2003-2007 741-5102 International 9400 Series Power Window Re

Heat yesterday none today. fluid full in/out lines warm to touch. no cables, all electric

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Low coolant: Whether caused by a leak or water evaporation, low coolant is the most common source of poor heater output. Thermostat: A stuck-open thermostat prevents the engine (and coolant) from heating up. Heater core: A clogged heater core restricts coolant flow, giving up little or no heat.
You Don`t Have Enough Coolant

If your truck doesn`t have enough coolant, your heating system can`t send it to the heater core. It`s normal for cold air to blow out of your vents for the first few minutes after you turn on the heater. But it should warm up fast. If it doesn`t, your coolant level might be low.

If your coolant level is a-okay, but your car heater is blowing cold air and your engine is overheating, then you have a clog in your cooling system. Conversely, if your engine temperatures are unrealistically low after a drive, your thermostat is likely the culprit.
There are a few basic issues that usually lead to the blowing of cool air from one`s car heating system: There isn`t enough coolant in the engine. There is a problem with your heater core. Your thermostats are not working correctly.
Troubleshooting Tips For Furnaces Not Blowing Hot Air

Make sure your thermostat has not been set to a lower setting by someone else. Check your thermostat`s batteries and replace any that are exhausted or defective. Clean all of the parts of your furnace, especially the ones that are susceptible to dust and dirt.

One of the most common issues with a heating system not functioning is dirty air filters. If your air filters are extremely dirty, then the airflow can be blocked. Check for clean air filters, vents, and registers. Make sure there are no rugs or furniture blocking vents or registers as well.
Key signs to look out for:

Weak or no airflow. Cold air (not warm) coming through the vents when the heater is on. Coolant leakage visible inside the cabin or a damp smell.

The heater core is located inside the vehicle between the instrument panel and the firewall. It looks like a miniature radiator minus the fill neck and cap. The purpose of the heater core is to provide heat for the passenger compartment.
The auxiliary water pump moves hot water or coolant that has recently circulated through the engine block to the heater core. However, when the pump is not working, due to an electronics failure or the motor of the auxiliary pump being broken, the heater core will not be able to heat up.
Your Thermostat is Stuck Open

When this component is stuck open, you may experience low engine temperature. If the engine does not warm up as it should due to a stuck open thermostat, the heater won`t be able to build up the warmth needed. The result: your car`s heater may stop blowing hot air — idle or otherwise.

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Kx 125 wont start
ANSWER : Try to clean out the Carberator. I had the same problem someone told me to clean my carberator which I never did before but i looked it up on youtube and tried it. All went well

I have no heat inside the truck. the air temp follows the truck engine temp. it usually runs midway between hot and cold. now it will barely move off of cold, even after running for 30min’s plus.
ANSWER : Themostat is stuck open.

Vibelife 7117 Error message E1, blowing fuses.
Will not start at first, just gives E1 error message. Leave it paused for a while, then it will start but blows 15A fuse straight away. Have disconnected the drive belt from the motor to the drive roller and fuse still blows with no load on motor.
ANSWER : There is no solution to this problem. Its a Vibelife brand – that’s the Problem! Vibelife is like any number of Chinese, Taiwanese build clones, they are ordered in a batch of several thousand by some dodgy importer and once that batch is sold on ebay or ozauction, its close up shop, order another batch with a different faceplate on the control console and away they go again. In short you’ve got buckleys chance of fixing it so my advice is:
a. Chuck it and get another one of those el’ cheapo treadmills. After all they generally last about a 18 months under normal use and you can afford to buy four of those before you match the price of a professional home use machine.
b. Kind of like above only buy the professional home use machine for about $2600 and make sure is has a 3yr warranty on the motor and control boards. They should last you at least 5 years under normal home use.
c. As for a. but forget buying a treadmill, Invest in gym membership. For about the same price as an el’ cheapo treadmill you could have a year’s membership, all the treadmills you can use and a whole heap of other machinery as well, not to mention the excercise classes you could go to for fun, socialising and general fitness.

York hvac heat problem
ANSWER : It could be that the flame is ” Rolling out” of the burner compartment and hitting the safety device known as the “ROLL SWITCH” If this happens all the time you probably have a split / cracked heat exchanger or a heat exchanger that has holes in it. The holes allow the air pressure from the indoor blower to enter into the burner tubes and blow the flame back out of the burner compartment…not to mention allowing poisonous CO [ Carbon Monoxide ] to enter the air stream that goes into the heated space of the people down below. The holes don’t have to be very big for this to happen and if the heat exchanger is split along the factory seam…it will be very heard to see unless you have the heat exchanger heated up for a while. Heat exchangers are the second most expensive part of a rooftop unit right after an A/C Compressor. they’re not too difficult to change but you have to know what you’re doing specifically when resealing all the sides and edges so CO doesn’t leak out of a seam and kill everyone down below.

Starting my Mojave 250
ANSWER : I’m having the same problem I guess it popular in mojave I changed the plug and I still get Orange spark is there any ideas it won’t kick start when cold but once warm she runs great and will kick start

My heating unit in my camper is not blowing hot air, the motor and fan kick on but will not blow hot air, I do have propane in the system
ANSWER : Can you give make and model of heater please?

Heater won’t blow hot in my coleman Seapine
ANSWER : My coleman quick-lite model 518b is not staying lite