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How to fix Great Basin 13′ x 10 screen arbor tent, having a hard time putting up the tent .
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The Hydrographic Great Basin is a 200,000 square mile area that drains internally. All precipitation in the region evaporates, sinks underground or flows into lakes (mostly saline).
The Great Basin of the western United States is a 200,000 square-mile desert ecosystem—an area larger than most countries—where all of the water drains “inward” into terminal lakes or underground, rather than “outward” into the ocean.
Creating a Desert

The Great Basin Desert exists because of the “rainshadow effect” created by the Sierra Nevada Mountains of eastern California. When prevailing winds from the Pacific Ocean rise to go over the Sierra, the air cools and loses most of its moisture as rain.

Archeological Dates. 10,000 years ago is the estimated date that Native American settled the Great Basin area. 1,000 years ago Pueblo cultures inhabited the area probably forcing out the Fremont culture.
The Amazon river forms the second largest drainage basin in the world.
Several distinct tribes have historically occupied the Great Basin; the modern descendents of these people are still here today. They are the Western Shoshone (a sub-group of the Shoshone), the Goshute, the Ute, the Paiute (often divided into Northern, Southern, and Owens Valley), and the Washoe.
Answer and Explanation: Covering most of Nevada and some parts of Idaho and California, the Great Basin has been the cradle of Native American habitation. Gold, silver, and copper mines flourished as well. Until now the Great Basin nourishes the bristle cone pines, the oldest known organisms on Earth.
The “Great Basin” that Great Basin National Park is named after extends from the Sierra Nevada Range in California to the Wasatch Range in Utah, and from southern Oregon to southern Nevada. This is an area where no water drains to an ocean, but drains inward.
The Great Basin is aptly named. Twice the size of Kansas, it stretches from the watersheds of the Columbia and Snake rivers south to that of the Colorado, and from the crests of the Sierra Nevada and southern Cascades eastward to the Wasatch front. The Western explorer John Fremont coined its name in 1845.
Major cities in the Great Basin include Reno, Carson City, and Salt Lake City. Boise lies just outside the Great Basin, in the Columbia River watershed.
Great Basin National Park contains 40 known caves, filled with unusual cave life and unique features.
The Pacific is the oldest of the existing ocean basins. Its oldest rocks have been dated at about 200 million years.
Amazon river in South America is the largest river in the world while Nile river in Africa is the longest river in the world.
The rich animal and plant life provided native people with all that they needed: Women gathered wild root vegetables, seeds, nuts, and berries, while men hunted big game including buffalo, deer, and bighorn sheep, as well as smaller prey like rabbits, waterfowl, and sage grouse.
The Basin Can Trace Its Origins to Ancient Times

The Ancient Romans liked to dot bowls around their bathhouses. They would then encourage all visitors to use them when washing their hands and face. In ancient times, those mere commoners made use of lead bowls.

It was transferred from the Forest Service to the Park Service on 10 Aug 1933 and incorporated into Great Basin National Park on 27 Oct 1986. The Great Basin National Park includes much of the South Snake Range, a superb example of a desert mountain island.
Not only rich in beauty and pioneer history, Death Valley was known as a prosperous mining mecca for many decades. The valley was mined extensively for gold, silver, copper, tungsten, lead, zinc, antimony, and borax.
The dominant geologic structure in Great Basin National Park is the Southern Snake Range décollement (a very low-angle fault). The range is one of twenty-five distinctive metamorphic core complexes that extend from Canada to northwestern Mexico (Graham 2014).
Geologically, Death Valley forms part of the southwestern portion of the Great Basin. It is similar to other structural basins of the region but is unique in its depth. Portions of the great salt pan that forms part of the floor of the valley are the lowest land areas of the Americas.
The traditional cultures of the Great Basin are often characterized according to their use or rejection of horses, although people inhabited the region for thousands of years before horses became available. Groups that used the horse generally occupied the northern and eastern sections of the culture area.
The Great Basin includes most of Nevada, half of Utah, substantial portions of Oregon and California, and small areas of Idaho, Wyoming, and Baja California, Mexico. The term “Great Basin” is slightly misleading; the region comprises many small basins.
The Great Basin Divide in the western United States is the ridgeline that separates the Great Basin from the Pacific Ocean watershed, which completely surrounds it.
Pacific Ocean Basin: Ring Of Fire

The Pacific Ocean basin is the largest in the world. It is more than 155 million square kilometers (59 million square miles)all of the continents could fit into it. It is also the oldest basin; researchers say its rocks are 200 million years old.

Located in both California and Nevada, it`s the largest national park in the lower 48 states and has nearly 1,000 miles of roads that provide access to both popular and remote locations in the park. In celebration of the park`s anniversary, here are 12 things you might not have known about Death Valley!

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Kx 125 wont start
ANSWER : Try to clean out the Carberator. I had the same problem someone told me to clean my carberator which I never did before but i looked it up on youtube and tried it. All went well

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I am trying to adjust the motor drive belt on a Lifestyler Expanse 2000 Treadmill Model # 831.297272. Can any one offer specific instructions for this model number. Any helo would be greatly appreciated?

I have found a great site which will help you with the troubleshooting steps:

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Winchester 94 serial numbers
ANSWER : It’s worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Which is another way of say, book value is great, but only if someone is willing to offer that. gives a broad idea of the range of prices, but makes no specific mention of the Limited Edition walmart model.

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Where can i get assembly instructions for great outdoor tent
ANSWER : You can get instructions for Great outdoor tents if their not too old from Great Outdoors Hastings

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I have a 1996 yamaha wave venture 1100….ran greatsat for 2 yrs..started but only ran for spray into carbs….drained fuel started and ran good. Started about month later and would only run as long as primed with starter fluids…checked fuel filter(ok)…fuel flow to fuel pump ok…output of fuel pump appears ok….but engine will only run as long as starter fluid/gas is sprayed into carbs. I don’t think it’s the carbs as it ran great a month ago…now it’s starving for gas flow….so it appears to be a fuel delivery problem…what would be the sequence of tests up to tearing into the carbs? is there a fuel filter inside the carbs? remember it fires off great when primed…until the fuel spray is consumed…
ANSWER : Check the on/off/reserve valve

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Engine runs rough when we throttle up
ANSWER : Sounds like a spark plug issue. If the spark plug is not torqued after a good number of months it can seep at high rev sustained pressure. Otherwise I would look at the spark compensator or possibly the float.

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What might be the reason my 2000 honda 350 will start & go into gear but will not move
ANSWER : The clutch is out or stuck.

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