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Looking for instruction for Camp mate Laurentian 6 Man Tent

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Six-Person Tent

For floor area, you are looking at an average of 90 to 100 square feet.

If you are camping with your own gear, a 6 person tent often only sleeps four adults. If you have small children, you may be able to sleep 6 in a 6 person tent. Keep in mind that air mattresses, cots, and baby beds, all take up extra space.
As a general rule, a family of 4 will need at least a 6 person tent. A family of 5 will likely need an 8P tent and a 6-person family will need a 10P tent. However, these guidelines aren`t always accurate. Some very large tents will actually only sleep four people comfortably, especially if you are using air mattresses.
Capacity: 6 people. Weight: 33.5 lb (15.2 kg). Dimensions: 19.52 x 9.84 ft (234 in x 118 in; 595 x 300 cm).
Berth – This shows the number of people that the tent can sleep within the inner tents of a model of tent, in line with the industry standard. Normal procedure is to look for a slightly larger tent, for example, a family of four usually purchase a five or six berth tent, to give added room and comfort.
Many forums say a good rule of thumb is 20 square feet for each person who`ll be sleeping in the tent. However, it`s smart to take that suggestion as the absolute minimum size when shopping.
Tent footprint should be just large enough for the number of people sleeping in it, with maybe a little extra room to allow for easy exits for those 3 AM bathroom runs. Having extra space inside your tent to store gear safely is great in the summer time, but creates much more air space to be heated.
Yes, one person can put up a 6-person tent. Usually, it takes 3-4 minutes for two people to set up a big tent. If one person alone puts up a 6-person tent, it might take them 10 minutes to do so.
60×60 Pole Tent (288 Guests)

Academy Rental Group`s standard 60×60 pole tent rental provides 3600 sq feet of additional covered space and comfortably seats with no other items, 288 guests at 36 – 60″ Rounds or up to 320 guests at 40 – 8′ Banquet Tables.

However, even for some experienced campers, we remain unaware that tents are not fully waterproof! Feeling the material, we might think that tents can repel water completely, but contrary to popular belief, tents are only water-resistant.
The main problems with sleeping outside without a tent are: It is harder to stay warm due to being in the elements more than if you were in a tent. Harder to stay dry as you are not completely covered. Risk of animals joining you in the middle of the night or insects landing on you.
While 30` and 40` wide systems are the most popular, end-customers often expand their tents to unique lengths to suit the needs of their events.
This 5m size is a really roomy glamping tent for four, with enough space for a king-size mattress, two singles, and all the accessories needed to turn your tent into a palace! In camping mode, it`s a perfect space for up to eight adults on roll mats.
However, almost all tents can be grouped into 1 of 4 categories based on their shape. Here are the 4 different types of tents: A-Frame tents, Pyramid tents, Hoop tents, and Dome tents.
A round end tent will disperse the wind much easier than a square end simply because of its shape. It will do this whether it is a small or large tent. A square end will tend to catch more wind on its flat sides.
A 5-person tent means that it can accommodate five adults without placing any other items. So if you want a more comfortable camping experience, or a wider private space, it is recommended that you choose a tent one size larger.
The seating capacity for a 40` x 100` tent is a maximum of 300 seated at banquet tables.
A 20` x 40` tent could accommodate 100 seated theater style (rows of chairs with an aisle up the middle) or 64 seated at round tables of 8.
What Is A Sufficient Hydrostatic Value For A Tent? Typically, most tents come with a hydrostatic head value of 3000mm, and that would be a good gauge of what is enough to withstand rainfall in the UK. To be able to call a material water-resistant, it requires a minimum hydrostatic head value of 1000mm.
To summarise, and help you choose your new tent, a general rule is that a good quality tent with a 1500 – 3000mm waterhead rating on the tent fly, along with a 6000mm+ rating on the floor or one made from durable polyethylene or PVC, is going to keep you sheltered and dry in all but the absolute worst of conditions.
“Is 6 people tent too big for a couple?” While a 6-person tent isn`t necessary for two people, there`s no reason you couldn`t use it. Well, unless you were backpacking…that`s a lot of unnecessary weight to carry. Another situation that an overly large tent would be a disadvantage is if you were camping in cold weather.
With 100 square feet of space, as many as 15 people can fit under a 10×10 canopy tent with no furniture underneath it. If you add a table and chairs, that number drops to about 8 people.
In the U.S., generally not. The State or local fire inspector will have determined a legal maximum occupancy for each room or type of room. For rooms with 2 beds, that`s generally 4 people.
LARGE SPACE: 8 x 8 Pop Up Canopy with straight legs provides a true 64 square feet of ample cooling shade for about 10 people.

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I have stripped the thread in an extendable tent pole.
ANSWER : If you go to any good tool store or engineering store you can get what is known as helecoil insert.just tell them the inside diam of the pole.they will probably put it in for you if yuo take the pole along.hope this will help.regards barry.

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6 person campmate tent – Sport & Outdoor – Others
ANSWER : Looking for instruction for Camp mate Laurentian 6 Man Tent

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Square tent with 2 types gazebo poles, varenda, 2 side windows
ANSWER : The 2 longest of the poles go in an x over the center of the tent and the 2 shorter ones go arch to the sides. a picture very similar to your tent. If you go to image 2 it shows it with out the fly. now if you got 2 sets of 4 poles, 2 long and 2 short, and one set is all aluminum, then I would go with the aluminum set. It is less likely to collapse in high winds.

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Greatland dome tent instructions
ANSWER : Here are the instructions for your Greatland tent, I believe…

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How do I fix a tear on my tent’s floor?
ANSWER : The repair kit is for the tent not the floor to repair the floor just ues gaffa tape inside and out sidewaterproofing soak the tent with fabisol waterproofer and let dry

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I need new poles for Swiss Gear tent # SG33071F
ANSWER : Go to Home depot and buy a tube that fit the pole. Cut it into 5 or 6 inches for the broken areas. It costs me less than 2 dollars. Let me know how it turn out on yours.

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Swiss Gear Tent – Broken Poles SG33071F
ANSWER : Take a look on amazon for replacement. here: Amazon com tent poles. I hope this was helpful. Cheers

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