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We were camping and our power went out. we bought a new inverter and a new battery. The battery kept going dead after testing the electrical system the two air wents, one in bath and one in kitchen. we found the little fans that pulls air our had a short, there is something else that is on that circut does anyone know what else it could be. many thanks, phyllis
we have a 2001 fleetwood prowler travel trailer
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I had a similar problem, it took 2 dead batteries to figure it out. to make a long story short check the brakes, ours had the emergency brake pull out .. the one that is connected usually via cable to the tow vehicle. this engaged the brakes as long as the battery was charged when the battery was dead no brakes.. your brakes may still be engaging if they are worn and just not locking the brakes up.

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Any short within your car`s wiring can cause draining issues. The alternator could also be a culprit. Battery usage seems infinite when you`re driving down the road, and that perception is thanks to the alternator.
A short can develop when a battery is older and is exposed to vibration and/or heat. A short that develops below the electrolyte level will only result in a dead cell thus creating a 5 cell 10.4-10.7 volt battery.
Electrical devices or lights left running, a defective charging system or alternator, and extreme weather are some common reasons but maybe it`s just time to get a new battery.”
Short-Term Driving: Driving your car often on short trips can contribute to a short battery life and a battery failing to keep a charge. This is because the most taxing use of the battery in your vehicle is the initial engine start and you never give it enough time to get fully charged.
A short circuit – A short circuit can cause a parasitic draw by allowing current to flow through an unintended path. A stuck relay – A stuck relay may continue to draw power even when the ignition is turned off.
12.5 volts – Your battery is at a healthy state of charge, but we`d recommend re-checking it within a few days to ensure the voltage hasn`t dropped any further. 12.1 – 12.4 volts – Your battery is partially discharged and should be recharged as soon as possible, using a suitable battery charger.
A common cause of battery failure is acid stratification. The electrolyte on a stratified battery concentrates on the bottom, causing the upper half of the cell to be acid poor. This effect is similar to a cup of coffee in which the sugar collects on the bottom when the waitress forgets to bring the stirring spoon.
The simple answer is, yes. Hot weather can drain the life out of your car`s battery, When the temperature gets particularly high, the battery fluid can evaporate, meaning that damage can occur to the internal structure. Extreme heat can send your battery toward its dying days.
This is because when a short circuit occurs, the system`s current increases to a high level while the voltage decreases. This heavy current causes excessive heating which overheats the wires and the power system, potentially causing a fire or explosion.
Power surges happen in three main ways: when there`s an interruption in the flow of electricity followed by a short; when an increased delivery of power is interrupted when electricity is sent flowing back into the system; or when a sudden increase of voltage is sent through a power system from internal or external …
For a car with a 12V engine, the normal value before starting is between 11.9V and 12.8V, and it should not exceed 14.8V after starting.
It should read close to 12.6 volts when the car is off. Then turn on the engine again and check the battery. If the voltmeter reads between 14-15 volts then the battery is normal. But if the battery reads over 15 volts or less than 13 volts, then there might be a problem with the alternator.
Don`t Leave Your iPhone Without Charge for Too Long

One of the biggest killers of a smartphone`s battery is letting it die completely. This is because when a battery cell depletes and is left that way for a long time, it may enter a deep discharge state and never work again.

Keeping your screen at full brightness all the time can really drain your battery, so it`s a good idea to turn your screen brightness down to a level that allows you to comfortably use your phone while preserving your battery.
On some Android phones, the app pulls significant amounts of power – even if it is not open, and the phone is left asleep. The battery draw is so powerful that it can take up to 20 per cent of battery while the phone is charging overnight, said technology firm Mobile Enerlytics, which found the details of the problem.
Open the Battery usage section, and you can check out stats for the last seven days or the last 24 hours using the drop-down menu just to the right. In either case, you`ll see a chart showing battery drain over time, and under that, you`ll see the applications that are most responsible for it.
Car batteries generally last between three to five years, depending on your climate and how many accessories rely on your car battery. If your car battery begins to die, you can often look for warning signs to prevent getting stranded.
Charging overnight is not a danger to your battery in and of itself. However, temperature is a real concern. One of the most damaging things your battery can experience is extreme heat or extreme cold. Apple has publicly stated that temperatures above 35 degrees Celsius can cause permanent damage to battery life.
Can a dead battery stop your car if you`re driving it? Yes, a dead battery will cause your vehicle to function progressively worse until it finally grinds to a halt on the side of the road.
Modern batteries are made to be extremely strong. They provide a lot of turnover power, even in the cold, up until they are no longer capable of working – which is great news! But, even with this, it`s important to ask: Can a car battery just die without warning? Absolutely.
Why does the cold drain battery power? Most batteries work through an electrochemical reaction, which sends power signals to your terminal ends. This chemical reaction slows down in colder weather, weakening your battery`s power.
Cold weather does affect battery life, even with lithium batteries. Temperatures below the 32 degrees mark will reduce both efficiency and usable capacity of lead-acid noticeably, providing 70-80% of its rated capacity.
LOW-VOLTAGE SHORT: A short can occur between any energized circuit and ground or common, resulting in a blown low-voltage fuse or breaker.

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We have a pop-up with the sink that folds down. We need to replace the sink drain from the sink to outside, but the only flex drain hoses that I can find have a hose only 26 inches long. I know that will not be long enough to go from the sink to the outside of the camper.

Do you know if any place I can go to get a sink drain system with a longer hose. The contraption (I don’t know what it is called) at the base of the sink drain has rusted off so that the swivel part of the drain system is gone. We currently have a garden hose connected to the pipe coming directly from the drain, but when we close the camper, it pops off.

Do you have any suggestions?



ANSWER : Hi mj2181,I would say your problem should be solved easily with a hose extension , if you can get the extension and then use it , it should be ok for you and there should be no need to get a sink drain system with a longer hose.An example of an extension hose can be found on this link :- this helps ,

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A short that drains the battery
ANSWER : I had a similar problem, it took 2 dead batteries to figure it out. to make a long story short check the brakes, ours had the emergency brake pull out .. the one that is connected usually via cable to the tow vehicle. this engaged the brakes as long as the battery was charged when the battery was dead no brakes.. your brakes may still be engaging if they are worn and just not locking the brakes up.

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I have a scooter which has 2 batteries they sit side by side.i forgot how to connect them up.i know the RED lead goes to the +on the first battery .then there is a short RED lead in the middle of the two what post does it go on the first & second battery. + or –
ANSWER : Hi and welcome to FixYa,Initially, postback with the brand and exact model number of the scooter.Offhand and to my understanding, the batteries are connected in series. If so:

RED lead to the + terminal of the 1st battery ( as you have posted);
– terminal of the 1st battery to one end of the short RED lead;
the other end of the short RED lead to the + terminal of the 2nd battery;
– terminal of the 2nd battery to usually a black wire.Please re-confirm by checking voltage rating of each of the battery and the voltage requirement of the scooter. Doing the above would result to voltage of 1st battery plus voltage of 2nd battery or if the same rating equal to double the rating of each battery.Good luck and thank you for using FixYa.

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How to insert battery. I have a 2 year old watch I have never used. I cannot get it to start so I presume the battery is dead. When I open the cover I find battery has a thin metal strip over it and cannot figure how to open it to get the battery out
ANSWER : Try to find a small micro liver to push and battery get released or try to slide the thin metal strip to any side so that u can take it out.

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The battery unit of my byron sx81r doorbell is showing a red light continuously. I have changed the batteries in this and the doorbell. Batteries are also discharging very quickly. Is there a simple fix? I bought the doorbell 5 months ago so relatively new. Regards, Ray
ANSWER : Try following the problem solving from the instructions:

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Battery required for Omron hj-102
ANSWER : LR43 1.5v Alkaline Button Batteries also known as AG12 301 386 L1142 LR1142 186 D301 D386

You should be able to find a suitable replacement at a hardware store, or perhaps a drugstore or supermarket.

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New battery just put boat in water always had a solar powered charger on battery took it off about a week ago today went to start boat battery dead. I do not know if it has altanator or what have a friend mechanic says he has a meter to test whatever, if you can send what to tes & numbers of tests & what might be bad or not hooked up. Thanks Brown
ANSWER : You will need to do 3 tests:

1 – you must find out if you have a short in the wiring: disconnect the + cable from the battery and put an ampermeter in there to close the circuit; if a current is detected it means that you have a short and it will drain the battery. To locate the short start disconnecting wires and look at the meter – when you will disconnect the wire that goes to the failed wire or part the current will stop flowing; find the faulty part and fix or replace it.2 – you must find out if the alternator is charging the battery correctly: start the motor, wait for half an hour then measure the voltage on the battery. If it’s below 14.1 volts then the alternator is failing and it will have to be replaced.3 – you must find out if the battery is in good working order: after the second test has finished shut down the engine and disconnect the battery; wait one hour and measure it -if the voltage on it has dropped to below 11.8 volts then the battery has aged and it’s no longer holding the charge so replace it.

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