairing or replacing the screen yourself

Repairing your laptop or monitor can seem intimidating, but the truth is that it can be fairly simple if you have the tools and the time. Many broken screens do not require the work of a professional, especially if there has been no further damage to the body of the laptop.

Depending on the type and extent of the damage, you may be able to repair your LCD display yourself or take it to a professional service.
A monitor usually consists of the screen, circuits, casing, housing, and power source. Each part of the monitor can be divided into three main categories: the monitor itself, the control panel, and the display driver. The screen has a flat surface and is surrounded by a cover glass.
A monitor is made up of circuitry, a screen, a power supply, buttons to adjust screen settings, and casing that holds all of these components.
Start by removing any dust from the screen with a dry microfiber cloth. For fingerprints and smudges, spray 70% isopropyl alcohol onto a cloth, or use a pre-moistened alcohol wipe or a Clorox Disinfecting Wipe, to clean non-porous surfaces like the screen; do not use bleach.
When referring to hardware, to disassemble is to break down a device into separate parts. A device may be disassembled to help determine a problem, to replace a part, or take the parts and use them in another device or sell them individually.
Disassemble is formed from dis-, meaning “reversal,” and assemble, “to put together.” Disassemble, then, is to take something apart, literally or figuratively: Entering the moon`s orbit, the rocket was further disassembled enabling two Apollo Astronauts to explore the lunar surface. ( Scientific American)
Disassembly Is The Process Of Breaking Down A Device Into Separate Parts.
By definition, Design for Disassembly is the design of buildings to facilitate future changes and dismantlement (in part or whole) for recovery of systems, components and materials, thus ensuring the building can be recycled as efficiently as possible at the end of its lifespan.
Disassembly is needed in maintenance and repair during prod- uct usage phases and for adaptation of products and components between usage phases. Thus disassembly enables for an increased use productivity of resources.
NOTE: Monitor damages due to improper cleaning methods and the use of benzene, thinner, ammonia, abrasive cleaners, alcohol, compressed air, detergent of any kind will lead to a Customer Induced Damage (CID).
During both a glass repair and an LCD repair, the full display is replaced; however, there is a price difference between a glass repair and an LCD repair because good LCDs hold value independently of the glass.
LCD screen display problem – the most common cases

Normally, it is caused by no power. Please check if the battery dead or adapter (power supply) failure or even check if you have plug in firmly or with the wrong power supply. 99% the display will be back on.

The cost of fixing an LCD screen can vary depending on the size of the screen, the type of device, and the extent of the damage. In India, the cost can range from around 2,000 to 15,000 Indian Rupees or more. It is best to check with a reputable repair service for a specific quote.
Monitors with bright and shiny glossy screens use reflective glass or polymers. Their high degree of transparency allows almost all of the display`s light output to show through, resulting in a very vivid image.
What is an LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) Stands for “Liquid Crystal Display.” LCD is a flat panel display technology commonly used in TVs and computer monitors. It is also used in screens for mobile devices, such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones.
Monitors work by displaying information processed by the computer`s video card. The result of the processing displayed is called output. The output provides instant feedback by showing you text and graphic images as you work or play. Previously, computer monitors used cathode ray tube (CRT) technology.
A monitor is an electronic output device that is also known as a video display terminal (VDT) or a video display unit (VDU). It is used to display images, text, video, and graphics information generated by a connected computer via a computer`s video card.
A computer monitor consists of a screen, an enclosure, and electronic components that process and display the visual information. The screen, often referred to as the display panel, is the most critical component of a monitor as it presents the images and text to the user.
To clean the screens of CRT monitors, dampen a soft, clean, lint-free cloth with distilled water and wipe the screen from top to bottom. Do not spray the glass cleaner directly onto the display. Use a soft, dry cloth to wipe the screen and remove any streaking after you have cleaned the monitor.

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How do I get the reebok heart rate monitor to work?
ANSWER : Ask here, they can get you any Reebok manual.

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I need to know how to set the heart rate range on my monitor. CE0537
ANSWER : In my tips and tricks page is a link to download the manual for free.

There is also a quick guide to settings on the F6, the F6 has several different types of ranges that can be set, so specific instructions would depend on what type of HR zone you are looking to set and whether it is one, two or three zones.

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Winchester model 100 semi-auto 308 cal. how to disassemble?
WINCHESTER MODEL 100 FIRING PIN RECALL – A notice dated 7-1990 relates the following
“PRODUCT SAFETY WARNING AND REPLACEMENT NOTICE. Attention owners of Winchester model 100
rifles and carbines please read this notice. In July of 1990 the following product safety
warning was issued by Winchester. It has come to our attention that the firing pin in the
Winchester Model 100 Rifle or Carbine may break due to use and metal fatigue and become
lodged in the breech bolt face. If this occurs, the firearm may fire before the action is
locked causing severe damage to the firearm and possibly injury or death to the shooter
and bystander.
A new firing pin has been designed to replace the firing pin originally made for the
Winchester Model 100 Rifle and Carbine. The new firing pins will be available in April
1991. If you own a Winchester Model 100 Rifle or Carbine, please send your firearm to one
of the authorized Winchester Model 100 Firing Pin Replacement Centers indicated below.
Your Winchester Model 100 firearm will be inspected, the firing pin replaced and tested
and the firearm returned to you. The inspection, replacement/testing and return postage
will be accomplished at no cost to you. If other repair or maintenance work is authorized
by you to be performed on the firearm when the firing pin is replaced, such work shall be
at your cost.”
W. R. Long Gunsmiths 2007 Brook Road North Cobourg, Ontario K9A4W4Canada Frank LeFever & Sons RD 2 Box 31Lee Center, NY 13363USA Bolsa Gunsmithing7404 Bolsa AvenueWestminister, CA 92683USA Nu Line Guns1053 Caulks Hill RoadHarvester, MO 63303USA
If you have any questions concerning this notice, call Winchester Product Service
1-800-852-5734 or write to Winchester Firing Pin replacement Notice, PO Box 10 Cottage
Hills Illinois 62018 Attention Product Service Dept.
The following is Wisner’s rendition & info on the subject.
The difference in the old firing pin and the new one is as follows. The old replaced
style, was totally lathe tuned (round). While the new recall style is similar in lathe
turning on the front and back, but in the front midsection it has two flats milled, one
on each side. This makes the center section stronger. Also replaced is the bolt sleeve
lock pin (firing pin guide) which was made to accommodate this different shaped firing
Part number for the new parts are, firing pin =1391ND, bolt sleeve locking pin =1491ND
The word was at the time this recall was in process was that if the firing pin would
break at the mid section and still remain in the gun as two pieces, the possibility of a
premature discharge before the bolt was locked was possible. This apparently was caused
by the firing pin tip (now not having a retracting spring) to be stuck forward, and
thereby slam-firing upon chambering.
The responsibility for the recall apparently was on Olin, as they were the parent company
at time of manufacture. Olin set up regional recall centers at three established US
gunshops. There was a manufacturing delay in the replacement firing pins, and a backlog
occurred, also some collectors did not like the idea of shipping their guns long
distances. Olin then also authorized other gunshops to make the required alterations.
Upon completion of the recall, the shops were to test fire the firearm and to stamp an
assigned letter on the inside top of the receiver as seen thru the magazine well with the
bolt retracted. The letter “B” represented Bolsa Gunsmithing, “L” was Lefever, and “N”
was for Nu-line Guns. The letter “X” apparently was for all the other independent shops.
However this identification information did not get communicated to some of the smaller
shops at the start of the project. The only way to tell if the gun as been modified, if
the ”letter” is not present, is to take the barrel & action out of the stock, remove the
trigger guard assembly and the try to rotate the firing pin by twisting it. If it does
NOT rotate, then the firing pin recall HAS been performed.
For link back to the parts & price list that we make & have for sale CLICK HERE
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Originated 01-13-2001 Last Modified 03-19-2007LeeRoy Wisner

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Edge 491 exercise bike monitor panel dead
ANSWER : Http:// went dead last Spring. I ordered a replacement part from Fitness Quest. I think the link is above. Actually, while I was waiting for the part, I reconnected all the wires on the whole bike and the panel worked. So I actually have an extra new working panel if Fitness Quest doesn’t have the part for some reason and u want mine. Double check ALL the connections of the wires first. They come loose easily.Nancy

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How to disassemble a model 11 remington shot gun
ANSWER : I’m uncertain if this is indeed the correct manual so please have a look and see


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How do you use the backlight on polar ft1? – Polar F 6 Heart Rate Monitor, Coal
ANSWER : While the time is being displayed, press and hold the button until the backlight turns on; it will automatically turn off after 5 seconds of inactivity. Thereafter it will turn on for 5 seconds every time the button is pressed. After 5 minutes of unit disuse the button’s backlight feature will automatically deactivate.

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Torpedo FN-10195 Magnetic exercise bike ERROR E1
ANSWER : Contacy the makers to see what the error code means.

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