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What is the GVW of this camper , need it to buy insurance.

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Shasta`s respected name prevails in today`s fast-moving RV industry because of that experience, combined with a strong, serviceoriented dealer network, a loyal, repeat-customer base, and our outstanding association with our parent company, Forest River.
on each trailer`s frame, near the tongue. You should be able to find the VIN number stamped into the curb-side (i.e., “door side”) leg of the tongue frame, on the outside face (see the red outlined area in the photo at the right).
` Basic towing specs are: weight – 1,125 pounds; length – 13ft; width – 6.5 ft; tongue weight – 175lbs.
The 1960s or similar-era Vintage Shasta Camper in good condition will likely cost at least $10,000 on the low end. Trailers in better shape and with unique styling – like the 1961 Airflyte – frequently sell for $15,000 to $20,000 or more.
Shasta is part of the National Beverage family of brands.

National Beverage Corp. (NASDAQ: FIZZ) innovatively refreshes America with a distinctive portfolio of sparkling waters, juices, energy drinks and, to a lesser extent, carbonated soft drinks.

Shasta travel trailers were recreational vehicles originally built between 1941 and 2004. Founded by industry pioneer Robert Gray, the firm was originally situated in a small factory in Los Angeles, California to provide housing for members of the US Armed Forces.
Manufacturers will place the model somewhere on the body. Usually, it is near the driver`s seat. Often it is on a plate or tag on the driver`s door or near the pedals.
The consensus is that a trailer must be between 20 and 100 years old to be vintage. That`s really the only requirement. You might picture a quaint camper from the 60s with bright colors and a retro-style refrigerator.
Marchi Mobile`s EleMMent Palazzo Superior is the most expensive RV in the world at $3 million dollars. The Marchi Mobile is the most expensive coach in the world, with the EleMMent Palazzo Superior model, which costs $3 million.
Length of the Camper Box: 10ft. Tongue Weight: 174 pounds. Width: 6 ft.
The History of Shasta RVs goes back to 1941 when the founder Robert Gray started manufacturing rugged and comfortable travel trailers as mobile housing for the military in Los Angeles, CA. After WWII ended, many GIs continued to use these models for recreational ventures with their families.
This is About 13ft from the tongue to bumper the camper itself is 10ft and weighs about 1200 Lbs.
Luxury RVs aren`t necessarily defined by RV types. For example, there are luxury fifth wheels, travel trailers, toy haulers, and all types of motorized RVs. Some of their common traits include: Spacious floorplans, usually with multiple slide-outs. Top-of-the-line, plush RV furniture.
Shasta is the national brand your customers will recognize for its full line of 30+ flavors to choose from. Shasta offers the most diverse product line in the beverage industry.
Shastina was formed mainly between 9,700 and 9,400 years; the Hotlum cone, which forms the summit and the north and northwest slopes of Shasta, may overlap Shastina in age, but most of the Hotlum cone is probably younger.
Shasta RV parent company Forest River is recalling 249 of the 1,941 (12.8% of production) Shasta Airflyte reissued trailers due to incorrect Federal Certification Labels, according to RV Pro magazine.
The first production RV — Pierce-Arrow`s Touring Landau — made its debut at Madison Square Garden in 1910. Although a few single-production RVs and campers existed before then, the Touring Landau is considered the moment when RVs entered mainstream culture.
This is 1914 Ford Model T Motor Caravan is said to be the oldest known motor caravan in the world. It was built just before the outbreak of the First World War for a wealthy British family, and it`s based on a Ford Model T chassis.
Your Bill of Sale, Insurance paperwork, Registration or Title will have the Serial number listed. On the unit it would typically be stamped on a tag which is mounted on the A-frame of a Travel Trailer or on the pin box of a Fifth Wheel.
Most of the time the numbers indicate the length of the RV. The number does not include the hitch or tow vehicle so you may need to look those details up on the manufacturer website. Knowing the length will help you determine where you camp as some campgrounds have restrictions on length.
Just like any other 17-digit VIN number, the last 6 positions (12-17) are the trailer`s serial number. The serial number is what makes each VIN unique, since the VIN pattern or squish (positions 1-8, 10, and 11) will be the same, for the most part, for multiple VINs representing the same trailer model in a given year.
The numbers and letters at the end of the RV is the model of that particular brand. It is almost like a secret code to let the shopper know the floorplan type, vehicle length or square footage and the camper`s features.
Retro usually refers to travel trailers that are modern in construction, but are styled to look vintage – typically from the 60`s. Many retro-style campers have fun, old-school design elements such as wings, red or vintage blue contrasting paint, and fun, mid-century interiors.
According to our research, the top five best RV brands are: Grand Design, Airstream, Oliver Travel Trailers, Winnebago, and Newmar.

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The air conditioner on my pop up camper is loud and vibrating
ANSWER : Sounds like the compressor in your air conditioner has a broken spring in it,you can not take the compressor apart to fix,has to be replaced(cashy).I assume your camper is shaking,and the noise only happens when you turn on the air.

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All sites i go to for owners manual for popup campers ends up back to you how do i get a manual for a rockwood camper ?
ANSWER : Http://

Forest River Inc. encourages owners to deal with their local dealers for things like manuals and support for their rockwood campers.

I hope the above links help!

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Need owner’s manual: 1988 Williamsburg Coleman pop-up camper PLEASE!
ANSWER : Found this;sa=album;in=69

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Wood Lining to Folding camper is wet
ANSWER : The best solution is to remove the spongy wood and replace with marine plywoodone possible fix is to glue(liquid nails) 4×8 vinyl sheets(used for bathroom walls and ceilings) over the spongy wood you should also determine where the support ribs are located and use rust proof exterior ( like deck screws) and put a washer through the screw and screw through the vinyl and sponge wood into the rib/stud to secure the vinyl do this about every 10 inches on the supportsfinally caulk the edges and seams and put a lattice type of slat(1inch wide by 3/8 thick by 8 ft long on all exposed seamstools needed small gig saw variable speed drillcaulking gunI

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We have a bad smell in our Rockwood 8284ss 5th wheel. It is hard to describe because it is not coming from the stool. There is not much odor when flushed and is not very strong in bathroom. It seems to be strongest in the storage compartment under the front of the camper and also then in the bedroom area there and at the front end of the slide out inside. The closest I can come to describing the smell is to say it smells like a bunch of dirty diapers in a pile or wet clothes that have been standing. Maybe a little on the urine smell also. This has been noticeable for about the last week. As far as I can tell there is nothing wet sitting in any of those areas and we have had no leaks in the camper that we know of.
ANSWER : Sounds like your holding tank is leaking.

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Where do you find the vin# on the pop-up camper?
ANSWER : Depending on manufacturer, it’s usually on front corner of side, but if worn off, you may find it under some paint on front a frame area. Look for stamped in number or small plate attached.

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How to tighten cable on pop up camper
ANSWER : The adjustment can be done by your dealer, contact them see how much it costs.

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