Shovelhead 96ci Engine for Harley-Davidson. Black Finish…

96″ ultima shovelhead engine pinging like marbles

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The design of the Shovelhead was flawed from the start. The barrels had only ten cooling fins which weren`t sufficient and the engine ran hot. Smoky engines were common as oil would pool in the cylinder heads and leak down the valve guides to be burnt in the combustion chamber.

With a lack of oil and excessive heat, the valves were prone to sticking and destroying the top end. Numerous Harley technicians even stated that without necessary top-end modifications, the motors would often last only between 500 and 5,000 miles.
Piston: Forged. Compression: 10.2:1. Rated Power: 140RW Horsepower. 140 LB FT Torque.
Horsepower. The horsepower output of the Shovelhead differed across the years and models. Early versions, such as the 1966 FLH, produced 60 horsepower, while later versions, like the 1984 FXWG, generated up to 65 horsepower.
Use a good quality unleaded gasoline. Use at least 91 (95 RON) pump octane (R + M)/2. Octane rating is usually found on the pump. Remove fuel filler cap slowly and fill fuel tank slowly to prevent spillage.
It is just as reliable as the mechanic that owns it. And yeah, if you want to own one, you will want to learn to do at least the majority of the wrenching. If built right, yes. There are good and bad builds out there.
For these motorcycles, the high mileage range is anywhere between 20,000 to 30,000 miles. Larger motorcycles, like Harley-Davidson, can usually take more miles without their engines being worn down as quickly. For these bikes, the high mileage point is around 40,000 to 50,000 miles.
1978 Harley-Davidson 74-inch FLH Shovelhead. Next on the Shovel agenda were two variations in 1980, the FLT and the Sturgis. The FLT had a brand-new chassis, the 80-inch motor, and a new five-speed gearbox.
Ultima® is now offering the new “El Bruto” Series Engines which are designed to provide our customers with a U.S.A. built High Performance engine that is priced to be the best value of any engines now on the market.
The 96 cubic inch engine on the other hand, is known to have around 66 horsepower. If you actually compare the two, the size of the engines are enough for you to take note that the 103 has a higher amount of horsepower, therefore making it more powerful than the other one.
It`s 111 cubic inches, and 1800 cc`s of pure American metal.
In 1981, Harley – Davidson bought their shares back from AMF and added in a new oil pump, improved valve guides, and lowered the compression for additional reliability. By 1984, the shovelhead was ready to be sent to pasture and it was replaced by the Evolution engine.
If you own a 4 stroke, for example, the 82-octane works just fine, but for a 2-stroke, you should go for the ethanol-free higher octanes (92 and 93) because the lower octanes tend to detonate. Two-stroke dirt bikes also require a special fuel/oil mix.
Gasoline that is 89 octane or higher is specifically recommended in engines that are two stroke and air cooled. Gasoline may contain a MAXIMUM of 10% Ethanol. Two stroke air cooled engines are approved to use a 87 octane rated clean gasoline in emergency situations.
The Shovelhead Harley-Davidson engine got its name from the shovel shape of the upper rocker box covers and was built from 1966 to 1984. It replaced the Panhead and was later replaced by the Evolution Big Twin.
Description. Shovelhead Heads OEM Bore by Speed And Science®. Billet Aluminum (6061-T6) Heads/Intake system for the Harley-Davidson™ Shovelhead models.
1966 Mainly to produce more power to maintain performance at the new higher weights of bikes with electric start, rear suspension, etc., the Shovelhead engine is introduced, produced 1966-85. Sales increase 26 percent, to 36,310 units.
Today, most production Harley-Davidson motorcycles reach a top speed of around 115 miles per hour (save for the FXDR 114 at 160 miles per hour) and a 0-60 mph time of 4.5 seconds.
So let me answer in this way. A modern (post 1998) Harley-Davidson of any model that is well maintained should be expected to last 20+ years and 150,000+ miles. Personally I rode a 1979+ Super Glide for 20 years, regular routine maintenance, rebuilt the top end at 90,000 miles, sold in 1999 still running strong.
Because a drive belt can last up to 100,000 miles before needing replacement, riders may lose track of this important part of motorcycle maintenance.
Most motorcycles will comfortably shift at 5,000 to 7,000 RPMs (revolutions per minute), but responding to the feel and sound of the engine is the best way to go about it.
Since 1936 engine designs released by Harley represented classic forms that the Big Twin has taken: Knucklehead, Panhead, Shovelhead, Evolution, Twin Cam, and the very large single-cam engines based on their Harley-Davidson engine codes for different models.. A Harley engine is a two-cylinder piston engine.
The Ultima® brand is owned by Midwest Motorcycle Supply Ultima offers American V-Twin Engine, Drivetrain Products and Hard Parts Engineered from Race Proven Technology including the famous KING SPOKE 48 AND 30 SPOKES WHEELS.
Ultima Engine, Primary, Transmission, and Driveline Products for Harley Davidson Motorcycles. Ultima is the most well-known brand manufactured by Midwest Motorcycle Supply.

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I have a 2004 60 hp yamaha 2 stroke outboard engine that doesn’t start or run well. Once warm and in the water it will idle in nuetral and also in gear. It accelerates in neutral but will die or lack power if I increase throttle while in gear. Engine will somtimes get to top speed but often while running at top speed engine will start to slow rapidly. Engine has full range of operationout when out of the water where there is no load on engine but is still difficult to cold start. Before these recent problems the engine sat up for several months and I had to change the impeller and spark plugs. Spark plugs fire, cylinders have proper pressure of 100, 100, and 110. I cleaned some fuel lines and filters and got new gas.
ANSWER : Every sympton you are describing here can be attributed to fuel starvation due to blocked jets and or water in carbs, when your engine dies does it die with dry plugs, or wet oily ones?

LX 188. Engine suddenly dies. The fluel in the bowel of the fuel filter is empty. If I crank the engine the filter becomes dry and is collapsing some but the engine does not start. When I remove the supply line from the fuel pump to the carberator and crank the enginge there is a strong stream of gas being pumped out. I tap on the carberator ??? is the float is hung not allowing fuel to enter. Cranking the engine with the line off refills the bowel of the gas filter. Reattache line to the carberator===engine starts. Ran perfect for 20minutes then suddenly died. Repeated all the above and engine again started. What to do to fix this? Thanks
ANSWER : Debrie inside the needle and seat area which has to be cleaned out with carburetor cleaner and compressed air

Extremely high rpm’s in neutral
ANSWER : Maybe the idle speed needs to be decreased, or check for engine overheating since you said that this happens after you have had the engine on for a while, this too can hcause strange rpms.

Good Luck!

I bought a new mossberg 590 a1 shot gun a month ago, I love the gun but its having a couple of problems, the first problem is that when shooting every once in a while i get sprayed in the face with exuast from shooting through the safety very scary! any ideas whats causing this? how to fix it? second is that some times the fireing pin sticks and the gun will not discharge a round? the third problem is that i have had feeding issues with gun where it will not realice a gound from the tube, ive taken a tip of a knife to the stuck round in the tube and it prys out with little effort, these problems dont happen every time i go shooting, just every once in a while, but they a happening more and more, im conserned cause the gun is brand new, and i wanna be safe while shooting, can you guys help me? any ideas/solutions? please help!!!!!!!
ANSWER : Personally, with that many problems, I’d call Mossberg and get a return authorization. None of these things should be happening, especially with a new gun.

A kids gas engine dirt bike. I don’t thing the
engine is over 5 horsepower. It has a pull
starter. The problem is no voltage to spark
plug. The grounding wire to turn off is not
activated so that isn’t the problem. Do the
electric pickups on the pull assembly go
bad. Everything turns ok when pulled but
no spark at plug. Thank you
ANSWER : This type of bikes don’t have a standard ignition system, they have a magneto: it works like this the only 2 things that would cause it to malfunction is a shorted coil or an interrupted wire somewhere in the circuit. To find out which just take out the lead to the sparkplug and check it resistance to the ground – if it’s less than 1 kohm it’s the coil, if it’s over 10kohm it’s a wire. In that case check every single wire one at a time starting from the plug up to the stop button.

My engine revs on high by itself and runs rough
ANSWER : We had the same problem with our snowblower. we tried everything. ponits, adjustments. even converted points to electronics. we ened up putting on a brand new carborater and it runs great now. save youself the headaches and buy a new carborator. we spent $87. so much better

ANSWER : I would recheck wiring at stator.